Wow! This Confusing Double Vision Make Up Will Blow Your Mind

Applying the double-face make up

Putting on the finishing touches around the double featured eyes





The end results are mind boggling

Check out the video here!

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15 Never Seen Before Photos Of Taylor Swift Before She Was Famous

Taylor singing the National Anthem in front of her elementary school.

Taylor and her date for the prom, making silly faces for the camera

Taylor as a young girl, already comfortable in front of a camera

Her teenage modeling days

Taylor in  middle school for her soccer  photos

One of Taylor’s elementary year book photos

Taylor on stage for a school play

A modeling shot from her teen years

Taylor in kindergarten

More modeling shots

A natural looking Taylor in high school

Taylor, her dog and her brother Austin

Some more modeling

Possibly the cutest pic ever!

All smiles…



15 Terrifying Ancient Photos That Will Give You Nightmares

  1. Year: 1895

Horatio Gordon Robley with his large collection of preserved heads.

2. Year: 1875

A portrait of witches.

3. Year: 1901


Medical students with their test subject.

4.  Year: Between 1832 to 1892

The “real” wolfman taken somewhere between 1832-1892.

5. Year: 1860

A haunting took place over this babies crib.

6.  Year: 1870

This photo was taken of Lieutenant Herman and his creepy ventriloquist dummy.


7. Year: 1865

Six skeletons smoking around a table.

8. Year: 1920

Ghosts were captured on camera.

9. Year: 1890

A woman and her skeleton baby.

10. Year: 1924

Actor Lon Chaney dressed as a terrifying clown in his film, “He Who Gets Slapped.”

11. Year: 1865

The scariest pumpkin ever!

12. Year: 1900

Just your average “old school” Halloween party.

13. Year: 1850

A man and his collection of skulls.

14. Year: 1865

A witch and her broomstick.

15. Year: 1865

An unusual haunting.




Omg! ‘Goodnight Mommy’ Is The Scariest Movie Trailer To Come Out In Years

A woman returns back home after reconstructive surgery

Her twin boys soon realize something is very wrong

Some very unsettling happens…

Check out the trailer here:


Watch This Guilty Dog Beg His Owner For Forgiveness

Dog: “Maybe if I jump up on him and beg he’ll forgive me.”

Dog: “Finally He caves, my begging worked like a charm.”

Watch the adorable video here:


8 of the Worlds Most Dangerous Female Criminals

When it come to violent criminals, we normally think of men, but there have been notorious women in the past who have been criminal masterminds.

Here are 8 of the worlds most dangerous female gangsters.

8. Griselda Blanco ” The Cocaine Grandmother”

Blanco was a drug lord for the Medellin cartel in the 70’s and 80’s and at one point she was making more than $80 million a month. She was violent and wasn’t afraid to use to threaten people to get what she wanted, and she was finally arrested in 1985. However, even though she was locked up, she was still running her drug business from behind bars.

7. Claudia Ochoa Felix  “The Mexican Kim Kardashian”

She has over 35 thousand social media followers ad often posts pictures of herself with her AK-47s. It’s speculated that she is the new leader of “Los Antrax”. The Los Antrax are known for their brutal hitmen who are employed by the Sinaloa cartel.

6. Rosetta Cutolo “Ice Eyes”

Rosetta took over her brother’s job of the head of an Italian crime organization when he was sent to prison. She kept a low profile for the most part and often negotiated with leaders of South African and Sicilian mafias. She was finally arrested in 93′. She managed to talk her way out of murder charges and was acquitted for nine different murders. Her brother denied that she ever had anything to do with the organized crime scene.

5. Raffaella D’Alterio ” Big Female Kitten”

In 2006, Raffaella’s husband, Nicola Pianese was killed, and she took over his business, the Camorra clan. She wasn’t too concerned with taking over for him because she had a history of violence. In fact, she was even shot just three years after and survived. In 2012, she was arrested and charged with drug dealing, robbery, and possession of illegal weapons.

4. Anna Gristina “Millionaire Madame”

Gristina isn’t exactly dangerous in a violent way, but she did hold the secrets of some of the most powerful people in the world. In 2012, she was arrested for having a call girl business. She previously had promised to never give the names out but she caved under pressure.

3.  Charmaine Roman- drug lord

In 2013, Roman was arrested for her involvement in the Jamaican drug trafficking ring but they soon found out she was more than involved she was the head of the traffic ring. In fact, she was known for having a very violent reputation when it came to “business”.

2. Samantha Lewthwaite “White Widow”

Lewthwaite is one of the world’s most wanted suspects when it comes to terrorism. It’s believed that she is responsible for the deaths of more than 400 people. She is wanted by Interpol and is assumed to be in Syria with connections to ISIL. At 17, she converted to Islam, and she was married to Germaine Lindsay the person responsible for the suicide bombing in London earlier this year. It’s also believed that she is training women on how to become suicide bombers.

  1. Maria Licciardi “La Piccolina”

Licciardi was the boss of the Camorra clan in Naples between 1993 to 2001. Her father and brother were also gangsters, and her husband was part of the Camorra clan. Under her leadership, the clan became secretive, sophisticated and even more organized. She was also responsible for the clan making money off of underaged girls that they used for prostitution. The girls were bought from the Albanian mafia and were falsely promised a good life but instead they were forced to take drugs and become prostitutes. Once the girls reached a certain age they were killed to make sure that they never told the authorities.

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Amazing! Meet Glowforge A New Affordable 3D Laser Printer Made For Inventors

The New Laser 3D Printer

Glowforge’s Laser focus

Take a look at the video below:

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15 Remarkable Reasons Why Visiting China Should Be On Your Bucket List

1. The Breathtaking Tianzi Mountains

2. The beauty of Huanglong

3. The land form of Zhangye in Gansu

4. The falls of Detian

5. Thousands of lakes

6. The Great Wall of China

7. The Pearl Shaol waterfall

8. The beautiful Yangtze river

9. Red Beach

10. Libo rainforest

11. The end of the great wall

12. The Yuangyang Rice Terraces

13. The temples

14. Grand Canyon in Xinjiang Province

15. The abandoned village in Goqui Island

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How Becoming A Dad Completely Changed Me In 5 Huge Ways

Almost 3 years ago, I became a father. My daughter was born November 2014 and our lives have never been the same.

People told us things would be different. Some tried to tell us life would be extremely different. But I’m here to tell you, it’s completely different.  The things we think about, dream about, and talk about are all different than they were before. The items we purchase, the conversations we have…all different.

And it’s a good different.

Some people think of parenthood and picture vomit, diarrhea, and not sleeping. Those things are definitely present (in vast quantities at times), but fathering a tiny human is far more than that. I’ve learned more about myself and what it means to have the heart of a Father.

Below are 5 things I’ve learned since becoming a Dad:

#1 – I’m capable of WAY more than I thought.

Nothing spells exhaustion like getting less than 5 hours a sleep a night…for a whole month. But even when running on fumes, I was still able to wake up in the morning, go to school to work on my Master’s degree, then go to my part-time job, and come home to help cook/clean/give-my-wife-a-break. I was still able to have friendships. (And boy did I value friendships during that time…thanks for the free meals friends!)

Looking back at those first few months of my entry into fatherhood, I realize that I’m capable of way more than I thought. I could actually function as a partial human being! I did say partial…

#2 – My heart can explode every day.

Seriously. This is no joke. I look at my daughter and I feel my heart pulsating with love and pride. “Look at my most bestest creation!” It’s incredible to think that this beautiful little person is part-me and part-my-wife.

Being a Dad makes me say things like:

“I just want to eat your FACE!”

“I could just squeeze you to death!”

“I wanna nibble your toes…”

And other canniballistic-type things…but I promise it’s out of love, not sadistic hunger. I have so much love for my daughter that I’m pretty sure I die once a day of an overstimulated heart.

#3 – I can experience the full range of emotions in 60 seconds.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, can make me teeter on the edge of utter insanity and complete euphoria…at almost the exact same time…

Except for being a parent.

This child that I love so much can do the most absolute sweetest thing that makes me dote all over her, and then half a second later do something that makes me want to scream and throw her across the room (Is that too real? If it is…you’re not a parent. I now know why you’re shown a “don’t shake the baby” video at the hospital.)

If you’re like me, you love to take personality quizzes and tests and figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Some of my strengths are things like responsibility, connectedness, and learning. My weakness? I don’t have enough emotion. The quizzes I’ve taken basically say, “Are you even human? You don’t feel anything!” My wife can attest to that.

But being a Dad? I’ve discovered all the emotions…and can span the entire emotional spectrum in a very, VERY short amount of time. I even cry more. It’s terrifying.

#4 – My desire to love, protect, and provide is strong.

When I first entered in to marriage, I realized a lot about myself. I wanted to love, protect, and provide for this woman God gave me. And in the almost 7 years we’ve been married I’ve vowed to do just that.

But over the last two years since my daughter’s been born, my desire is the strongest it’s ever been. My wife is a full-grown adult who can take care of herself all on her own. She doesn’t need me.

But my daughter? If left to herself, she would die. She needs her parents to take care of her. To feed her. Clothe her. Put her to bed. Sing to her.Pray for her. And the list goes on…

The lover and protector in me are fully alive in full force. I’m constantly thinking about how to provide for my family in the best way possible. How to keep them safe. How to keep them happy and healthy.

And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

#5 – My marriage has to come first.

When you become a parent, it’s easy to get sucked into only thinking about the needs of the child. But I had to remind myself of this truth: children are a temporary assignment. Marriage is for life.

Now hear me: my children will ALWAYS be my children. Nothing can change that. But eventually, they’ll grow up, move out of the house, meet someone, and have a family of their own.

But my wife will be the person I go to bed with every night for the rest of my life.

As important as it is to keep our children alive and train them up in the way they should go, I cannot neglect my marriage. We long to be a good example of what a strong marriage is for our children. So that when they get married, they have an example to look up to.

My wife is my partner. My lover. My confidant. And my best friend. She has to come first. There will be seasons (like the newborn stage) when much of our focus and attention will be on providing for that child. But we must always come back to what’s most important: our relationship with each other.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. But it definitely encapsulates a lot of what I’ve learned.

Being a Father is hard, but so incredibly rewarding. There’s absolutely nothing like it.