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11 Passive-Aggressive Neighbors Everyone Can Relate To

Neighbors. They can either be great friends– the people you call on in a pinch, the ones who step up with casseroles and flowers in difficult times– or they can be the absolute worst.

Most everyone has had to deal with the obnoxiously loud neighbor or the neighbor who never picks up after their dog, but the ones below are something else altogether.

While their unusual habits may not endear them to the rest of the neighborhood, at least they’re keeping things interesting! Check out 15 hilarious neighbors below.

1. “My neighbor made their balcony into a pirate ship!”

2. You only think they are your weird neighbors…


3. These neighbors don’t understand how Santa’s sleigh works…


4. What’s creepier, the watermelons or you photographing your neighbor at 3 a.m.?

5. “My neighbors walk their parrots”

6. “My neighbor freezes one snowball to throw at me in mid July. I say this summer, it’s game on.”

7.  “Last week I put a piece of tape on my bin to fix a crack. My 92-year-old neighbor obviously thought we were labeling our bins with our unit numbers…”


8. “Top: My apartment’s balcony (2 guys).

        Bottom: Our neighbors’ balcony (2 girls).”


9. C’mon people.

10. Spay and neuter your cats, folks.

11.Take that, Bob!



Man Who Had Sex With Horse Said It Gave Consent By Winking At Him

 A NSW man jailed for having sex with a horse told police the horse gave him consent by winking at him, a court has heard. A Grafton horse trainer said the filly was left “traumatised” after Daniel Raymond Webb-Jackson, 31, committed two sexual acts with the horse when he broke into stables on Turf St earlier this year.
Webb-Jackson pleaded not guilty to committing an act of cruelty to an animal when he broke into stables on January 22. The trainer said he and his staff suspected disturbances at the stables in the month before, and installed CCTV cameras as a security measure. When the cameras triggered an alarm on the evening of January 22, a trainer saw Webb-Jackson opening a number of stables and called the police.

Police found Webb-Jackson crouching in the corner of a fourth open stable, where he was arrested after a short scuffle with police and taken to Grafton police station. During police interviews Webb-Jackson admitted to committing two sexual acts with a horse. He told police the filly smelt his crotch and winked at him, which he believed was the animal giving consent, The Daily Examiner of Grafton reported. The trainer said he was preparing the horse to race, but the incident had changed the demeanor of the animal dramatically.

“She is only a little two-year-old and we had to put her out in the paddock,” the trainer said.

“The filly went from being quiet to just being highly strung, she changed in 24 hours. We had to put her in the paddock to try and get her head right.

“You don’t want to see this sort of thing happening, it’s really sick stuff.”

Top 25 Smart Halloween Costumes of All Time

1.) Pay your bill


2.) Facepalm


3.) Pikachu and Ash


4.) Gravity


5.) Zombie cellphone


6.) Little red riding in the hood


7.) Comcast rep LOL


8.) Lactose intolerant


9.) Dog-tini


10.) Potus kids


11.) Freud?


12.) Fluffy and Harry Potter


13.) Macklemore


14.) “The Son of Man”


15.) A French Kiss


16.) Weatherman skeleton


17.) Zig zag guy


18.) Che Shirt


19.) 50 shades of grey


20.) Nickleback


21.) Mona Lisa


22.) Hannibal the Cannibal


23.) Hot sauce


24.) Baby Grandma


25.) Snakes on a plane




Omg! This Little Girl Fools Her Dad When He Tries To Trim Her Nails

A cute little girl by the name of Marcelinha is now the internet’s most adorable prankster. This youtube video went viral and had received almost 3 million views. Every time her dad goes close to her to cut her nails she starts to cry out loud, and then bursts into laughter.

Let the prank begin!

Hahahaha I got you dad!

Check out the adorable video below!


12 Of The Most Embarrassing “Welcome Home” Signs Of All Time

Coming home from a long trip and seeing the smiling faces of those you love most in the world has to be one of the greatest feelings, right?

Well, maybe not if those very loved ones are determined to embarrass you—something the people in the photos below absolutely nail! Check out the funniest airport pickup signs on the web below:

1. “My friend just got home from a trip. This was her family greeting her at the airport.”

2. Vader visits the Denver International Airport. 


3. Now that you’re home, where are the groceries?

4. “This is how my friend’s dad greeted her at the airport yesterday. BEST DAD EVER!”

5. The cutest sign!

6. “This is how my Mom greeted me at the airport after having not seen me for a few years. She made me walk through the entire airport under her left arm.”

7. “How I welcomed my brother home at the airport after a year at university”


8. “Picked my brother and sister in law up at the airport today!”

9. “My friend’s daughter just flew by herself for the first time. This was how he greeted her at the airport.”

10. “This is how my dad picks me up from the airport. Needless to say, people were disappointed when I showed up.”


Tiny Dog Refuses To Let Pig Sleep Immediately Regrets It When He Finally Wakes Up!

Remember when you were a kid and you got up before everybody else, and you were desperate to go out and play but didn’t have anyone to play with?

Maybe you “accidentally” turned up the volume on the TV a little too loud, or “accidentally” dropped a plate, or some other diabolical play to help move things along. It doesn’t take much to wake up some people, but deep sleepers call for desperate measures…

At least, that’s what this adorable little husky mix discovered.

His pal was in such a deep slumber that he was snoring, but this playful little husky just couldn’t wait any longer.

“Wake! Up! It’s time to play!”

The husky barks and growls to no avail. Then he abandons all sense of decency and personal space… and starts jumping on the pig! Not just once, not twice, but for a full 25 seconds!

Well, careful what you wish for, buddy.

Remember the famous quote about “awakening a sleeping giant”? The split-second Mr. Pig starts lumbering to his feet, the husky’s sense of self-preservation kicks in – and he’s outta there.

It’s either that or the little guy just wants the pig to engage in a game of chase.

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Watch This Thug Creatively Try And Get Rid Of His Stash

A police officer pulls over a suspicious van

The suspects ‘discretely’ disposing of their drugs

Check out the video here:


OMG! These10 Tinder Profiles That Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

10. Hot and ready to trot

9. Is he or Isn’t he?

8. Mystery woman

7. Tall but beautiful

6. The picture says it all

5.  Triple Threat

4. Chill and Netflix

3. Must love snakes

2. Prawn girl

  1. Nightmares do come true


Fail LOL

Check out these Outrageous Photo’s of Men Copying Women’s Instagram Pics

Have you heard of Brosbeingbasic? It’s an Instagram account that mocks some women’s ordinary photo’s. Take a look at these seven hilarious pics take the average female Instagram photo to the next level!

7. Girl’s night out pose

6. Looking hot first thing in the morning

5. Beaches and Bikini’s

4. Pedicures and footsies

3. Pet selfie

2.  Naked Kardashian alert!

1. The view from here