6 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Happier for the Long-Term

Marriage can be one of the most exciting things in your existence. You get to spend every day with the person you love. However, the honeymoon phase passes and you endure the good and bad. You need to find that passion even in tough times. Here are 6 ways to help keep your marriage happier. 

Remind Your Partner How Much You Appreciate Them

When it comes to your partner, you may sometimes take the little things for granted. Take some time to remind them that you love them with a simple card or flowers.

Be Honest

Even if you’ve made an impulse purchase or things are a bit tough on the job, it’s better to be straightforward. It’ll help you keep the communication lines open.

Compliment Them

If your wife is going out with her friends for brunch and she’s in a nice casual outfit, let her know she looks amazing. It’ll put a smile on her face and she just can’t wait to get back home to you. 

Let Go

A snide remark every once in a while is expected. Sometimes it’s just better to ignore it and keep it moving. There’s no need to get into an argument over everything.

Maintain a Level of Passion

It’s not always about the bedroom. A simple kiss that’s unexpected or an embracing hug in the morning because you’re excited to see someone works wonders. It shows you’re still attracted to them after all of these years.

Thank Them

If your partner made an excellent dinner, just say something along the lines “honey, this was an amazing dinner. Thank you so much for whipping up an excellent meal.” It shows that you enjoy what they have to offer. 


5 Dating Tips for Men From Women

Dating is a natural course of life from introducing yourself to make that first move of meeting someone at a specific place. There’s nothing like getting advice from women to help guide you on your journey to become a taken man. Here are 5 dating tips for men from women.

Don’t Act Differently

If you’re the nerdy type or the sports type, then be that person. There’s nothing that turns a woman off more than perpetrating a fraud. Be authentic. 

Have Passion

If you’re someone who loves art or building things with your hands, this is something that women like. They enjoy you being good at something and knowing what you’re talking about. It shows off your intelligence and creativity. 

Make Her Laugh

A bit of laughter goes a long way. It shows that you can have a bit of fun at the moment. Also, it gets them to smile. 

Ending a Date Smoothly

Maybe a small kiss on the lips or just an embracing hug with locking eyes can help you intrigue a woman. Remember, the end should only make a woman want more. 

Be Direct

Instead of having a wishy-washy appeal, get to the point. If you want to go somewhere, say “Hey, I’m going to this great restaurant, did you want to grab a bite with me?” It shows assertiveness and that you can lead. 


6 Grooming Rituals Women Expect of Men

While men aren’t expected to be groomed to the tee like a woman, they still need to show they care about their appearance. You don’t want to look like a moldy bear. Here are 6 grooming rituals women expect of men.

Having Good Hygiene

It’s important to have groomed facial hair, nice teeth, and just a look that says, “yes, I shower and shave.”

Get Rid of the Unibrow

Some people may have thick eyebrows that are very expressive. It’s okay to clean them up a bit to add to your appearance.

Dress For Success

While it’s nice to have a great suit, you don’t always have to be so formal. Sometimes a well-fitted v-neck with some nice jeans goes well for an evening out at a bar. Also, on your casual days, an athletic jumper and some trainers are suitable for a day at the gym but still keeping your fashion game up a bit.

Get Your Hair Together

Women love a guy with a fresh haircut. Keep a fuller look with conditioning or using natural oils to bring out the most in your hair. 

Have a Good Fragrance

Whether you have a special oil, lotion, or cologne, smelling good is always a must. Also, the right scent helps you stand out from everyone and a woman loves a distinctive scent that they can gravitate toward.

Up Your Skincare

Keep your skin looking smooth. It’s a good sign that you take care of your health. 



6 Facebook Mistakes to Avoid After Your First Date

You may have gone on a great first date. You’re so tempted to go further in the moment but it’s important to get away from your impulse and keep it cool. Here are 6 Facebook mistakes to avoid after your first date. 

Liking Old Facebook Photos

When you’re just getting to know someone, this is a red flag. It shows you may be more obsessed with her than she thinks. 

Not Untagging Bad Photos

You may have some embarrassing photos from your college years. It’s important that you get rid of some of the less-than-stellar moments for a fresh start.

Changing Your Status

It could’ve been an amazing time with your new date. However, you don’t have to go overboard saying “wifey for life” or “she’s the best in the whole world.” You still don’t know how things will go on the 2nd or even 3rd date. Keep it calm and collected.

Stalking Your Date’s Family

If you’re all over their profiles knowing what they’re doing, this is an invasion of privacy. It’s not a good idea to just pop up somewhere uninvited just because they have a connection with your date.

Sharing Info About Your Ex

Keep this to yourself. Remember, your new date is probably going to be looking at your profile and seeing what you’ll mention about the date or how you’ll act going forward. Talking about your ex just shows you’re not over your past.

Too Much Facebook Interaction

If you’re liking everything she’s doing, it’s borderline obsessive. Let her breathe a bit. Remember, she needs to internalize the date. 


6 Ways to Flirt During Your Date

When it comes to dating, you need the looks, smarts, and personality to win the person over. It’s important to be well-rounded to captivate one’s interest. Here are 6 ways to flirt during your date. 

Buy Them a Warm Drink

Take time to go to a coffee shop. You can actually have some conversation there. Also, the warm drink makes them feel cozy especially on cooler days.

Tease in a Playful Manner

Maybe make a playful joke about her so that she gets back at you. Create some fun banter that’ll keep things interesting. 

Keep It Positive 

Even if you may start the conversation with a few things that went wrong, learn how to change it up. Ask about the person’s day. Congratulate them on something good they’ve done. The positive moments can definitely turn your date into something uplifting.

Maintain Eye Contact

It shows that you have confidence in what you’re saying. Additionally, you’ll look more observant and caring to know what the other person is thinking. 

Be a Bit Flattering

Compliment them on their look. Mention the boots that match their bag. Be in the moment so it doesn’t feel rehearsed or pretension. 

Wear Red

Whether it’s a woman wearing a red top or dress, or a guy wearing a red v-neck sweater or a red tie, this color pops very well. Also, it has a certain warmth and desire that can add to your appeal. 


5 Stupid Games Daters Play

Dating can be a real game of cat and mouse. You want to be either pursued or the pursuer. It’s a mental sport for a lot of people that want to always find themselves in the position to gain the upper hand. Here are 5 stupid games that daters play. 

Purposefully Taking Longer to Text Back

Yup, this is some form of psychological warfare. It’s about gaining leverage to show that you’re not all the way interested. This kind of emotional thing is something that modern daters do. 

“I’m Fine”

This is saying that should never be used to describe the opposite of how you feel. When someone asks you what’s wrong, tell them. Don’t be on some egocentric/holier-than-thou tip where the person needs to use Professor X’s powers to read your mind. 

Showing Interest Without Being “Thirsty”

Whether you’re sliding to someone’s DM or sending a text message, show interest with some restraint. Get to know the person a bit before going all the way in.

“Have Fun With That”

Here’s a saying that’s a bit mean because it’s almost as if you don’t want the person to have fun without you. No. If someone’s with their friends and people they loved being around before they met you, don’t be that Debbie Downer who doesn’t feel included.

Posting Song Lyrics As a Way to Get Someone to Notice You

If you’re upset at someone or trying to capture their attention by playing a song and posting up certain lyrics that describe the situation, this indirect communication is a bit childish. Just keep it direct by contacting the person and tell them exactly how you feel. 


6 Offbeat Ideas for Your Unique Wedding

While it’s always nice to have a traditional wedding, remember that it’s your special day. You deserve to plan it exactly how you want it. Here are 6 offbeat ideas for your unique wedding.

Put a Request Song Line for Your RSVP Cards

This is a good idea to add some twists to the party. It’ll also help out the DJ a bit when they’re curating a specific vibe to make your night feel special.

Have a Kids Table

You can have fun kid-friendly games or even crayons for them to do some coloring. It’ll be the perfect thing to add because you can keep them occupied as your friends with kids can catch a little fun on the dance floor and not have to worry about their little ones.

Keep the Program Short and Sweet

You don’t have to create a long and drawn-out wedding ceremony. Get a little creative and keep it to a minimum. You’ll have more time for the wedding reception. 

Have a Candy Bar

Choose a mix between regular and sugar-free treats that your loved ones can take away for home. This is a cool and fun twist on party favors.

Get a Food Truck

Instead of coming with a complicated menu, you can opt for a food truck. When you send out the wedding invitation, you can have a couple of choices that people vote on. Whichever gets the most feedback, rent that type of food truck service for your reception. It’s a laidback way of keeping things fun and modern. 

Serve Alcoholic Freeze Pops to Adults for Your Summer Wedding

In case you have an 80+ degree wedding day, you can have alcoholic freeze pops to serve your guests right before your wedding reception kicks off. 


6 Dating Tips for Introverts

You may not be the outgoing type who wants to be traveling everywhere and jumping on a high-tech snowboard. You’re more of the at-home and try unique things to make the date night intimate. Here are 6 dating tips for introverts.

Finding Common Interests
To reduce anxiety, it may be a good idea to find out each other’s interests. When you have more things in common, it’s a lot easier to plan ahead with something you both enjoy.

Know Your Limits
If there’s something that’s way out of your comfort zone, it’s okay to make it known. Your partner will understand if they’re compassionate towards your feelings.

Ask Questions
Find out the special things that make the person you’re dating tick. What things did they love from their childhood? The deeper the question, the more you’ll be able to understand your partner.

Have Confidence
You don’t have to go by the book every single date. Switch it up a bit within your taste level. It’s good to have the confidence to go off the cuff every now and again.

Maintain a Positive Attitude
Don’t always be in your head. Leave that at home. When you’re out dating someone, keep a positive attitude and just enjoy the moment.

Get Out the House
It’s not healthy being in the house 24/7. It’s good to get a little fresh air. Maybe you can meet your date at a park for a small picnic while you both enjoy the sunshine.


5 Ways to Be a Good Girlfriend

It’s always nice to be that significant other one can depend on. That closeness and authenticity is something that can’t be matched. Being a good girlfriend is deeper than the surface because it lies in the spirit and heart of a woman. Here are 5 ways to be a good girlfriend. 

Send a Spontaneous Text or Two

To be honest, men enjoy a random “Good Morning” text as well. They don’t need anything elaborate. Just a simple text and “I hope you have a good day” goes a long way.

Good First Impression on the Parents

When the parents (especially the mother) likes the girl, it shows the boyfriend he made a good decision in picking his girlfriend. Maybe bring over some good wine if the mother and father like it. Or add a side dish/dessert if it’s a Sunday meal. These are simple ways to show that you have manners and want to add something to the table.

Can Hang With the Fellas

You don’t have to like every activity he does, but some support certainly shows your interest. Maybe you can partake in watching the big game. If there’s a video game night, play a few games and maybe even be one to get some pizza and wings so that he and his boys have some fun food while they take down their next team online.

Surprise Him With Gifts

Maybe he’s been wanting to go to a football game or something. You can get him tickets to that. If there’s a tie or cologne he’s been eyeing, buy him that as a good gesture. It may spice things up a bit on date night to a special place.

Add a Bit of Adventure to the Mix

Plan a day out for some horse riding and maybe some wine after. Maybe you have some vacation time and you can go to a ski resort. It’ll be nice to get away from things and you’ll both be able to do something new. 

Relationships Romance

5 Dating Tips to Help Strengthen Your Relationship

Through the good and bad times of your relationship, you’ll build character throughout the whole experience. The honeymoon phase goes away and you get to some real times where you need a solid foundation to stand on or your happy home will crumble. Here are 5 dating tips to help you keep your relationship strong.

Compliment Your Partner

When you’re partner is wearing a nice outfit or their hair is looking extra good, don’t hesitate to compliment them. It’ll bring a smile to their face and it shows you’re paying attention. 

Let Your Partner Have Their Own Life

It’s important because they can get into their creative space. Also, it shows that you trust them with doing their own thing. Not to mention, this is a good way to let them miss you because they aren’t around 24/7.

Be Silly 

Laughter is one of the keys to life. It’s a good feeling to be able to laugh together and be a bit silly because life is too serious. Enjoy the small moments that matter. 

Focus On the Positive

When you’re constantly focused on the negative aspects of your partner, it’s hard to be in a relationship. If the good outweighs the bad, then it’s a good thing to stay with them. Remember, no one’s perfect. 

Go On Double Dates

A single date is always great for an intimate vibe. However, you should have some time for friends. It’ll help switch things up and keep the conversation going. It’s good to have some variety in your life.