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Wow! Now You Can Take Pics While Eating With This Selfie Spoon

Cinnamon Toast Crunch has created a 30-inch stick attached to a spoon that allows you to snap photos  of yourself while you’re chowing down on your favorite food. Goodbye selfie stick, hello selfie spoon!

Breakfast time

Selfie spoon

Happy customers

Check out the video below:

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New Mom’s Facebook warning: “Kiss Nearly Killed My Baby”

Just over a month ago Claire Henderson gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who she named Brooke. Like most new parents, they had many visitors who wanted to see the new baby. Unfortunately for Claire and Brooke one of the visitors was a herpes carrier. Herpes can only be contracted by mouth to mouth contact. Now Claire is trying to warn as many people as possible about how deadly it is for infants if they get cold sores. Brooke developed cold sores all over her mouth and the back of her throat and is doing good now.

Claire Henderson and her newborn baby Brooke shortly after she gave birth

One day she noticed a sore on Brooke’s lip

Brooke in the hospital in serious condition

Claire posted these pictures to warn moms about how deadly cold sores on babies can be.



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This $5,900 Workstation Lets You Lie Down And Work At The Same Time

After suffering from a back injury, John Speicher was unable to work at his desk, which later helped inspire this cool desk! Altwork lets you work from four positions, from lying down to standing up and it’s all possible by magnets. The altwork is designed to help alleviate pain by sitting still at a desk for long hours in a day.

The lay down position

Keypad functions

Comfortably reclined and hard at work

Watch the video here:


Humans and robots will marry in the future

While human beings want and need the comfort of one another, what would happened if this could be simulated? Experts are now saying that by the year 2050, humans will have life-like robotic companions. They will provide most all the wants and needs that people need including sex and conversation.

How will this change the world? Quite dramatically as people will have the option of a robotic partner. Even reproduction is already replicated inside of laboratories. The idea of all of this raises moral values in question, but it is predicted that not so far away in the distant future, people will have different options made available to them.

All of this will become legal and a part of every day life. Both the robots and the humans will merge into a society – unlike anything humanity has ever seen before. It makes you wonder whether or not leadership will be taken over by robots as telling them a part from the real thing might be more difficult.

With that being mentioned, there may even be a way to differentiate between both easier with all the new technology on the horizon. Many jobs will be taken over by machines and it has already started. This will change the economies quite considerably as well.

There was a conference held at Goldsmith University in London by David Levy. He is the author of a book titled “Love and Sex with Robots” which was published in the United States back in 2007 by HarperCollins. This book predicts the inevitable as marriage will become legal by 2050.

Others agree with this statement such as a British researcher named Adrian Cheok, he is a computing professor at the City University of London and he is the director of Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore. The prediction is that in the state of Massachusetts will be the first, if not one of the first to have robot marriages.

This will include same gender marriages as well. For many people that have tried real relationships this may be better for them as it presents another opportunity to find some sense of happiness in this existence. Marriages are difficult and present many challenges to overcome.

The divorce rate in the United States as of 2016 is around 50%. This has left many children without either parent and changed how society sees things. Certainly children will be affected by such robotic type marriages in the future and what really will the world become? One can only ponder the thought of it…

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Wow! 10 Extremely Honest posters that Demonstrate the World’s Addiction to Technology

10. Bravery behind a computer screen

9. A world without social media

8. The difference between now and then

7.  Where have all the books gone?

6. It’s all about the perfect profile picture

5. The importance of being in a  Wi-Fi Zone

4. The dead battery dilemma

3. The new way of studying

2. Google has all the answers

  1. What she’s really doing in the bathroom


Microlino Auto Small Two Seats Electric Car

The Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems has presented the final version of its small city vehicle Microlino, whose prototype was promoted in 2016 at the Geneva Auto Show.

As it is immediately noticed, the appearance of Microlin is inspired by the legendary BMW Isetta, and there are also characteristic front doors to enter the vehicle.

The Microlino Auto is only 2435 mm long, 1500 mm wide, 300 l capacity and weight up to 450 kg (depending on version and battery).They offer batteries of 8 or 14.4 kWh, so the autonomy is 120 km or 215 km.
For the drive, the electric motor with 15 kW / 20.4KS and 110 Nm is concerned, the acceleration up to 50 km / h lasts 5 seconds and the maximum speed is 90 km / h.
Microlino Auto looks like a Peel P50 microcar from 1962. The Peel P50 microcar holds the record for that time as the smallest car that ever goes into production.

“In cooperation with the ZHAW and Designwerk University, we conducted several studies in order to find the ideal balance between the advantages of a motorbike and a car. As we were satisfied with it, we wanted to make the next step: build a prototype.We decided to go to China in order to create the first prototype based on our new design, which was built between August 2015 and January 2016. The car was then presented to the public for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show. This generated over 200 million media contacts and within a week we received more than 500 reservations. In total, over 6300 reservations have been placed since February 2016. “, said Micro Mobility.

The production of Microlino Auto will start in December 2018 and will first be on the Swiss market. Later in 2019 it will also be offered on the German market.

Micro Mobility Systems will officially offer Microlino on the European market this spring (at a price of around 12,000 euros for the base version), but they say they already have 4,600 pre-orders.




Being the smallest member of animal kingdom ants don’t have a large brain. The complex society and the communication system follow by the ants are very tricky and fascinating. For every human on Earth, there are 1.5 million ants in 12000 species. Ants evolved in the era when the dinosaurs roaming on Earth.

Intelligent habits of Ants

— Ants started farming 50 million years before humans. They cultivate the fungus in leaves and then eat them. The trick is collectively known as fungus farming
— Ants formed well-planned colonies that have thousands of miles in length, have different sections for farming, collecting foods and for gathering. Each ant colonies have a unique chemical identity through which they recognize the strangers.
— Ants are traveled by following the pheromone chemical laid by the scout ant who in charge of finding the food. It is interesting to say that each ant will lay trails for the following ants.
— Some special species of ants will enslave other species to build their own mass colonies.
— Ants can carry objects 50 times greater than their body. Because they have with thick muscles in proportion to body size.


rows are one of the largely populated bird species in the world. Being unafraid of human presence and with the baffling inborn intelligence they are smart enough to make trouble over humans. The tricks that used by crows for finding food and building nest reflects the unmatchable intelligence of this species of bird.

Intelligent habits of Crows

— Crows have the largest brain in bird species except for some special species of parrots. They are intelligent enough to recognize the human faces and to hide their food from other birds. Crows are also known for using different tools for their own advantages.
— Crows make closer observations on the human world to find food. For example crows used to drop the nuts in traffic lines to break the husks to get food. They also know how to break nuts by dropping on rough surfaces.
— Crows used different tools like stones and pebbles to attack predators in the world of birds.


Otters are the smallest marine mammal in the animal world. They are one of the playful animals used to live in the bank of rivers and ocean shores. Sea otters used tools like rocks to find food, to remove unwanted parts of fish and crabs.

Sea otters can smartly sense the presence of predators by catching the difference in vibrations of water. The childish actions of sea otter itself reflect its intelligence, will dance and make sliding at the band of rivers and in mud.


Pigs are one of the extremely intelligent, playful, social animal in the animal kingdom. According to sevral studies pigs have more cognitive power than dogs and human babies.

Intelligent habits of pigs

— Pigs followed the fascinating social life, they walk together, eat together, play together and they sleep close to each other.
— Pigs use 20 different types of vocalizations to communicate each other, even a newborn pig can understand what the sound actually meant produces by its mother.
— Extremely clean animal, good sense to keep the toilet area far away from home.
— They can trace the home even from far away distance.
— Wild pigs used to create an area for growing new plants, also plays an important role in the transportation of seeds.


Octopuses are most intelligent and sentient creature among invertebrates. The tricks they used for sensing the presence of enemies and finding show the intelligent power of octopuses.

Intelligent habits of Octopi

— The only creature in invertebrates to use tools.
— Baby octopus easily learns the habits from other octopuses.
— Octopus released a black ink type fluid at the time it discovered by others, have ability to dull the sense of smell.
— Octopus have the ability to change the shapes of the body in many away to avoid predators.
— Octopus used to make shields over their lair using different types of shells.
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Best ever companion of human. An average dog is intelligent as a 2 year old human baby. They have an excellent sense of smell, protecting power, learning ability from the human world.

Intelligent habits of dogs

— Dogs have a better understanding of the human world than any other animals.
— Faster learning ability from surroundings.
— Have a high degree of understanding.
— Can locate the home from distant places.
— Their brain can identify a million types of scents.
— Ability to respond to commands from their owners.


Several whale species are more like dolphins. But being very large in size, it is difficult task to train whales. At the same time the social behavior, communication techniques and imitation power shows by whales make them as one of the most intelligent animals.

Intelligent habits of whales

— Sperm whales have a larger brain than any other living things.
— Cognitive abilities through the presence of spindle cells within the brain.
— Whales communicate each other by producing complex vocal tones.
— They are extremely social, travel and hunt in groups.
— The beluga whales show the ability to mimic human speech.


Elephants have the largest brain than any other land animals. Elephants show extreme social and intelligent behaviors. Elephants are also one of the faithful companions of humans.

Intelligent habits of Elephants

— Extremely social animals, can easily learn from the surroundings.
— Elephants can recognize hundreds of individual sounds.
— Elephants show a range of emotions like joy, playfulness and sorrow.
— Can mimic a wide range of sounds.
— The power to use different tools for finding food.


Dolphins are world’s third most intelligent animal in the world. Humans make use of intelligence of dolphins for solving many of the mysteries across world oceans.

Intelligent habits of dolphins

— Dolphins brain is big relative to its body size.
— They can express different types of emotions.
— Better learning capability from the surroundings.
— At resting time, only one side of the dolphin’s brain sleeps, help to aware about the threats.
— Dolphins are the only marine animal that passes the mirror test.

Great Ape

Apes are the second most intelligent living organism in the world after humans. According to many scientific theories, humans were evolved from the apes family. Apes follow extreme social life and express different types of emotions. The family of apes includes chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas and bonobos.

Intelligent habits of Great Apes

— Great communication power.
— Ability to learn from surroundings.
— Make their own home. Also use different tools for finding food.
— The DNA of gorillas shows similarity with human’s.
— Apes can understand individuality and can learn words, even human language.
— Defends enemies by using tools.



Things That Would Happen if the Polar Ice Caps Melted

Hey! Ever lie awake at night, thinking about the meaning of life, exactly how much money you’ve got stashed away in your mattress… and then your mind wanders to what’s going on with the polar ice caps? We’re not surprised, there are many people – both sleepy and quite wide awake – who are giving this topic serious thought.

The polar ice caps are already melting, at quite a rapid speed. From 1979 to 2006, Greenland’s ice sheet had an increase of 30% in the melting rate. You can thank this melting for some of the truly odd and extreme weather we’ve seen, all over the world and perhaps right in your backyard. Whether you’ve had three feet of snow when you usually only get a couple of inches at most, or if you’re seeing temps like 100 degrees F when summer is most often in the 80s. The kids may be thrilled for snow days home from school, but the adults know something pretty odd is going on.

Some scientists say this will take 5,000 years to happen. Others estimate we will see the polar ice caps really start to melt by 2030. One thing is for certain: people are starting to sit up and pay attention to this topic, because it is no longer “just” a possibility – it is a strong likelihood to happen one day, whenever that might be.

Yes, we do want you to sleep soundly and regularly. You’ve got to protect all of that cash in your mattress after all! But we thought you should realize a few of the simple things that will happen, should our polar ice caps melt completely.

If the Ice Caps and Glaciers Melt, the Oceans Will Rise

No, this is not the typical high tide versus low tide you see when you go to the beach. Consider the oceans getting higher by 216 feet. To give you a sense of the size of that, the Mount Rushmoresculpture in the Black Hills of Keystone, South Dakota, with the four President’s faces sculpted into it is 465 feet high. So George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln would be about nose high in ocean water!

And if you live in a coastal area, well… let’s just say you’ll be much, much more than nose-deep. Say goodbye to that beach house you’ve been saving up for with that money in your mattress, because it’ll go the way of Atlantis.

Extreme Weather Will Continue and Get More Severe

If we do lose the ice caps, weather conditions in your area may become quite unpredictable. This is actually history repeating itself. In prehistoric times, harsh weather was one of the top reasons to cause the extinction of many species that used to roam the earth. No, not the guys who wore mullets – think more along the lines of dinosaurs.

Today people have many more resources than people did in centuries past to survive weather that can be extremely cold, hot, windy, or any other type of circumstance that may occur. We are fortunate to live in times with items such as solar energy, batteries, electricity, canned or other pre-packaged foods, medicine that can last for awhile, boats, planes, and other types of vehicles which can navigate over various terrains. But extreme weather still causes hundreds, and even thousands of casualties each year, and it would likely only get worse as the weather gets more extreme and violent.

Millions of People in the Arctic Will Have to Relocate

Scientists say that this could happen as early as 2030, which actually isn’t as far off as we might think. Heck, that’s only three World Cups away. Keep in mind this includes everyone who lives in Greenland, Alaska and Siberia. Many of these are coastal communities and they will simply vanish, with no ice there to help protect them from storms.

You could see a situation where upwards of four million people will need to relocate to flee the changing, extreme weather conditions. And that’s not even mentioning all those people on the more southern coasts we alluded to earlier. In short, the world is about to get a lot smarter if the ice caps melt.

The Ocean Ecosphere Will Become Unpredictable

Now, Arctic regions are already seeing an increase in the fish that are in the waters. Five Arctic nations have promised to not participate in unregulated fishing in international waters. Scientists say that the photosynthetic plankton that lives out in the ocean will take the place of the algae, which grew on ice.

So fish and sea mammals will have plenty of nutritious food to eat, so that’s good at least. It is expected, in fact, without ice that fish and sea mammal populations could increase by up to 70%. While some of you may be thinking about enjoying the low cost of a seafood meal – a lot more is at stake here.

Give Polar Bears a Big Kiss Goodbye

You can do the same for the seals and walruses that call the Arctic home, too. Because without the ice, they are going to starve to death. The US Fish and Wildlife Service listed polar bears as a “threatened” species in 2008. It is estimated that there are 25,000 polar bears in the Arctic in total, with about 2,000 of them actively living on the polar ice. That’s not too many, right?

But we can see that other Arctic animals will quickly be “threatened” or “extinct,” only to be seen in the rare and lucky zoo. So that’s… something, we suppose?

Regrowing Polar Ice Goes Way Beyond What Anyone Wants to Do

There may be a few of you responsible citizens who are reading this article and saying, “well, if we’re running out of this, why don’t we create more of it?” The scientists have already pitched that big idea and basically have struck out. The steps needed to limit the ice becoming warm are things that most people and countries simply don’t want to make the efforts to do. They would need to create large forests from land and then use high-tech technology to pull the carbon dioxide out of the air.

That would help to slow down the warming of the polar ice caps. To actually grow the ice caps, countries would need to do so much more. So if they are unwilling to take the steps to slow down the warming, it is clear that they won’t help to grow ice. You can put down your ice cube tray, we know you were really trying to help!

Enjoy Miami and Shanghai While They’re Here

As the polar ice caps melt, the beautiful coastal cities we know all around the world are going to change and some may even disappear. The shape of some countries may be quite different hundreds of years from now – than what you see today. Remember that whole “216 feet of rising water” thing we were talking about earlier? Yeah, this is where that comes into play. Most of Florida, New Orleans, and so many other cities around the world would eventually be underwater.

So now is the time to go visit those fantastic places you’ve always wanted to see, especially the ones that have an ocean view. When the polar ice caps melt, these cities may look quite different one day.

The Amazon Will be Bursting at the Seams

Admittedly, many today when they hear the word “Amazon” first think of shopping online. But long before you could click a mouse, there was the mighty and impressive Amazon River. If the polar ice caps melt, this river will be changed significantly and permanently.

The massive influx of new water around the world would conceivably flood the Amazon, pushing it well past its capacity. What is rather unique is that it actually would transform into a sea. The Amazon River would then cover quite a bit of Brazil’s landscape.

Deserts Would Become Much Larger

All around the globe, you’d see major growth to the world’s deserts. Yes, that means the ice caps melting would make some places even more dry. It sounds counterintuitive but it’s true. Australia’s desert would cover most of the country.

So living in Australia would become quite different. Remember that some coastal cities in Australia will be lost, too. The southeastern part of Africa would become 100% desert. Terrain will change as the climates change, too.

This Isn’t Something Only the Arctic Should Worry About

Most of us would be dealing head-on with the polar ice cap “situation,” as a reality TV star might say. According to the Daily Mail, over 75% of the world’s people live at less than 300 feet above sea level, which sounds okay. It sounds like most of us would be safely out of harms way.

But keep in mind, the level of our oceans is expected to rise by more than 200 feet. Suddenly, if you’re living in Arkansas or Vermont, you may suddenly find yourself sitting on some beachfront property. Better start investing in Missouri farmland now… it could become a tropical paradise before too long!


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Seniors Show Up To Picture Day In Costume & Take Greatest ID Photos Of All Time

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Think back on your high school senior yearbook photo. If you can’t muster up an image in your head, it’s probably because you blocked the photo from your memory. If you’re like me, yeah, it was that bad. But if you do dig it up eventually, you’ll probably have a good laugh. “What was I thinking? What am I wearing?!” 

But if the students at North Farmington High School look at their senior photos five, 10, 15 years down the road, they’ll laugh for a very different reason. That’s because it’s become a tradition to dress up in wacky outfits for their school ID badges. The results are pretty incredible, too.

1. That dang humidity

2. “Did I do that?”


3. “Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.”






5. A teen home alone is a recipe for disaster


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Researchers develop a ‘super-spinner,’ the world’s fastest rotor

Scientists have developed the fastest spinning human-made rotor in history ascending to speeds of 60 billion revolutions a minute, reports David Nield for Science Alert. The record-breaking invention could be used to study some of the mysteries of quantum mechanics, and how objects operate in a vacuum.

According to the researchers, now that the nano-rotor is operational, detailed research will explore the fundamentals of science, including how gravity and friction work in a vacuum. The super-spinner is made up of a silica nanoparticle and levitated in a vacuum using a laser, Nield describes. The laser can be polarized in a straight line or in a circle, with the circular mode producing the rotations. The device is stunningly the size of a bacterial particle, around 170 nanometres wide and 320 nanometres long, meaning it is undetectable with the naked eye.

“People say that there is nothing in a vacuum, but in physics, we know it’s not really empty,” says senior researcher Tongcang Li from Purdue University in Indiana. He further explains that within the vacuum, “…a lot of virtual particles may stay for a short time and then disappear. We want to figure out what’s really going on there, and that’s why we want to make the most sensitive torsion balance.” A notable advantage of this super-spinner rotating in a vacuum is that very precise measurements can be made, unaffected by the standard variations in air flow and temperature. As a result, when it comes to the field of quantum mechanics, such a tiny object should give scientists a better understanding of how the building blocks of matter work at the tiniest scales.