The Best Travel Apps, Period

Yes, there is an app for too many things to count, indeed, just about anything! And since we’ve been talking about travel, decided to dig around in a few easy applications to help you with sleeping over, flying, dining, navigating and safety. We noted which apps require pay, so if we don’t mention it, it’s free and available to iOS or Android users, unless otherwise noted.

• Dealray
It’s $9.99 per month that will help you find inexpensive flight deals, alerts you to big price decreases, sales and error fares. Sorry, this one is iOS, but no Android.

• Freebird
Once you record your flight on this site, they will alert you if the flight is delayed by four or more hours or canceled. You can also book a new flight on any airline; one-way fees start at $19.

• Skiplagged
This is a fun app that helps you find one-way tickets with a stopover. The fun starts at the stop over location because you aren’t returning to the plane for your original destination. This is an option usually less expensive than a non-stop flight.

• Grab
Who has these good ideas? This app looks at restaurant menus inside the airport, map them for you and in some cases, even helps you order in advance so you can grab and go on your race to the gate. Today, it lists over 170 restaurants at 17 US airports.

• HappyCow
If you’re a vegan or vegetarian and you enjoy travel you must download this app! It will find restaurants for you in over 10,000 world cities. London, New York City, and Moldova and they provide very brief menu descriptions as well as customer reviews. There is a cost of $3.99.

• Velocity
Velocity tells you where all the hot restaurants are located, and you can also pay your bill or share it with your dining partner. They are working on adding the most popular spots for an exciting nightlife in Gstaad and Verbier in Switzerland as well as Aspen, Colorado.

• AsYouStay
This app helps ease some of the pressures of making sure you check in by 3 pm and out by noon. The app owners have partnered with over 50 properties in New York City and about a dozen more in South Beach, Miami. Coming soon, Chicago and San Francisco.

• Chatnbook
iOS is available today, and Android is still in testing, but this app lets you load your travel details and once you do the app will deliver properties which meet your specifications. If you tap on the right symbol (green thumbs up), your chosen hotel will contact you directly with their best rates.

If you have an extended layover, this app helps you book a room for just a few hours so you can grab a hot shower, nap or just clean up a tad. Their 3,000 hotels usually offer as much as 75 percent off standard nightly rates.

• Hostelworld
The purpose of this a is to bring single travelers together in either boozy events, private rooms or having fun at communal activities.

• Oasis
Oasis offers a variety of luxury short term apartment rentals in about two dozen locations. Rio, Miami, and Milan to name a few and you will have 24/7 concierge service to help with tour bookings, restaurant and theater tickets.

• Roomer
Substantial discounts on hotel rooms from other travelers who have had to unexpectedly had to cancel their trips. You can expect discounts of about 30 to 80 percent. And if this has happened to you, sell your reservation here as well.

• TripHappy
And happy is what you’ll be when this app finishes dissecting 37 million pieces of data and spits out the best places and hoods for you to stay in during your travels. Then you can sort your results by rating or price.

• Cool Cousin
We don’t know about you guys, but none of our cousins are very cool. LOL. But this application sure is cool! Collections of “off-the-beaten-path” recommendations from residents in 14 destinations. A mixologist in London and an artist in Paris are two fun examples. You can expect to see some trendy suggestions here!

• Sidekix
While it may not be the shortest route, this app will give you the best walking instructions that will meet your preferences and interests. It is currently prepared for us in over 100 prime cities, and more are being added every week.


• Rideways
By entering your trip destinations and times, you can schedule a “rideway,” which is owned by Priceline to book a taxi, train or bus in over 500 worldwide cities. It’s a more cost-effective way to travel.

• Turo
This app lets you rent automobiles from owners. You may have known it as RelayRides; it’s prior name. It’s available for both US and Canadian users. You can search for any desired vehicle and likely find it for a much lower rate than a rental agency. Europe has recently been added to their service area.

• Wingz
Book your travel methods here in over a dozen metropolitan US cities. You know in advance the cost, the name of your driver and if you have a favorite, you can request him or her. All drivers have been checked out via their DMV records.

Health and safety
• Binaural
Who knew there was an app to help us fight jet lag? This app uses binaural beats, which are sounds that many cultures have relied upon for hundreds of years to relax. These repeated “beats” can improve learning and focus, reduce anxiety and relax your mind.

• Geosure
For whatever area you are in, the app can report a personal safety score, environmental threats, health risks, political threats and information about thefts and assaults in the area via crowdsourcing. It is a location-sensitive app.

• My Panda
This app tells you the level of security via GPS. It was founded shortly after the Paris terror attacks in 2015. In some locations, it will also direct you to the nearest police station and a one click option to call them.


9 Things That Will Amaze You About Flying Business Class

Flying sure isn’t what it used to be, and most of the time you don’t have a choice to pick First versus Business Class. It’s a pain to sit in the center of a three-seater as plane make seats smaller and smaller. For those of us who have never had the chance to appreciate the advantages of flying business class, here is what you’re missing. (Note that everything is dependent upon the carrier, however as a rule, most airliners have raised the prices on business class to the point paying to upgrade isn’t worth it. Having more space, potentially better help and better food are the biggest contrasts now.

That said, here are some great facts that will leave you amazed.

9. All that space is mine? Unwind, there’s a lot of room!

8. My carry on doesn’t go overhead? No, it fits easily, and I can get to it at whatever point I need it without having to navigate over my seat partners.

7. What, my shoes have their own spot? A nice compartment for my shoes, so I don’t need to wear them the entire flight. Just remember, keep your socks clean.

6. Pleasantry kits and it’s free? That’s right, socks, skincare items, toothbrush and toothpaste and hair item all for you.

5. The seats do what? They lie flat, and in addition I get my own bedding! I’m in paradise.

4. An individual movie setup? An enormous touchscreen TV that runs well known shows and movies! Do I rest or stare at the television? Big decision!

3. There’s a menu? We have choices? That’s right, a multi-course dinner…with options!

2. Wine, champagne, liquor?! Loosen up with a glass of wine before settling into luxury.

1. Do I smell croissants? The best flights will have these and even some fresh squeezed orange juice, espresso, toast, and jam. What a great way to wake up and enjoy the rest of your flight.


Oyster’s Best Resort Waterparks

A kid Slip ‘N Slide just not keeping your children busy? It might be time to think of destroy with lavish pools and big slides. Travel Channel and have good tips to help you find some nice destinations for you  and your kids.
Nickelodeon Suites Resort
There’s a lot here that your kids will love. The Oasis waterpark is spectacular due to the seen here, Olympic-size pool, water slides, and a kids’ play area to keep your child excited.

Beaches Negril Resort & Spa
Talk about abundance of fun! There’s a large waterpark in the middle of the resort and “Sesame Street”-themed activities just for your younger ones. Adults can also have a lot of fun here as well, which makes it an incredible family place in Jamaica.

Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa

Not only are you getting that beautiful island vibe, but the 809-room Hyatt Regency was one of the first mega-resorts in Kaanapali. It has one of the most extraordinary pools in Maui. From the waterfall to 150-foot water slide (not to mention one personally for kids), this is certainly a mainstay for many tourists.
Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Spa
Maui’s Grand Wailea resort is simply beautiful. It has an elegant complex that features waterslides, white water rapids, and even a water elevator for your convenience.
Fairmont Kea Lani Maui

The Fairmont sits on a 22-acre beachfront property that is entertainment central. From the 5 restaurants to Maui’s largest rooms, you’ll feel as if you’re in the lap of luxury. Picnic packages also make it convenient for your kid to stay right at the pool.
Rose Hall Resort and Spa, a Hilton Resort
Need to take some time to relax? This good resort has great waterfalls and a lagoon-shaped pool for chill time.

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort
Paradise Island is world famous for a reason. This ideal resort in the Bahamas features 2 slides with vertical drops over 50 feet, a mile-long lazy-river ride, and other scenic places.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

One of the things that makes this Disney resort special is “The Dig Site” — a huge pool and water slide complex.

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is perfect for both kids and adults. The children will love the streaming lazy river pool and shark aquarium. Adults can enjoy their evening out with some nice bars and excellent cuisine.

Beaches Boscobel Resort and Golf Club
This is all about family-fun. Take your toddler to the Muppet shows. Let them watch Elmo and Grover dancing and singing on the beach. Not to mention, Club Fun will tire them out so you and your spoiled can enjoy a relaxing evening.


How to Avoid Bears While Hiking

You see it at the doorway of each national park: a friendly wooden bear wearing a hat and wearing a shovel. While a Smokey Bear sighting is probably the first sign you’ve made it for your hiking vacation spot, an encounter with a real-life bear on the trail may be highly risky. A 400-pound grizzly endure can fatally wound a human with no trouble, and bears that have violent encounters with humans are usually killed.

Thankfully, there are some tried-and-actual strategies for avoiding a endure even as hiking. And while none of them can guarantee you’ll avoid a close encounter, they can increase your odds of keeping off a threatening scenario within the wild and help preserve bears alive.

Hike in a Group

Noise is your first line of defense against bears, and people make plenty of it. Humans aren’t stealthy—mainly when clunking up a trail in trekking boots with backpacks complete of equipment. If you intend to hike in bear u . S ., bring several pals. The greater the merrier, as the bigger the group the greater intimidating you’re to bears. Since 2011, lone hikers and one hiker in a group of two were killed by using bears in Yellowstone National Park.

Remember, most bears are wary of human beings and simply need to be left alone, but it’s your process to allow them to realize you’re coming—with quite a few backup.
Be mainly loud while drawing close a blind bend within the trail. In 2016, a mountain biker near Glacier National Park become mauled by way of a grizzly while he rounded a bend and ran smack right into a amazed bear.

Bear bells are a famous trendy shop buy in undergo u . S . A .. The small, jingle bells are designed to allow a bear recognize you are coming; but, an Alaskan biologist examined endure bells among a collection of black bears in Katmai National Park and noticed that the animals were more likely to notice the snapping sound of a pencil than take note of a holiday trinket.

Watch for Bear Signs

Unlike Smokey, actual undergo symptoms aren’t six toes tall and made from wood. They are, but, easy to spot in case you recognise what to search for. Bear tracks are normally identifiable by claw marks and deep impressions left through the heavy animals as they pass. Grizzlies have curved claw marks to four inches lengthy, even as black endure claws appear instantly and simplest measure one to two inches.Tracks aren’t the only signs to observe for on the trail. Pay interest to animal droppings which you come upon. Bears leave huge, tubular droppings. More common sightings like deer droppings are generally pellet-like. Fresh tracks and droppings suggest you’re better off taking another trail that day.

Keep a Clean Camp

In July of 2017, a Colorado youngster became dragged from his campsite at night via a black bear in an reputedly unprovoked assault. Just one year earlier, a slumbering California guy became pulled from his tent by using a separate black undergo. Both men survived their encounters, however the incidents spotlight the want for a easy campsite. Bears that live close to human campgrounds realize a way to discover easy food—they damage into automobiles and raid campsites.

Biologists estimate that grizzly and black bears, the most common bears inside the U.S., can smell an animal carcass from 20 miles away. Polar bears, that you’re fairly not going to stumble upon out of doors of the coldest, maximum remote areas of Alaska, can observe a seal’s odor for 40 miles. All of meaning your leftover bratwurst or cooler complete of beer is easily detectable to a hungry undergo.

To make your campsite less attractive to a bear, save trash, leftovers and cooking utensils in hermetic luggage or boxes. Store food and different odorous gadgets like cosmetics in odor-proof baggage or packing containers like a bear canister. For high-quality effects, carry food objects which are compressed or lacking in strong scents. Rice, pastas, dried culmination, tortillas and protein bars are accurate selections right here.

Finally, position your drowsing region at least two hundred yards upwind out of your meals storage and kitchen areas and keep meals in a undergo hang if possible.

Carry the Last Resort

Statistically, you’re much more likely to be struck via lightning than killed by way of a bear in certainly one of America’s country wide parks. For park tourists on roads and in foremost campgrounds, those odds are approximately 1 in 25 million. But, for backcountry hikers, probabilities of a bear attack drop to just 1 in 232,000, which means you’re almost twice as probably to be face-to-face with a endure even as hiking in the backcountry than you’re to move nostril-to-nose with a shark at the beach.

Unlike sharks, however, you won’t get a ways through punching a undergo inside the nose. You’d have a better risk towards Mike Tyson in a fist fight, however extremely strong pepper spray designed for bears is available at most outdoor shops. It’s a great concept to have a few on your belt loop if you’re hiking in bear united states of america, as no amount of education can guarantee you’ll avoid bears.

If you do see a bear, know the way to react. The National Park Service recommends speakme evenly and softly to the undergo, to let it understand you’re human and now not prey. Make your self appear as massive as possible, and returned away slowly. Bear spray is your final hotel within the event of a fee. Know a way to use it before you hike with it. Get more suggestions for dealing with a undergo assault right here.

Know Your Bear Country

Since 1900, 71 endure-associated deaths had been pronounced in U.S. Countrywide and nation parks. The most lively U.S. National parks for bears—in descending order—are: Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Denali National Park, Glacier Bay National Park and Katmai National Park. Popular touring and trekking destinations like Bridger-Teton National Forest, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Cherokee National Forest, Gunnison National Forest and Rocky Mountain National Park have all additionally reported endure-related deaths.
Glacier and Yellowstone, with 20 blended bear-associated deaths, a long way outpace the relaxation of America’s country wide parks blended. Both parks are home to extensive populations of black and grizzly bears.


5 Easy Ways to Save Money for Your Dream Trip in 2020

On the eve of a new year, instead of a list of resolutions, how about a list of destinations you want to go — and how to get there?

Making a bucket list can often feel like daydreaming, especially with far-off destinations like Bali and the Maldives. Traveling doesn’t have to break the bank, however, and even if you’re living off a modest salary, here are the steps to take to reach your travel goals.

1. Start investing in a travel fund
Putting aside money directly into a fund for travel, particularly in an account that you cannot easily withdraw from, makes it easier to visualize goals. With new investment apps, like Acorns, for example, travelers don’t need to be a financial wizard to start investing — and grow their money faster than it would in an average savings account.

Acorns rounds up users’ credit and debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and puts that money in an investment account. Users can supplement their contributions by setting up weekly or monthly deposits into the account.

2. Automate your savings
Similar to putting money into an investment fund, automatically depositing a portion of each paycheck into a savings account makes it easier to achieve savings goals.

Miron Lulic, CEO of the finance advising website SuperMoney, told us that a savings account is the first thing someone should think about with each paycheck, budgeting the rest of your check around that amount.

“Pay yourself first,” he said.

3. Assess your current expenses — and make cuts
Figuring out where you spend most of your money already goes a long way toward figuring out what you’re doing right — and more importantly what you might be doing wrong.

Track your expenses for a month to see where your biggest expenses are, or download an app like Clarity or Mint that does it for you. Clarity gives you a list of monthly expenses, from cable and electronic bills, to streaming services. It can be a good reminder to cut out services you no longer use or didn’t even know you subscribed to, from Pandora and Spotfiy to Hulu or Amazon Prime.

4. Increase your 401K contribution
Lulic told us that one of the biggest financial mistakes people make is to immediately change their lifestyle the moment they receive a raise or a bonus. Whether you’re receiving a meager Christmas bonus or seeing a big promotion, think twice before rushing out to lease a new apartment or cut up your subway card.

Instead, increase your 401K contribution. As many employers match employees’ contribution, you’re essentially getting free money. “That mentality of saving is a big thing,” said Lulic.

While your retirement fund won’t get you to Fiji tomorrow, it will help your greater financial picture.

5. Use rewards wisely
Credit cards that earn rewards for travel expenses such as flights or hotels can be invaluable resources when it comes to making dream trips happen. The internet is full of success stories of millennials who have traveled the world using only their points from rewards cards.

These tips and tricks can be applied by travelers of all stripes. However, beware the trap of opening several credit cards at once only to find yourself weighed down by debt: First pay off balances, then go after rewards.


Top 10 US Cities for Living on $40k

You won’t need to worry about finances in these cities. Live comfortably for $40, 000 a year by packing up and moving to these fine American towns!

10. Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Population: 115,300, median home price: $127,300, sun shining days per year: 188. One short hour north of Milwaukee, you’ll find this tiny Midwestern town on the shores of glorious Lake Michigan.   The opening of the Sheboygan River is the area’s main draw and a hotspot for surfing and sailing. You will love Sheboygan’s free and affordable events and activities, and you won’t want to miss the annual Brat Days festival, a celebration of the city’s most famous culinary export.

9. Eugene, Oregon

Population: 358,300, median home price: $222,000, sun shining days per year: 155.   Nestled in the lush Willamette Valley, Eugene has “carefully cultivated its image as an outdoor lover’s paradise,” or so says The AARP Magazine. You will enjoy regular farmer’s market visits, hiking and biking trails, museums, vineyards, and galleries.

8. Cleveland, Ohio

Population: 2 million, median home price: $124,000, sun shining days per year: 166.   Sitting on the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland is home to the NFL’s Browns and a growing population of baby boomers and millennials. LeBron James may be the big draw for NBA fans, but there is also a strong art and music community, complete with spunky nightlife and award-winning restaurants.

7. Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Population: 258,000, median home price: $208,200, sun shining days per year: 226.   Located in the Florida panhandle, Fort Walton Beach residents know how to party and relax to live outdoor music while lounging on the beach. It’s a relaxing yet active city thanks to surging tourism and nearby Eglin Air Force Base.

6. Abilene, Texas

Population: 168,600, median home price: $106,500, sun shining days per year: 243.   Abilene is stereotypical Texan: charming, authentic, and packed with good barbecue.   Less than a three-hour drive from Dallas, Abilene is where you will find Depression-era cultural gems, the Paramount Theatre, the Grace Museum, plus the Dixie Pig, the oldest restaurant in town, where you can grab a $5 breakfast.

5. Bristol, Virginia, and Tennessee
Population: 308,000, median home price: $115,000, sun shining days per year: 201.   Bordering both Virginia and Tennessee, the city of Bristol sits at the foothills of the Southern Appalachian Mountains and is the home of country music. Live and sometimes free bluegrass and country music events are a city staple, along with outdoor activities like boating, fishing, hiking, and golfing. If you’re a NASCAR fan, twice each year, residents gather at the famous Bristol Motor Speedway for events.

4. Cheyenne, Wyoming

Population: 96,400, median home price: $191,800, sun shining days per year: 236.   Residents enjoy a small-town feel and a Wild West atmosphere. Cowboys and rodeos remain a staple and uphold the city’s roots. The area is continually welcoming new residents thanks to a growing technology industry. The low cost of living plus parks and festivals keep daily life affordable.

3. Cañon City, Colorado

Population: 16,300, median home price: $146,700, sun shining days per year: 250.   A quick hour south of Colorado Springs, Cañon City, is a sleepy town that’s where adventure seekers spend their day’s rafting, rock climbing, fishing, and hiking near the Arkansas River. The historic downtown district is gaining new life, and unemployment is incredibly low, thanks to several state and federal prisons in the area.

2. Rochester, New York

Population: 1.08 million, median home price: $126,600, sun shining days per year: 165. New York state’s third largest city lies on the Southern shore of Lake Ontario and has exceptional schools, libraries, art institutions, and parks. Highland Park, the Frederick Law Olmstead-designed arboretum, hosts the annual Lilac Festival. And for over 110 years, Rochester’s Public Market continues to offer fresh produce, locally made food, and bargain merchandise to residents and visitors alike.

1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Population: 248,400, median home price: $202,000, sun shining days per year: 211.   Sioux Falls is the largest area city and boasts of high ranks of happiness, tons of outdoor activities, a strong sense of community, and a friendly spirit. Sculpture Walk is a free hotspot and no state income tax and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country to boot.


6 Things to Do if You Damage a Hotel Room

It’s not hard to accidentally create some damage in a hotel room, especially if you’ve gotten just a little tipsy or the kids have had a hyperactivity attack. So, what do you do? Regardless of who created the problem, there’s six things you should keep in mind.

1. Alert the hotel. In many cases, you will find them to be very understanding. We all know that stuff happens.

2. Based on the degree of the damage, most managers will remain reasonable and be easier to deal with if you’ve delivered a sincere apology. That little taste of honesty can make all the difference.

3. The things that hotels may not be empathic to is irresponsibility and malicious intent. So, you want to avoid those messages and words.

4. If the hotel deems malicious behavior, you can count on paying for the damages and any needed repairs. If the damage is so severe the room can’t be rented, you could easily be charged for every night it’s out of commission. And if any of your neighbors complained, you may have to pick up their bills as well.

5. Irresponsibility can go either way. You may get a pass for an accidentally broken lamp. The hotel realizes that a $50 light is cheaper to replace than your patronage, especially if you’re a frequent guest. But it is critical that you tell the hotel and don’t let them discover it after you’re gone.

6. On the other hand, if you cause a fire from smoking, which is a no-no, they may throw the book at you. Sneaking in a pet is another annoyance for hotel managers. They don’t care how cute or quiet they are; they just aren’t welcomed, guests. Expect a fine if you get caught, and you may be asked to leave with no refund of your room fees.

Accidents happen, but being honest and fully disclosing spills, breaks, and tears is key to obtaining a pass or at least a lessened penalty. Always check the hotel policies!


Top 10 Summer Travel Spots

After the school year is over, you’re definitely looking forward to a great summer. Weddings on the horizon or other cool events make it a fun and romantic season. Take a look at some nice, dream destinations.

10. Kaua’i, Hawaii

Ahhh. One of the top honeymoon destinations, period. Not only will see you see, humpback whales when the temps are just right in June, but think of all the local pools and amazing beaches before it gets taken over  by everyone and their mommas.

9. Stockholm, Sweden

Here’s a cool destination known to draw in a lot of single women. Take in the coffee shops and restaurants along Old Town and Gamla Stan. Since it’s a modern spot, you can use metro stations to easily to get from one destination to the next. It’s a perfect area for a woman get pampered as they tour the city.

8. Havana, Cuba

Not only will you hear the sounds of Desi Arnaz, but get a nice dose of the Caribbean. La Fábrica is a cool art bar to check out. Sip a nice mojito as you enjoy your nights in the plush Pullman Cayo Coco hotel.

7. Bangkok, Thailand

Even with monsoon, the city stays pack with over 45 million people visiting. Despite the crazy weather, there’s a lot of adventure, from spas to nightlife. Speaking of which, stop at Rabbit Hole for a white-truffle gin martini before hitting the town.

6. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Mother Nature has a way of bringing adventurers and family together, especially in one of the USA’s national parks. The Rocky Mountains have a beautiful scenery filled with trees, flowers, and some great native wildlife. Take time to enjoy the Estes Park where you can go to year-round festivals for some great fun.

5. Guatemala

Guatemala has a unique energy with the international feel spilling into different parts of the city. Also, it’s a cool tourism destination and people enjoy the authentic Mayan villages across Lake Atitlán.

4. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is one of the top notch places, period. If you’re a wine connoisseur, make sure to head to the wine museum, La Cité du Vin, in June for incredible exhibits on winemaking. Next, stop at the La Grande Maison for some delicious French food before you begin your next adventure.

3. Boston, Massachusetts

Need something to do during the summer? Take a look at one of America’s greatest walking cities. Whether you wander through Faneuil Hall, Newbury Street, or Cambridge bookstores, you take in the Bostonian culture and feel the vibe of this historic town in all its American glory.

2. Venice, Italy

There’s something about majestic light and nice breezes while taking in the beautiful scenery. Venice is just a place for art, food, and excitement. After a busy day, relax with a swim at the pool in the JW Marriott Resort & Spa.

1. Beijing, China

In June, enjoy the relaxing weather and the light tourism. Have a chance to visit The Great Wall and Tiananmen Square without he hustle and bustle of a crazy city. Enjoy this combination of past and future with the ancient sites to five-star suites.


Top 10 Underground International Caves

While we see a lot on the ground level, there are so many things underground that have a certain undeniable beauty. Some may be stalagmites, antique tree trunks, or even hidden war rooms. Take a look some of the top ten locations.

10. Reed Flute Cave, China
Here you’ll get a look at around 800 feet long  halls of stalagmites and stalactites, and wall pieces that stem from the Tang Dynasty. Take pictures of the formations, such as Dragon Pagoda and Sky Scraping Twins.

9. Poço Encantado, Brazil
It’s called the “enchanted well” for a reason. It has a body of water that’s so clear you can see 200 feet under to look at rock formations and ancient tree trunks. Between April and September, the sun is in the perfect spot to reflect off the water.

8. Magma Chamber of Thrihnukagigur Volcano, Iceland
Even though this volcano has been dormant for 4,000 years, it’s a perfect spot for geological enthusiasts. Use a cable car to take you on tour to see all of the epic mineral colors.

7. Turda Salt Mines, Romania
While you can play a game of golf or basketball, save your energy for the amazing Transylvanian cave that is 368 feet under the earth’s surface. Relax your mind and body at  the halotherapy spa when you’re done exploring.

6. Puerto Princesa Underground River, Philippines
This a five-mile long river that’s a UNESCO World Heritage location. With eight nearby parks that have diverse plant and wildlife, you can have a great time taking a tour around the area.

5. Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand
Now, here’s a site for sore eyes! This a beautiful cave in New Zealand that features different colored glowworms. Get a look at nature working in a unique way.

4. San Clemente Basilica and Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini, Rome

Here’s a 12th-century Basilica with a rich history. If you like the undead, horror kind of vibe, you’ll enjoy the temple that was home to a male fertility cult, who worshiped Mithras, the sun god. Also,  take a look at the remains of the 4,000 monks around a crypt.

3. Cabinet War Rooms, London

Here’s a war area that the British used and Winston Churchill headed in World War II.  These days you can get a look at the artifacts, maps with pins denoting front line changes and Churchwell’s chair. Perfect place for a history nerd.

2. Mayakovskaya Metro Station, Moscow
This is another cool World War II spot, which features one of the busiest subway systems in the world. Checkout the scenery from the red marble columns, archways, and mosaics. You have six doors to go into The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.

1. Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam
While this is a bit touchy, you can get some serious appreciation from viewing the 75-mile tribute to men who overcame major trials and tribulations of the war. Reenact tunnel crawls and even eat some of the traditional meals that captured soldiers had to endure.


Top 10 Best Places for Street Eats in the World

If you’re a foodie like I am, you’re going to want to make your travel arrangements to these exciting locations. You may want to consider taking some vacation time; these hot spots may be hard to reach during a traditional lunch hour.

10. Singapore

One of the safest street food cities in the world. They have strictly enforced regulations and centralized hawker areas. Plus, stalls are required to show cleanliness grades (“A” through “D”), so you know exactly which vendor to choose. Order: Hainanese chicken rice; bak chor mee (pork noodles); sup tulang (bone marrow soup); min chiang ku.

Maxwell Food Center, very near Chinatown, is one of Singapore’s most popular hawker centers. The longest lines will be for Hainanese chicken rice and congee.

Hong Lim Food Centre, also very close is great for spicy, delicious laksa and seafood-based noodle dishes.

At Lagoon Food Village, by the beach, you will see an entire row of satay stalls.

9. Sydney

Sydney’s diverse food scene has you covered for most any craving. Variety aside, the city’s street stalls and food trucks are some the world’s cleanest. Like Singapore, the city enforces food safety guidelines and performs regular cleanliness inspections.

For ramen or pho, during the month of October, Hyde Park’s Night Noodle Markets are worth the trek.

Other times of the year, you’ll find the best Asian street food at Cabramatta or Marrickville, in Sydney’s Western suburb.

Order the fat boy burger and truffle fries at Mister Gee Burger truck.
Gnocchi with lamb ragu is good at Urban Pasta food truck.
Banh mi at Marrickville Pork Roll.

Because Sydney’s food trucks are scattered and on the move, across the city, we recommend downloading the Sydney Food Truck application, to know exactly where everyone is located on the day of your visit.

8. Istanbul

These city streets are crawling with street vendors and shops where you can grab a quick sandwich, hot dog, or cold beer. While the food is usually safe, err on the side of caution and stick with cooked foods, rather than raw meat or seafood. Lahmacun is a Turkish-style pizza covered in ground meat, onions, and spices, grilled corn on the cob is called m?s?r; kokoreç or lamb intestines wrapped around skewered sweetbreads and grilled over charcoal; and the flaky pastry, börek usually has either a vegetable or cheese filling.

7. Bangkok

Street food is so inherent in Bangkok you can eat well in the city and never set foot inside a restaurant, and that covers three meals a day. There are an estimated 12,000 vendors in the Thai capital; however, they are not all licensed. We suggest you hang with the stalls that display a sticker of a smiling plate, which is the health official’s seal of approval. Som tum Gai Yang or green papaya salad with chicken; grilled pork skewers served with sticky rice; boat noodles; moo dad died (deep-fried pork jerky) are all great choices.

Yaowarat, Bangkok’s Chinatown, and the Soi 38 night market off Sukhumvit Road are packed full of delicious street food options.

For the best boat noodles visit the boat noodle alley at Victory Monument.

6. Marrakesh

Street food in Marrakesh is some of the most exciting and flavorsome in the world, with all its spices, colors, textures, and influences. Food safety is not a primary concern at the Djemaa el-Fna, Marrakesh’s iconic central square because there are frequent inspections, and leftover food is disposed of nightly. We still think it’s a good idea to go for tagines, sandwiches, and cooked foods when possible, especially if you are outside the Medina.

Each night, Djemaa el-Fna turns into the city’s greatest outdoor dining hall, overflowing with sizzling grilled meats, fragrant tagines, and fluffy, spicy couscous. Tagine; ghouls; bastille (Moroccan pigeon pie); ma’qooda (deep-fried potato balls); chebakia (sesame cookies) are all yummy options.

5. Mumbai

About 250,000 hawkers, cover the streets of Mumbai and all of them are rich in culinary exploration. Most of Mumbai’s street food is hearty, filling and vegetarian-friendly. But beware: food safety is a concern in Mumbai because only around 17,000 hawkers are legally licensed. Stay with cooked food and avoid dairy.

A wallah will be on every street corner, but the best vada pav is at Shivaji on Rajwadkar Street, Colaba. They make vada pav fresh daily. Vada pav is a fried potato patty on bread.

The best pav bhaji or spicy vegetable curry served with a butter-soaked bun will be at the stalls in front of Juhu Beach.

Pick up a tasty bhelpuri, which is a crunchy puffed rice and vegetable salad at any chaat-wallah on Chowpatty Beach.

4. Palermo

It goes without saying that pizza and pasta are awesome. But don’t discount the curbside cooking. Chickpea fritters and liver sandwiches are daily fares. Most everything is deep fried, so food safety isn’t a huge concern, although your waistline maybe something else when you return home.

Food stalls are everywhere, and a spleen sandwich which tastes better than it sounds is a must order and be sure to ask for a lemon wedge. Try one at Pani ca Meusa di Porta Carbone on Via Cala.

Fish are caught daily and grilled in front of you at Borgo Vecchio.

3. Rio De Janeiro

The natives at this location, called Cariocans take eating to a new level by starting their day with an acai bowl, for lunch a beef and cheese flatbread esfiha to be followed by a food truck burger of stuffed bean patties or acaraje for dinner. While there are food regulations, we are unclear on enforcement, so uncooked foods are best left alone except for acai bowls.

Santa Teresa’s boho neighborhood is a great place for authentic acaraje, but for everything else, hit the beach! Try the Acai bowls, tapioca crepes filled with bananas and Nutella, cheese puffs or pastries stuffed with veggies, shrimp or beef.

2. New York City

There is nothing you can’t find on the streets of New York friends! The Health Department is strict about regulating and monitoring the sanitation of mobile food vendors, and offenders are heavily fined. So, eat what you want and enjoy!
Brooklyn’s Smorgasbord Festival – don’t miss it during the summer
Any other time of year, Prince Street in Soho is the place to be for all day food trucks.
King o Falafel: order the lamb shawarma.
Milk Truck: grilled cheese.
Dirty Water Dog: chipotle pork burrito.

1. Cartegena

African and Spanish influences run amuck here, and while you will find and taste some of the tastiest and innovative dishes, there are no existing regulations for food safety so proceed with caution, please. We suggest a street food tour so you can bypass the testing and head straight for the very best foods.

Plaza de la Trinidad is a good start, and you will want to order Arepas, mazorca desgranada, which is a corn, meat and cheese combo topped with crunchy potatoes. Guava and cheese filled pastry or bocadillo con queso and bollos, which are boiled yucca buns.