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Teacher Thinks Panicked Student Is Ditching Class, Learns Truth & Pens Heartfelt Letter.

Some high school students will do anything to get out of a boring day in class.

So, when a ninth-grade pupil suddenly asked her teacher if she could be excused to go to the office, he assumed she was just trying to get out of a lesson. But that wasn’t the case at all. The teen’s sibling, Reddit user badiosa, shared the truth behind her actions in a recent poignant post.

Badiosa wrote, “my sister (who is in 9th grade) struggles with depression and panic attacks daily. while in class, she started to have a panic attack and her teacher assumed she was trying to ditch class when she asked to be excused to the office.” The professor later “found out what had really happened,” so “he wrote this to her.”

What follows is a beautiful letter about mental health and the importance of caring for your body and your mind.

“Mental health is every bit as important as physical health. I admire and respect anyone with the courage to seek help in order to be more mentally and emotionally healthy.

You are never alone in your struggle, there are always people here for you, so long as you can be open and honest with us. We can work with you and be flexible to make sure you don’t fall behind or get into trouble. We can help make the bad days not so bad.

Stay strong and continue to make progress, bit by bit, each day. Ask for help when you need it and don’t be afraid to fail. It gets better.”

While many commenters were quick to point out that the teacher didn’t apologize for his assumption, others noted that it wasn’t necessary because the sentiment was to offer help and support.

Another commenter shared their own experience with a teacher who was very supportive of them during tough times in high school.

Badiosa’s sister’s teacher could have simply brushed off the exchange and moved on, but he took the time to offer support. That’s a great educator right there!


11 Passive-Aggressive Neighbors Everyone Can Relate To

Neighbors. They can either be great friends– the people you call on in a pinch, the ones who step up with casseroles and flowers in difficult times– or they can be the absolute worst.

Most everyone has had to deal with the obnoxiously loud neighbor or the neighbor who never picks up after their dog, but the ones below are something else altogether.

While their unusual habits may not endear them to the rest of the neighborhood, at least they’re keeping things interesting! Check out 15 hilarious neighbors below.

1. “My neighbor made their balcony into a pirate ship!”

2. You only think they are your weird neighbors…


3. These neighbors don’t understand how Santa’s sleigh works…


4. What’s creepier, the watermelons or you photographing your neighbor at 3 a.m.?

5. “My neighbors walk their parrots”

6. “My neighbor freezes one snowball to throw at me in mid July. I say this summer, it’s game on.”

7.  “Last week I put a piece of tape on my bin to fix a crack. My 92-year-old neighbor obviously thought we were labeling our bins with our unit numbers…”


8. “Top: My apartment’s balcony (2 guys).

        Bottom: Our neighbors’ balcony (2 girls).”


9. C’mon people.

10. Spay and neuter your cats, folks.

11.Take that, Bob!



Dumb Men caught on Camera


Animals Who Don’t Care About Human Rules

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This ‘Family Fued’ Answer Shocks Steve Harvey

The Question: Tell me the last thing you stuck your finger in?

The Answer: My wife

The answer made Harvey absolutely speechless


Check out the video below:


Jelly Faces Are Everywhere


Dance Cam Follows Enthusiastic Fan’s Hilarious Dance-Off With Security

You know how they say ‘dance like no one is watching?’ Well, sometimes it’s better to dance like everyone is watching!

During a break in the action at a Detroit Pistons game, the Dance Cam was making the rounds capturing fans busting their best moves for the Jumbotron. Everyone was laughing and having a good time, but one kid, in particular, was showing off a serious repertoire of dance skills that got everyone’s attention.

The Dance Cam started off by capturing its usual cast of characters from parents and their babies to other excited fans.

But when this young kid caught the camera’s attention, everyone went wild with laughter.

One person who especially noticed the boy’s killer boogie was a nearby security guard… and when he found himself in the spotlight, he quickly started giving the crowd a show, showing the kid who’s boss when it comes to busting a move.

A friendly competition unfolded, much to the delight of the surrounding crowd.

As Derek Zoolander would say, “It’s a dance-off!”

Not to be outdone, the kid then broke out some fresh moves and encouraged the crowd to cheer him on. Watch the whole interaction below — who do you think took first place?


19 Hilarious Tweets About Starbucks That Will Make You Laugh























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10 Movies Most Feminist Can’t Stand

Watching movies is a great pass time and who doesn’t like to watch them? However, if you’re a feminist you most likely can’t stand the following films.

10. Almost Famous (2000)


9. Fight Club (1999)

8. Love Actually (2003)

7. The Breakfast Club (1985)

6. The Notebook (2004)

5. Armageddon (1998)

4. Elizabeth Town (2005)

3.  Pretty In Pink (1986)

2. Big Fish (2003)

1 Disney Princess Movies