12 Reasons Why Australia is Completely Crazy

12  Swooping Magpies

11 Wild animals eating your food

10 It’s dangerous to go for a walk

9 Massive spiders

8 There crazy road signs

7 Poisonous snakes

6 All of the forest fires

5 The deadliest animals live there

4 Ridiculous sterotypes

3 Everything is overpriced

2 Hot hot hot summers

1 There version of thongs is much different than ours


Cool LOL Nerdy Sci-Tech VODAVIRAL

Wow! Now You Can Take Pics While Eating With This Selfie Spoon

Cinnamon Toast Crunch has created a 30-inch stick attached to a spoon that allows you to snap photos  of yourself while you’re chowing down on your favorite food. Goodbye selfie stick, hello selfie spoon!

Breakfast time

Selfie spoon

Happy customers

Check out the video below:


Baby Sees Christmas Decor & His Face Is Everything Wonderful In This World

It seems that stores start selling Christmas decorations earlier each year. Before long, they’ll be breaking out the tinsel and garlands as soon as we clear away the 4th of July fireworks!

One baby who does not seem to mind decking the halls a bit early is Hannah Law’s adorable son. On a recent shopping trip to Costco, the Mapleton, Utah, mom and her baby boy wandered into the store’s winter wonderland section.

He starts off just taking it all in, but seconds later his reaction turns downright ecstatic! The look on his face is absolutely priceless.

His face is one big “Ooh” expression, and his eyes are as big as saucers! This is one child who truly appreciates the magic of the holiday season.

And his enthusiasm only grows!

Hannah captured her little boy’s wonderment and uploaded the video to Twitter along with the caption, “Spreading some Christmas cheer.”

We especially love the part at the end where the baby spots someone he recognizes: Santa!

This is one video that would make the Grinch’s heart grow another three sizes. Thanks for sharing this moment with us, Hannah!

Watch the video below (turn the sound up to experience maximum cuteness), and don’t forget to share this little bundle of happiness with your friends!


Wondrous People Of Walmart


9 Kids Who Are Clearly Not Happy About Their Newest Sibling

As the youngest of three, I know nothing about the jealousy that comes when parents announce you will no longer be the youngest or only child. But these kids know all about it.

Gone are the days of all the attention being on you. You’re no longer the baby, coddled like there’s no one else in the world.

If you’re a parent with more than one kid, you know the look on your little one’s face when they suddenly realize this horror. Siblings can fondly look back on that memory, and thankfully, with these hilarious photos, so can we!

1. Mom brought her new baby sister home from the hospital so this little girl packed up her stuff and tried to leave!

2. Reality has set in: He’s now the middlechild

3. You can never really prepare for an eviction like this

4. “What did they do?!”

5. Not going to lie, I’m a little worried for this baby


6. Happiness all around — oh, wait


7. “What do I do with my hands?”

8. “What’s that doing here?”

9. She’s reevaluating all the life decisions that brought her here


Today Sucks But Here’s A Guy Passionately Begging City Council To Legalize Massage Parlor Happy Endings

Today, like the day that came before it and the day that will almost certainly come after it, sucks majorly. It’s a fact that unites all of us. But watching this man’s impassioned plea to his local city council to legislate in favor of legalized massage parlors (as caught by @25_male_nyc) will hopefully make this day suck a little bit less.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them just want to get jacked off by a consenting stranger for a reasonable price. This is a lesson that it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. His shaky tone before cursing. His miming what it must be like to finger a sweaty fat man for a living. There’s just a lot going on here. And while you might not agree with all of his points (like the one that you basically hate America if you don’t vote to legalize a greasy massage table handy) you can’t deny that watching this video made today (a day that sucks) suck less.


Highly Questionable Photoshops


10 Hilarious Comics that only Cat Owners will Understand!

Cat’s are amazing lovable pets to have, but they can be extremely stubborn and evasive at times, but we still love them right? Cat’s are not as social as humans and their stubborn behaviors can amuse us as well as annoy us at the same time.

Below are ten comics that help explain cat logic!

10. Hey, pay attention to me!

9. Life at Home

8. Feed Me Now!

7. No, You’re not allowed to sleep

6. Only room for one

5. We are going to make you so comfortable that you can’t leave.

4. I come bearing gifts

3. Cattitude

2. It’s a love hate relationship

1. Forever seeking attention


15 of the Most Adorable Bunnies Ever

Whether you’re a rabbit lover or not, there is no denying that bunnies are adorable! If you’re thinking about adopting a rabbit they make great pets and can be trained to use a litter box and can live up to 12 years.

Take a look at these 15 cute photos and see for yourself!

15. Sleeping bunnies

14. Tired after a long day

13. Grocery shopping

12. A handful of bunnies

11. An afternoon snack

10. Bunny love

9. Playtime

8. Bathtime

7. ahhhh…fresh air

6. Bunny selfie

5. Take that!

4. Coffee or bunny in a cup

3. New born bunny

2. Floppy Ears

  1. Is it bed time yet?

Fail LOL

Pay Attention To The Background