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Adorable Baby Copying Model Uncle’s Poses Takes Instagram By Storm

If you’re of a certain age, your Facebook newsfeed is probably made up of 85 percent baby photos, 10 percent pet photos, and five percent miscellaneous posts.

While it’s certainly fun to scroll through and hit ‘like’ on countless images, something to break up the monotony would be nice. Though that wasn’t the aim of Katina Behm’s photo project, we’re pretty sure it’s achieved just that. A few months back, she was trying to get her 18-month-old into a red plaid shirt. Pausing for a second, she noticed that her son looked a lot like her little brother, model Aristotle Polites.

She snapped a photo of him, put it side-by-side with Aristotle’s likeness and sent it to her family. Thus began the Instagram account babyandthebody.


1. The photo that started it all!

2. Though little Augie was probably a little confused in the beginning, he’s really taken to the modeling lately.

3. “When I prop him up against the wall, he smiles,” Katina says

4. Every photo is accompanied with a #whoworeitbetter. Surely, it depends on who’s voting, but personally, I’m torn!

5. So pensive. Augie must have so much on his mind

6. This isn’t even a debate — baby bellies are the best!

7. That Augie… so hot right now

8. It’s pretty obvious that these two are related — they’re both natural models!

9. But that doesn’t mean he can’t also do the strong silent type, too

10. Augie isn’t shy about going the “bad boy” route, either. Look at that leather jacket!



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Seniors Show Up To Picture Day In Costume & Take Greatest ID Photos Of All Time

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Think back on your high school senior yearbook photo. If you can’t muster up an image in your head, it’s probably because you blocked the photo from your memory. If you’re like me, yeah, it was that bad. But if you do dig it up eventually, you’ll probably have a good laugh. “What was I thinking? What am I wearing?!” 

But if the students at North Farmington High School look at their senior photos five, 10, 15 years down the road, they’ll laugh for a very different reason. That’s because it’s become a tradition to dress up in wacky outfits for their school ID badges. The results are pretty incredible, too.

1. That dang humidity

2. “Did I do that?”


3. “Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.”






5. A teen home alone is a recipe for disaster



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10. Hot and ready to trot

9. Is he or Isn’t he?

8. Mystery woman

7. Tall but beautiful

6. The picture says it all

5.  Triple Threat

4. Chill and Netflix

3. Must love snakes

2. Prawn girl

  1. Nightmares do come true



Creepy Man Walks Off With Toddler, Then 12-Yr-Old Realizes Something Is Very Wrong.

If you see something, say something.

It’s become a common phrase in our society — if you witness something out of place, tell the authorities. But what happens if no one is around… would you put yourself in harm’s way to do something? Many people might not want to risk it, but thankfully, the instinct to protect came over a young girl in Kenosha, Wisconsin, earlier this summer when she realized something was very wrong.

In the end, she ended up saving a life.

A few of the children who live in 12-year-old Jada Miller’s neighborhood were all playing outside when one of the children noticed that four-year-old Caylee was being led away by an adult.

It was not one of her parents.

Immediately, Jada jumped up and went running after Caylee and her abductor, while 13-year-old Trinity Stout went to get Caylee’s parents.

When Jada reached Caylee and her kidnapper, she grabbed the little girl away and told the man that she was leaving.

“Caylee was like I’ll be back and then I looked at him and said, ‘no she won’t,’” Jada said.

The 27-year-old man who attempted to abduct Caylee is actually a resident of the neighborhood. Known as Eli or Elijah, his legal name is actually Benjamin Spasogevich-Lee and many in the area considered him a bit suspicious.

Benjamin had been seen doing yoga in his underwear in front of his house when the children were outside. In addition to that, he once brought up kidnapping and rape in a conversation with the neighborhood kids.

He is now being held on charges of disorderly conduct and the abduction of a child.

Jada’s actions prove that you can never be too young to step up and stand up for someone who is in danger.

Watch the video below and share if you were inspired by this little girl’s brave actions.