Scientists finally excavate the ‘cursed dinosaur’

Archaeologists were met by a series of misfortune in rural Argentina. It was as if the dinosaur fossil was intentionally sabotaging the process. Some of their misfortunes were a serious truck accident and interference from the government.
The dinosaur received the name Gualicho, meaning bad luck in Argentinian. A paleontologist Sebastian Apesteguia noted this was the most difficult one in his career. The dinosaur was carnivorous. It had slender legs to chase prey. It was taller than a human being, towering at about six feet tall.
“A fragile lower body overshadowed a strong upper body, ” said Sebastian Apesteguia.” The arms were as small as a child. They were weak and drawn back. The only way the animal captured its prey was using the powerful jaws.”
Previously, it was believed the small arms evolved due to lack of use. However, for Gualichos case, they developed independently. Archaeologists have been able to reconstruct dummies of how the creature looked. Results are already pointing to the possibility of the small arms being used to do specialized tasks.
Gualicho is a member of the coelurosaurian theropod dinosaur family. Not only because of its short arms but also because of its powerful hindquarters. None of the dinosaur fossils found have limbs resembling Gualichos. It is the odd one out in the group. All types of hypothesis have been formulated, and many archaeologists are taking it as one of their biggest challenges.
The journey has been long for the scientists. Just getting the owner of the land to allow them in took eight years. Upon discovery, the government stepped in. But they now believe that all the difficulty was worth it.