6 Medieval War Stories That Seem Fake But They’re Real

Of course, there are some ancient stories that are just that “stories.” However, not everything is a far-fetched tale to have kids’ imagination up in the clouds. Here are 6 medieval war stories that are true.

Blind King Guided in Battle By Horses

King John of Bohemia lost his eyesight after the Northern Crusades. However, his troops tied his horse to their as a way to help guide him through the battle. Even though this was unsuccessful, he still came out with honor.

Merchants Watched an Arranged Battle in the Middle of the War

Yes, this actually happened. With so many battles ending in draws, they actually got a bit bored. They arranged a fight called the Combat of the Thirty. It wasn’t the determining factor in the war, but it certainly did end with 11 men perishing.

Viking Leader Was Killed By the Guy He Severed

Wow, this is by far one of the craziest stories, period. Apparently, Sigurd Eysteinsson was the first Earl of Orkney in the ninth century. He defeated an enemy named Maelbrigte. He sliced off his head and tied it to a saddle. Maelbrigte’s tooth scratched Sigurd’s leg. After that, the wound got badly infected and Maelbrigte ended up dying. 

3 Deaths From 900 Men

In the Battle of Bremule, there was a low casualty rate. In 1119, there was a certain code when it came to battle. For this particular skirmish, they spared the bulk of people out of fear of God and fellowship in arms.

The Battle of Sluys Was a Bunch of Ships Tied Together

What was supposed to be a naval battle was really ships tied together in an all-out fight. The French felt if they chained to the English ships, it would turn the tide. However, the English settled this quickly with them routing out over a thousand French soldiers and got most of their ships.

Vlad the Impaler Lived Up to His Reputation By Killing Over 20,000 People 

When Vlad wanted to keep Ottomans out of his territory, he sent a real message by him and his troops actually impaling 23,000 Turks. Crazy, right? 


4 Crazy Stories About Michael Jordan

Known to many as the greatest basketball player of all-time, Michael Jordan definitely stirred up the 90s. There was a certain mystique to him even in the rumors and stories. Here are 4 crazy stories about Michael Jordan. 

Jordan Allegedly Bet $20,000 on a Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Well, we all know that Jordan had a thing for competition even on the most simple things. Jay Williams was a rookie player for the Chicago Bulls and saw first hand how Jordan would bet against these youngsters. Not to mention, he’d goad them into a higher bet even when they were down. 

Claims Jordan’s First Retirement Was a Secret Suspension

Some believed Jordan’s first retirement in 1993 was due to the NBA running an investigation on his gambling. They viewed it as a secret suspension from the game. However, the late commissioner Stern said this was false. Jordan attributed the retirement due to exhaustion, lack of interest, and his father’s passing at the time as the key reasons why he left the game. 

Jordan Was Mean to His Teammates

Well, it’s definitely true that Jordan lit a fire under his teammates. However, it wasn’t solely to be crass. He actually wanted to give them that spirit to all do better and placed that same flame on himself. 

Terry Francona Believed Jordan Had Major League Potential

Jordan’s record for the Birmingham Barons was .202. However, he had stolen 30 bases as well. In the short time he played for the Barons, he vastly improved. Francona (baseball manager that led the Boston Red Sox to 2 world titles) said that Jordan just needed a few years to develop his game. He could’ve been a major league contender. 



4 of the Best 90s Cartoons

With weekday and Saturday morning cartoons being a thing of the 1990s, this was an interesting time to be a kid. There are tons of classic cartoons that are shown on streaming services or nostalgic channels. Here are 4 of the best 90s cartoons. 

Rugrats (1991) 

Who could forget the iconic characters Tommy, Angelica, Chuckie, Phil, Lill, Dill, and Susie? Every kid that had cable back in those days went nuts for this cartoon. It even spawned 3 successful movies. 

Hey Arnold (1996) 

The animation was unique and the characters were cool. Arnold was a different take from the typical kids’ animated show because he lived with his grandparents. He was a young guy with an old soul. Even the intro and outro are iconic because of that Jazz flavor. 

Animaniacs (1993)

This legendary cartoon featuring the siblings, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, was one that even grown-ups could appreciate. There were great parodies, comedies, and just all-out fun in these 5 seasons. In fact, the popularity never waned because they made a reboot series in 2020. 

Pokemon (1997) 

This show didn’t get to the states until Fall 1998. Anime was already out in the USA, but this series really took it over the top. With the Pokemon cards, movies, and other merchandise, people went crazy over characters, such as Pikachu and Charizard. Speaking of which, go see what a 1st edition holographic Charizard card is fetching these days. 



5 Foods To Help Boost Your Immune System

When it comes to building a strong immune system, it’s important to eat the right foods. There are tons of foods that can help you strengthen your body. Here are 5 foods to boost your immune system. 


This is good food for overall wellness. The antioxidants, Vitamins A, C, E, and potassium makes this a superfood for keeping your body on point. 

Bell Peppers

Not only are these great to cook with and add color to your dishes, but they have good Vitamin C as well. Additionally, they help boost your immune system and eye and skin health. 


These have a good source of Vitamin E, which is great for building your immune system especially when you’re older. It’s a good quick snack that has healthy fat and protein as well. 

Leafy Greens

The beta carotene in foods, such as spinach and kale helps you reduce inflammation and fortify your disease-fighting cells. Whether you have it in a smoothie or pair it with a good protein, this is an excellent food choice.

Citrus Fruits

Your daily orange or grapefruit may keep the doctor. These are packed with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can build up a strong immune system. 



5 Things You May Not Know About The Godfather

The “Godfather” is a timeless mob movie that people quote and actually have movie marathons. There are a lot of interesting tidbits about this film that happened before it became the cult classic. Here are 5 things you may not know about “The Godfather.”

The Actor Who Played Johnny Fontane Had Real Connections

Al Martino’s character was actually a parody off of his real life. Martino also had a deal with the head of the Philadelphia syndicate. With their support, he was able to secure a role in this film.

Paramount Considered Firing Francis Ford Coppola 

There were a lot of things that went wrong during the production of the film. Also, Coppola’s inexperience as a young director was certainly an issue. Coppola didn’t have confidence in the film at all until his wife told him about the success of it after it was released. 

Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola Only Worked on the Movie to Pay Off Debts

Puzo had a major gambling debt to pay off. While Coppola’s company owed Warner Bros $600,000. 

Marlon Brando Saw the Movie As a Metaphor

Brando got really interested in the film when he started breaking things down as far as corporations and the Vietnam War. It made it look deeper into the mind of the mob and saw that these concepts of “hits” were simply a matter of policy for business.

Al Pacino Was Viewed As a Terrible Choice for Michael Corleone

Coppola fought hard to get Pacino. However, Paramount originally thought he was a runt and not cut out for the role. Coppola and Paramount Pictures head Robert Evans eventually compromised on a deal that would keep Pacino in the movie. 


5 Interesting Facts About A Christmas Story

This is by far the most iconic holiday film. From kids to adults, this brings a lot of memories and stands the test of time. Here are 5 interesting facts about “A Christmas Story.”

Jack Nicholson As Ralphie’s Dad

The original role for Ralphie’s Dad was supposed to go to Jack Nicholson, but the studio thought he would ask for too much money. 

MGM Film Thought Director Clark Could Churn Out Another Hit Movie

Clark directed “Porky” a year prior, which is why MGM hired him. It was a breakout success, and they thought he could follow suit with “A Christmas Story” despite the film’s obvious differences in the subject matter.

Flick’s Tongue Wasn’t Stuck to a Flagpole

First of all, this was plastic. It was done using a suction tube. This scene actually took over 11 ½ hours to get right. 

There Were 8,000 Actors That Tried Out for Ralphie

While Billingsley was the first to try out and ultimately get the role of Ralphie, there were 8,000 actors who auditioned for the iconic position. 

Most of the Snow Was Artificial

Even though the film was shot in locations that are typically cold in the winter, Toronto and Cleveland, OH, there was no snow. At first, they were getting snow from resorts and other places hundreds of miles away. However, this later became an issue and they had to make their own “snow” from potato flakes, vinyl, and firefighter foam. 



5 Interesting Things About Men in Black

“Men in Black” is such a staple sci-fi movie from the late 90s. Also, it was another blockbuster role for Will Smith as he really started to take over summer movies. Here are 6 interesting things about Men in Black.

D’Onforio Got Sugar High

Remember the scene where the alien drank all of that sugar water. Well, the actor that played him Vincent D’Onforio, literally got sugar high because he had to drink 11-12 glasses of sugar water. 

David Schwimmer Was Originally the Top Choice 

They already secured Tommy Lee Jones, but they were looking at Schwimmer to play the other lead. He was a household name because “Friends” was on fire. However, they saw a young Will Smith who did 6 seasons of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and how he handled “Bad Boys.” They knew he had blockbuster potential even before “Independence Day” dropped. 

John Landis Turned It Down

Landis was up for directing it, but he turned it down because he felt the look with the characters was closely related to “The Blues Brothers.” 

Sonnenfeld Convinced Chris O’Donnell to Turn Down the Role 

Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment joined the production. Spielberg ad one stipulation that Sonnenfeld meets with Chris O’ Donnell. Sonnenfeld already had his heart set on Will Smith, so he said things to O’Donnell like he wasn’t a good director and the film wasn’t going to do well. Anything he did was to convince O’Donnell to back out of it. 

MIB Headquarters

The unique thing is they modeled the headquarters after 1960s airports. 


6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Fifth Element

“The Fifth Element” is one of those 90s movies you can’t help but watch over and over again. It was really a sci-fi flick that was ahead of its time. Here are 6 things you didn’t know about the movie.

Luc Beeson Wrote the Story When He Was a Teen

He was 16 when he wrote this story in France. A lot of it didn’t make sense, but he was certainly onto something big. Veteran screenwriter, Robert Mark Kaman, was brought in to make sense of the story. In the end, they had a 180-page script of something huge. 

Milla Jovovich’s Hair Fell Out

In the early stages of the film, the hairdressers left the heat too long, which led to extreme hair loss. From that point on, her character Leeloo had to have a wig for her flaming orange hair. 

Most Expensive Film Outside the USA

This was at a time that CGI was still very new and super expensive. This film needed a lot of visual effects to pull off that futuristic look. Luckily, the film made twice the cost of production. 

The Cast Thought Bruce Willis Was Going to Be a Nightmare

Everyone in the crew was lectured that Willis had rules. However, he was a delight to work with. Not to mention, he threw the cast a big party after the film shoot was over. 

Based On French Comics

A lot of inspiration came from different comic books, such asValérian and Laureline” and “Métal Hurlant.”

Prince and Other Stars Were Originally Supposed to Be in the Movie

Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson were originally meant to star in the film. Also, Prince was supposed to play the role that Chris Tucker ended up playing, Ruby Rhod. However, Prince thought it was too effeminate and he didn’t get off to a good start with the designer, Jean-Paul Gaultier. 



6 Weird Facts About Batman & Robin

The mid to late 90s were a weird time for Batman movies. These were a bit more comical feeling than the more dark/serious tone of the previous films. Here are 6 weird facts about Batman & Robin. 

The Release Date Was Set Before Filming Began

This is not too uncommon, but the key here was greed. Warner Bros wanted to make more money as quickly as possible because “Batman Forever” was a goldmine. As a result, the quality of the movie suffered because they rushed through a lot of it. 

Val Kilmer Called Out at the Last Second

Kilmer was set to be in this one but called out in the 11th hour because he wanted to film “The Island of Dr. Moreau” once he found out Marlon Brando was supposed to be the lead in it. As a result, George Clooney was called to be Batman at the last minute. He did it as a favor. 

Unwanted Guests Stormed the Set

A lot of guests wanted to take pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which caused a bit of a ruckus. Jon Bon Jovi also stopped by personally give Schwarzenegger some cigars. He liked them so much that he actually smoked one in the film. 

Toy Company Involvement

Apparently, a lot of the major props on the set (even the Batmobile) was created by a toy company. To some people, the movie felt like more of a toy commercial than a film. 

Movie Went Way Over Budget 

First of all, the movie cost $60 million more than “Batman Forever.” A good chunk of that movie was spent on Schwarzenegger’s $25 million salary. He only on set for 25 days. Even star actor, Chris O’Donnell said that the money wasn’t well thought out when spending on unnecessary things. 

Writer Akiva Goldsman Thought the Script Was Awful

Of course, spending was an issue. However, this serious comic book took a cartoony feel. He certainly killed a lot of the essence of what made Batman a great movie translation. 


6 Bugged Out Facts About the 90s Street Fighter Movie

Street Fighter is the greatest fighting game of all-time. Bar none. In the early 90s, it reached such high popularity in the arcades and home consoles that they wanted to create a movie. Here are 6 bugged out facts about the 90s Street Fighter movie. 

Jean Claude Van Damme Was High as a Kite

Apparently, he not only was coked out of his mind but he was having an affair with Kylie Minogue. He would call out sick so much that Director Stephen de Souza had to film other scenes without him in the script. 

Raul Julia’s Health

He’s probably the saving grace in this film. It kind of sucks that this is the last role he was in before dying. He was dealing with a mean bout of stomach cancer while shooting the film. It was hard for him to gain muscle and fit the role because he kept losing a lot of weight. However, he pulled it off and played an excellent M. Bison. He ended up passing less than a year after he was done shooting the film.

Pyrotechnics Went Haywire

The scene where the temple blows up and the main Street Fighters were outside was a bit extravagant. Apparently, ¼ of it was supposed to blow sky high. However, the whole temple blew up, and it made for a more dynamic scene. 

Kylie Got Cast At the Last Second

When the filming was to transition from Thailand to Australia, de Souza was still trying to decide who would be the female lead. He was reading a magazine with Kylie Minogue in it. Safe to say that the rest is history.

All the Fight Scenes Were Trained in the Same Style

If you’re into Street Fighter, we all know each character has a different background of fighting. Apparently, the main martial arts trainer had no knowledge of this (he should’ve played the game before taking on the job). So, it’s no wonder why the fight scenes for the most part looked very basic. Everything was done at the last minute. 

Jean Claude Van Damme’s English Was Lacking

While Van Damme definitely had the right body to play Guile, he was clearly not American. Van Damme’s Belgian accent was clearly cut and dry in this movie. Not to mention, his “stick-on” American tattoos were obvious.