Cast of Veep celebrates losing again at the SAG awards

The cast of HBO’s hit series Veep is celebrating … yet another Screen Actors Guild awards defeat.

Veep lost to Orange is the New Black for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series during the awards show Saturday, but you they didn’t seem that dejected about it, according to a People report.

The Veep stars posed in a photo after their loss, with some of the cast — including star Julia Louis-Dreyfus — putting their fingers in the shape of an “L” on their foreheads while frowning.

Tony Hale, seeming to drown away his sorrows after their second straight defeat, was chugging on a buttle of champagne for the black and white photo.

Louis-Dreyfus wrote a caption for the photo: “Us. Now. @SAGawards it’s an honor to be nominated.”

The cast can’t be too disappointed. Their show has proven to be a big success and they have plenty of other trophies for their mantles. Louis-Dreyfus herself is currently riding a four-year streak for winning best lead actress in a comedy series at the Emmys.

The cast was similarly goofy after losing at the Golden Globes earlier this month. The cast also did the “loser” signs then as well.

Veep premiered backed on April 22, 2012, and the fifth season of the series will premiere on April 24.


‘Girls’ to finally come to an end after 6 seasons

It’s official: HBO’s “Girls” will end after six seasons.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the show is going after the air anytime soon, as season 5 still has yet to start airing, so fans will still get two more seasons to soak up the millennial dramedy, according to a Hollywood Gossip report.

The show, which stars Lena Dunham as Hannah, was always set to end in 2017, but the show’s creators have given that target some real finality.

Dunham said it feels right to end the show at this point, as she was 23 when the show started and will be 30 when it ends.

Girls also features Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, and Jemima Kirke.

Season 5 will begin February 21 six months after the events of season 4. That season ended with all of the girls finding themselves in very different situations and about embark on new journeys in life.

Girls premiered on HBO back on April 15, 2012. Lena Dunham is the creator of the show, which follows twenty-somethings as they try to figure out life in New York City, dealing with heartbreak, rejections, and career failures along the way. Dunham said she draws the story lines for the show from her own life.

The show began when aspiring writer Hannah gets a visit from her parents from East Lansing in Michigan, telling her that they won’t support her financially anymore, leaving her on her own in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


Chinese detergent company apologizes for “blatantly racist” commercial

Qiaobi. a Chinese detergent company, has come under fire for a commercial many have labeled “raw racism”.

The commercial depicts a young Asian woman doing laundry. A young black man enters the room with a paint brush and paint stains all over his face and clothing. The man whistles at the woman, who beckons him to come closer.

It seems that the two will share a kiss, but the Asian woman puts a Qiaobi detergent pack in the mouth of the black man and then pushes him into the washing machine.

When the wash is done, the Asian woman opens the machine to reveal that the black man has been washed into a young Asian man. The young Asian man winks at her, holding a Qiaobi detergent pack.

“[We had] no intention of discriminating against people of color,” read a Weibo statement posted Saturday by the company. “The color of one’s skin is not the standard by which we should judge each other. We strongly oppose and condemn racial discrimination.”

The Shanghai based Qiaobi apologized for the commercial after receiving backlash internationally but also accused the international media of being too sensitive and fueling the controversy for profit.

Before the apology, the company suggested that there was nothing wrong with the ad spot.

“We meant nothing but to promote the product, and we had never thought about the issue of racism,” said a Qiaobi spokesman on Friday.

In December, 2015, a Chinese promotional poster for the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens was also criticized for marginalizing one of the main characters, played by John Boyega, a black man.



Adriana Lima reveals how much longer she’ll walk Victoria Secret runways

Brazilian model Adriana Lima was named Victoria Secret’s 2017 Most Valuable Angel, and after 18 years of owning the runway there’s no doubt she’s earned that title.

The 36 year old revealed that she doesn’t planning on retiring soon either. Rumors have swirled that Tuesday’s runway show will be the last for her fellow longtime  Angel Alessandra Ambrosia. But Lima says she has at least two years left on the VS runway.

“I plan to be at 20. Two more years. Maybe more, I don’t know,” the mother of two told People magazine, “It’s nature. I’m working out. I’m being healthy, so let’s see how the body is going to turn out. But I enjoy it. So let’s say 20.”

The runway show which took place at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai, China showcased the model at her sexiest yet in semi-sheer briefs when she first took to the catwalk with her colorful pair of wings.

Lima is the longest running model for VS and has worn it’s signature fantasy bra three times for the fashion show.

“I feel very emotional to be part of it, in a good way. After so many years and to have a chance to see Victoria’s Secret go and have their fashion show internationally, it’s really an honor for me to be part of it,” She said to People, “And every girl who is here deserves to be here. They’ve got what it takes to be an Angel. They have unbelievable personalities.”

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs on Tuesday, Nov. 28, at 10 p.m. on CBS.


Farrah Abraham almost quits Teen Mom OG

Teen Mom OG participant, Farrah Abraham, opened up about almost quitting the show.

Abraham had an extremely passionate argument with her estranged mother, Debra Danielson, in the premiere episode of the WE tv reality show. On the Friday episode, Debra and Farrah, who had a similar blowout in 2010 resulting in Debra being arrested for domestic abuse after she was accused of choking Farrah, argued about their relationship. The charges were dropped and Danielson claimed that it was Abraham that had her in a headlock. Abraham, after the most recent altercation, almost walked off of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition.

“Why am I raising my voice, why I am arguing and fighting up against somebody who can’t admit to what is really happening and going in in our family history?” said Farrah in an interview with E! News. “I get really upset when I’m around liars. I detest people who lie. I can’t stand it.”

With the argument beginning in the premiere episode, it seems that they will continue to fight throughout the season.

“There is an episode where we talk about traumatic experiences, my mom and I, and we still cannot get on the same page,” said Farrah. “So sometimes between lie detector tests and traumatic experiences, there’s just a certain point in time where you’re like, somebody does not have the wherewithal to take accountability to even remember things, and you’re like, ‘Why do I even want to be around them anymore?’ The best narcissists can block things out and act like nothing ever happened to just keep going.”


Alisyn Camerota accuses Ailes of sexual harassment

Former Fox News anchor, Alisyn Camerota accused former Fox News chief, Roger E. Ailes of sexual harassment.

Mr. Ailes was fired from Fox News in July after multiple female employees accused him of sexually harassing them. A law firm hired by 21st Century Fox took statements from at least six women. Camerota spoke out about the behavior of Mr. Ailes during an interview on the CNN program, Reliable Sources.

“Yes, Roger Ailes did sexually harass me,” said Camerota. “I remember being in Roger’s office saying I wanted more opportunities and he said: ‘Well, I would have to work with you — I would have to work with you really closely — and it may require us getting to know each other better, and that might have to happen away from here. And it might have to happen at a hotel. Do you know what I am saying?’”

Former Fox News anchor, Gretchen Carlson, was another voice that accused Ailes of adding to a culture of sexual misconduct at Fox News, the network he built into one of the most powerful in the world. Lawyer for Ailes, Susan Estrich, argued that the claims from Camerota were untrue and invalid.

“These are unsubstantiated and false allegations,” said Ms. Estrich. “Mr. Ailes never engaged in the inappropriate conversations she now claims occurred, and he vigorously denies this fictional account of her interactions with him and of Fox News’s editorial policy.”


Rolling Stone settles lawsuit with university fraternity over debunked rape story

After three years, a fraternity associated with the University of Virginia has agreed to accept $1.65 million from Rolling Stone magazine in settlement of a defamation suit arising from the publication of a since-retracted story about an alleged gang-rape on campus, a report by ABC News said.

“The Virginia Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity has agreed to settle and dismiss its defamation lawsuit against Rolling Stone and Sabrina Erdely arising from the magazine’s publication of the November, 2014 article A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA,” the fraternity said in a statement, as reported by ABC News. “It has been nearly three years since we and the entire University of Virginia community were shocked by the now infamous article, and we are pleased to be able to close the book on that trying ordeal and its aftermath.”

The retracted story, written by Sabrina Erdely, involved a young woman called “Jackie” who claimed to have been gang-raped UV’s Phi Kappa Psi fraternity during her first year at school.

The fraternity has pledged that a substantial part of the settlement amount will go to organizations involved in preventing and treating sexual assault.

“The chapter looks forward to donating a significant portion of its settlement proceeds to organizations that provide sexual assault awareness education, prevention training and victim counseling services on college campuses,” the statement said.


Chad Michael Murray denies Sophia Bush’s claims about their marriage

Chad Michael Murray took to Twitter to refute his ex-wife Sophia Bush’s claim that she never actually wanted to marry him, E! News reported.

The pair met on the set of One Tree Hill and married in 2005, less than a year after getting engaged. They separated five months later and divorced in 2006.

On Wednesday, Bush said on the Radio Andy radio show that she felt pressured into getting married, and that it was “not a thing I actually really wanted to do.”

Bush told host Andy Cohen that she felt not marrying Murray would be letting people down.

“You have bosses telling you that you’re the only person who gets a person to work on time, and 200 people either get to see their kids at night or don’t because our days start on time,” Bush said in the interview.

Murray’s representative told People the next day that the story was “ludicrous.” Murray posted a GIF of Disney’s Pinocchio, as if to imply that Bush was lying about their marriage.

Bush responded on Twitter, too, saying that she had been making fun of herself in the interview and did not intend to harm anyone else with her comments.


‘Game of Thrones’ actors receive self-destructing scripts

In an effort to maintain secrecy about Game of Thrones‘s final season, actors in the show have learned their lines from self-destructing scripts, according to the New York Post. The special digital copies disappear immediately after filming a scene.

“They’re very, very strict,” said Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister on the show. “It’s like Mission: Impossible.”

Thanks to the show’s popularity, as well as its digression from the plot of the books that inspired it, keeping a tight lid on spoilers has been a top priority for producers. Fans have reportedly gone to great lengths to get information, including sneaking onto set.

The fight against spoilers has become an industry-wide crusade. Disney reportedly prints Star Wars scripts on dark red paper because it cannot be photo copied, and scripts used on Captain America: Civil War were required to be shredded at the end of each day of filming.

Game of Thrones faces several risks aside from leaked scripts as well: it is the most illegally downloaded show on television, according to A.V. Club. In addition, HBO has had to deal with hackers stealing episodes before they were released in previous seasons.


‘Buffy’ showrunner clarifies reboot label

Monica Owusu-Breen, the creator of the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, hinted in a tweet that the series will be a continuation rather than a reboot, according to The Verge.

Owusu-Breen, who is working with the original show’s creator, Joss Whedon, was the source of significant backlash from Buffy fans after her show was announced.

In response, Owusu-Breen tweeted reassurances to fans that she cared deeply about the show and would not be trying to replicate or replace Whedon’s original series.

“There is only one Buffy,” she tweeted. “But here we are, twenty years later…And the world seems a lot scarier…So maybe, it could be time to meet a new Slayer…And that’s all I can say.”

Information about the show’s plot and characters has been scarce, though a black actress has been confirmed for the lead role of Buffy.

In the original series, Buffy is a Slayer, a magical person who is granted supernatural strength and skill in order to fight evil. The show made clear that there could only be one Slayer at a time, until Buffy and her friends disperse the Slayer power to dozens of women in the season 7 finale. The multi-Slayer theme continued in a series of spin-off comics that constituted an additional four seasons of the story. Whedon approved of the comics and said that he considered them to be canon.

A premiere date for the sequel series has not yet been released.