24 Places To Visit In Sweden

1. Stockholm
Here you have the classic architecture mixed in with modern art. You’ll also see the combo of old and new in the traditional meals and modern Nordic cuisine.

Visit: Djurgården, Skansen and Vasa Museum

2. Gothenburg
Even with Stockholm being the #1 attraction, Gothenburg holds its own charm. Also, it’s reinvented urself by providing Michelin star restaurant alongside incredible art galleries in this rustic city.

Visit: Liseberg Amusement Park, Gothenburg Museum of Art, Archipelago

3. Abisko
If you’re looking for that natural aesthetic, you can see the Aurora Borealis and the Midnight Sun. It provides a beautiful backdrop with the green and blue night sky in the winters. The summers have a midnight sun.

Visit: Aurora Sky Station

4. Are
This is not your ordinary mountain village. Here you’ll have the metropolitan feel with the skiing. It’s also a nice place for a quick getaway from the typical tourist attraction.

Visit: Are Ski Resort, Are Kabinbana, Njarka Sami Camp, Froa Gruva
<p style=”text-align: left;”>5. Halmstad
Culture is the name of the game here. Are you tired of the beaches? Get some nice Danish culture in this great city.</p>
Visit: Nissan River, Galgberget, Tylösand Strand, Mjellby Art Museum



5 Great Places To Visit On A Family Vacation In Nigeria

1. Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar
Obudu Ranch Resort is a beautiful place to take a family vacation. It has a nice water park with water slide and a swimming pool, a golf course, night-time bonfires and horseback riding. Not to mention, you’ll bond with family as you get one with nature while hiking  and bird watching.

2. Yankari Games Reserve

Your children will get a kick out of seeing baboons, hippos, elephants and other 50 species of wildlife including variety of fishes and birds. The Marshall cave Systems and Wikki Warm Springs make for great family fun. The Wikki River is a natural swimming ground. Yankari is a perfect leisure spot with outdoor and indoor sports facilities.

3. Okomu National Park, Edo State

The Okomu National Park is a rain forest. Just imagine watching 150 varieties of birds each with its distinctive acrobatic display with your family. Not to mention, this is a great spot to have a picnic and watch White throated monkey, forest elephants and other 33 wildlife species.

4. Tinapa Business Resort

Not only is Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort located near Calabar Free Trade Zone, but it’s the ideal place for wholesale and retail trade as well as entertainment and leisure. It makes for a nice family vacation spot with the children’s arcade, an eight-screen cinema, a mini amphitheatre, restaurants and pubs.

5. Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

Ikogosi Warm Spring is a beautiful place to relax. Imagine the warm water spring flows side by side with a cold spring. The resort has excellent accommodations available and recreational facilities suitable for family vacation.



10 Tips for Staying Fit at an All-Inclusive Resort

Stressed out? Take some time to relax and treat yourself.

Beware of the Buffet

Food is everywhere at an inclusive resort, but beware it may be hard to say no. Binge for a few days, but after that make sure to keep your eye on what you’re eating.

Take a Class

Taking a vacation is also an excuse to learn something new. Take a class while you’re working out and possibly meet some new friends.

Take Morning Walks

A morning walk will help you work off those buffet calories (remember above?) and get you ready for the day. If you’re a runner, you may want to ask the hotel for some recommendations for trails or paths for a nice morning jog.

Bring the Gym With You

If your destination doesn’t include access to a gym, make sure to bring one with you. Even some of the simplest equipment can make a difference and resistance bands is a good place to start.

Run on the Beach
Pavement can be hard on the knees, but running on the beach can lessen that. Plus, you’ll get the workout of your life as you take in the view.

Drink Water Along With Your Cocktails
Have a glass of water with every alcoholic drink. Alcohol dehydrates the body. When you dehydrate the body, it wants electrolytes, in the form of sodium, which leads to bad food choices like fries.

Ride a Bike
Jump on a bike for both a tour of the area and a nice workout.

Try a New Sport
Want to take up tennis or work on your swimming skill? A resort can be a great place to take up a new hobby or sport, and carry it on with you when you leave. Think of it as souvenir.

Use the Resort Gym
If your fitness routine includes working out at your local gym, you may want to book a resort with a gym. Gyms are so ubiquitous that it is no longer difficult to find a place that includes one. Take the time to research reviews of the workout culture, as well.


Tips For Group Trips

Wrangling up all of your best companions for an outing may seem like an outlandish idea, however we’re here to help. We’ve assembled ten of our best thoughts for an enjoyable and life-changing trip for you and your crew.

Ship Your Luggage

This concept may sound loopy at the start, however give us a minute. Imagine travelling together with your besties on a dream trip and no longer having to fear about your bags at ALL. No more schlepping your stuff around and no getting caught on the bags carousel. All you’ll need to fear about is your neck pillow, your mags and your plane snacks. Use a carrier like LugLess to send all your bags (or skis, golf golf equipment, and so on) beforehand of time, where it will be waiting for you when you land.

Track It All

At the point when you’re going with a major gathering there are such a large number of subtleties to track. Travefy can assist you with figuring out each and every one of them. Utilize the application to design every day’s agenda, inquire about the day’s events, vote on choices and visit with everybody to work it hard and fast. Likewise, you can effectively import travel records, share maps and gather cash for any common costs for your group’s experiences.

Return to Summer Camp

On the off chance that you’ve been feeling the loss of your day camp days, it may be a great opportunity to recover your childhood at the Summer Camp Hotel in Martha’s Vineyard. There’s a lot of wistfulness like the inn’s “flask” where you can go for a bite or huge ping-pong tables to keep everybody occupied. But at the same time it’s route cozier than the twin beds back in your old camp bunk. The best part is that you’ll be on Martha’s Vineyard with every one of your companions, so you can appreciate the sea shore just as the best cafés and exercises on the island.

Take On a Unique (Airbnb) Experience

We’ve all known about Airbnb, however, you probably don’t know about their most current creation: Experiences. This is a great way to stay in shape while you’re traveling. You can participate in exercises like housetop disco yoga in Los Angeles, surf school in Bali, taxidermy class in London or glassblowing in Chicago. Any place you and your companions are going, search through the site and attempt to locate some great experiences to add to your trip.

Track Money

CashApp is another must-have application in the event that you plan on taking off with your friends. The application permits you to keep a running tab of all the cash you owe each other all throughout the trip. In the event that you spring for film tickets on night one and purchase everybody tacos on day three, CashApp will monitor everything. Every individual can monitor the totality of the costs they’re responsible for, and at the end of the outing, you can all effectively pay each other without a pile of receipts and IOUs.

Let Disney Plan Your Trip

Disney may appear as only an option if you’re traveling with kids, but it’s actually a great choice if you’re simply with older friends. Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., is the greater of the two U.S. stops and can offer long periods of fun  past the Magic Kingdom. Additionally have Epcot (eat your way around the globe!), Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

A fun way to spend time for you and your companions is a scavenger hunt. Keep in mind that you probably won’t be in the mood for arranging one yourselves, but there’s an application you can utilize instead. Goose Chase can assist you with arranging your whole scavenger chase. It permits you to create your own game by giving your hunt a name, picking various kinds of missions and keeping tabs on everybody’s development continuously.



Food_Travel TRAVEL

Best U.S. Resorts With Foodie Workshops

Traveling for food is more than just eating at great restaurants. These are the best foodie workshops around the world.

Sustainable Foodies

Terranea Resort is a workshop that prides itself from living off the land and the sea. The resort’s farm-to-table program, led by Executive Chef Bernard Ibarra, includes a number of amazing features, including a salt producing insitute that pulls salt directly from the sea. Workshops are held the first Saturday of the month and reservations must be made in advance.

Farm to Table Foodies

Blackberry Farm includes great tasting tours and hands-on farm demos. Among the best features is the wine and whiskey tastings, along with cheese-making events.

Global Foodie

Vermont’s Essex Resort and Spa may not have any cooking classes, but that shouldn’t deter you. The Cook Academy classes are intimate and a great place where beginners to cooking can learn. It also includes great skill advancements for more advanced chefs, as well. Also, try some of the Vermont maple syrup, which is delicious.

Gourmet Foodies

Wynn Las Vegas is more than gambling. The resort’s Master Class series — which you can find online, as well — includes workshops led by some of the greatest chefs and artisans in the world. Learn everything about sushi to wine, as you enjoy the views of the Strip while you engage in the best of the best.

Forage Foodies

If you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten path (literally), you may be interested in a forage foodie adventure.  La Tourelle Resort is the cream of the crop of these, with its glamping experience and it’s hands-on foodie experience. Hosted by  Food Network star Emma Frisch, the forage experience provide travelers with a 70-acre farm for foraging fun.

Spicy Foodies

New York’s Inns of Aurora has some of the spiciest foodie adventure experiences. Laura Coburn, the resort’s Director of Serenity, oversees the tea sessions that provide travelers with a unique experience that’s tailored to each guest.


World’s Best Secret Beaches

The world has so many great beaches, it’s hard to choose. However, this list will help you start your beach tour. Here are the best beaches in the world:

Muriwai Beach, New Zealand 

Piha Beach, located in New Zealand is the best beach if you find yourself in the North Island coastline.

Fraser Island, Australia 

200 miles from Brisbane you can find this desolate patch of sand. Fraser Island’s remains the largest sand island in the world and it will leave you breathless.

Cabo Polonio, Uruguay 

Punta del Este is the most well known beach in Uruguay’s, but the South-Beach-meets-South-America leaves little room for adventure.

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam 

It’s the island of dream and Instagram. Whether you’re European or Australian, you’ll find backpackers and international jet-setters settling up on this island off the coast of Vietnam.

Isla Bastimentos, Panama 

Located off the coast of Panama is the archipelago called Bocas del Toro. Hard to beat this beach, as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime excursion.


Best Gulf Coast Beaches

Several Gulf Coast beaches are available for travelers with promises of sandy white beaches, emerald waters, and nature hikes. Get a feel of our picks for the best Gulf Coast beaches.


The stretch of beach, where Destin lies, has often been termed as “The Emerald Coast.” Twelve accessible beach access points can be found along Destin’s coastline, where beach lovers and families can set up and while away hours basking in the sun.

Galveston Island State Park

Located off the Texas coast, the port town is famous for being one of the best vacation destinations. Tourists can take dips in the water and enjoy several outdoor activities like bird-watching and fishing.

St. George Island

St. George Island ranks high with many locals when it comes to Florida’s best beaches. The island is also a mecca for wildlife with scores of birds, like black skimmers, and other wildlife.

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

For those craving a great beach experience, you can hit the sands at Gulf State Park, amid the dunes. The family-friendly beach comes available with built outdoor pavilion with air-conditioned restrooms and showers, as well as, a snack-bar.

West Ship Island

Hurricane Camille previously split the barrier island into East and West Ship Islands, but local authorities have brought forward plans to reconnect the landmasses. Today, tourists can take boat trips to West Ship Island, where they’ll spend the day lounging on the shores or exploring historical sites.


Some Of America’s Favorite Cities for Food: List

Whether you’re starving for some fish and chips or hungry for some pizza, there are some great places to eat around the country. Everywhere from New York to New Orleans have some great epicurean delights, but smaller cities also made the list.

Louisville, Kentucky
“Louisville has some of the best food in the Midwest. It’s overlooked by travelers, but it shouldn’t be ,” said one chef from Kentucky.

Scottsdale, Arizona
Pancakes to fast food to Mexican food. It’s all found in Scottsdale, Arizona, say residents.

Portland, Oregon
“Portland is one of the foodie capitals of the West!” readers write.

New York City, New York

How do you classify New York food? Everywhere from Staten Island to Brooklyn has some of the best food found anywhere in the world. Dim sum at Jing Fong in Chinatown is a must, while osyters from the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Terminal are a great quick snack.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago: deep dish and great hot dogs. Chicago also has a thriving restaurant scene that rivals anywhere in the USA, and possibly anywhere in the world. Everything from pizza to Midwest redone, it’s found in Chicago.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe remains one of the hidden gems of the USA. With great access to Mexico, New Mexico continues to blow away visitors with some of the best regional food around.

San Francisco, California
Not too much more can be said about the San Francisco food scene. It’s got some of the best seafood, tacos, and high-end cuisine in the country.

Buffalo, New York
Check out Anchor Bar, where the Buffalo chicken wing was reportedly born.


9 Things That Will Amaze You About Flying Business Class

Flying sure isn’t what it used to be, and most of the time you don’t have a choice to pick First versus Business Class. It’s a pain to sit in the center of a three-seater as plane make seats smaller and smaller. For those of us who have never had the chance to appreciate the advantages of flying business class, here is what you’re missing. (Note that everything is dependent upon the carrier, however as a rule, most airliners have raised the prices on business class to the point paying to upgrade isn’t worth it. Having more space, potentially better help and better food are the biggest contrasts now.

That said, here are some great facts that will leave you amazed.

9. All that space is mine? Unwind, there’s a lot of room!

8. My carry on doesn’t go overhead? No, it fits easily, and I can get to it at whatever point I need it without having to navigate over my seat partners.

7. What, my shoes have their own spot? A nice compartment for my shoes, so I don’t need to wear them the entire flight. Just remember, keep your socks clean.

6. Pleasantry kits and it’s free? That’s right, socks, skincare items, toothbrush and toothpaste and hair item all for you.

5. The seats do what? They lie flat, and in addition I get my own bedding! I’m in paradise.

4. An individual movie setup? An enormous touchscreen TV that runs well known shows and movies! Do I rest or stare at the television? Big decision!

3. There’s a menu? We have choices? That’s right, a multi-course dinner…with options!

2. Wine, champagne, liquor?! Loosen up with a glass of wine before settling into luxury.

1. Do I smell croissants? The best flights will have these and even some fresh squeezed orange juice, espresso, toast, and jam. What a great way to wake up and enjoy the rest of your flight.


Top 10 Things to Do In Portland, Oregon

There is so much to do in this majestic city in the Pacific Northwest! Here you can take in the local coffee culture, ride bikes, wear flannel all day long and so much more. If you’re planning a trip to the “The City That Works” read this list to get an idea of what you shouldn’t miss.

1. Living Room Theatre

Are you a film buff? A lover of indie movies? Or maybe you just want to find a place to hide away for the night? Check out this local movie theater. Grab a local microbrew and watch your favorite artsy film in your own personal reclining chair here. It’s just like your own living room!

2. Powell’s Books

In downtown Portland you can check out rare and small press books at Powell’s, the city’s largest bookstore. It has its own coffee shop and tons of corners and nooks to hideaway and read in. It’s a must see for any book lover.

3. Portland Trailblazers

Portland isn’t just hipsters, coffee, and art. This city is also home to renown NBA team that makes Oregon proud. See the Trailblazers at the Moda Center, formerly know as the Rose Garden.

4. Portland Saturday Market

This popup market takes places every Saturday in Ankeny Square. Here you’ll find local knick knacks, hand crafted accessories, candles and whatever else you can dream of. Portland is slogan is “Keep Portland Weird” so you can only imagine what kinds of random bobbles and local flare you’ll find here.

5. International Rose Test Garden

There are over 500 varieties of Roses here! You can check out the garden at your own pace, so you can stop and smell the roses OR you can go on a guided tour that takes place 1 p.m. daily. It’s your choice.

6. Food Carts

Portland is known for its many food carts. On all sidewalks and street corners you are likely to find one serving up things Thai, Mediterranean, Japanese treats. Stroll through the city and sample them as you go. There’s nothing they don’t serve.

7. Red and Black Café

If you love coffee, you won’t want to miss this collectively run coffeehouse. It’s flooded by hipsters with MacBook’s fighting the power and living up to the many anti-establishment placards that paper the café. Portland is a liberal city, so you’ll find many coffee shops like this, but Red and Black Café stands above all the rest and their coffee is to die for.

8. Washington Park

High above the city is a forest covered by pine trees. This forest is known as Washington Park. Within this park are the Rose Gardens, Japanese Gardens, and literally thousands of rose bushes. Pebbled pathways guide you through the park and to the various landscapes within it. In here you’ll also find the city’s zoo and an arboretum.

9. Hawthorne

If cities had hipster districts, this would be Portland’s. Strolling through this trendy neighborhood you’ll oddballs with handlebar mustaches drinking slow drip coffee and riding fixed gear bicycles. You won’t want to miss this unique neighborhood. Go here to gawk or partake. In Portland all is accepted and encouraged.

10. Mount Hood

This is the lone Mountain that looms over the city, watching it in the distance. If you’re in this city for adventure, this is where you’ll find it. Navigate is rocky trails cover pine trees on a day hike or ski down it’s slopes depending on the weather. Either way be sure to check it out near sunset so you can get a view of the city that can’t be beat!