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Teenage Syrian Refugee Carries His Dog 500 KM To Greece

A 17-year-old boy named Aslan is a Syrian refugee who fled to the island of Lesbos, in Greece. His journey was 500km, but he didn’t venture out on his journey alone, he carried his puppy named Rose. Aslan left Syria with a backpack, a carrier for his puppy and he even made and two passports, one for him and one for his dog Rose.

We made it!

Taking a break

That’s one thirsty pooch

Watch their story below:

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So Cute! This woman Hums A Lullaby To A Baby Elephant And The Results Are Amazing

The woman stroking and humming the baby elephant to sleep

This is the cutest video you’ll see all day!

Watch it here:

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Teenage Dancer Mimics Real-Life Barbie In Mind-Blowing Performance

Most little girls grew up playing with a Barbie. She was impossibly skinny and her movements were almost robotic — because she only bent in certain spots, and, well, we controlled her every move.

We all learned that Barbie wasn’t a real person. Surely, no one moved that way or looked like that in real life, right? That’s where we were wrong, though. Nineteen-year-old self-proclaimed animation dancer and “possibly a real-life robot,” Dytto is basically Barbie in the flesh.

Dytto has been dancing for years, but she was largely brought into the pop culture spotlight by Ellen DeGeneres. The TV host invited the young dancer on her show after watching a video of her World of Dance routine in 2015.

Her unique style — a combination of popping, animation, and tutting creates a truly mind-blowing performance. While talking with Ellen, Dytto made sure to point out how she’s different from other dancers, saying that she adds feminine flairs amidst a largely male-dominated genre.

The video of her routine at the World of Dance competition was set to a remix of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl,” and it’s easy to see why she picked it. Dytto mimics Barbie’s moves like it’s second nature.

Of course, she adds some of her own moves that make the dance truly hers. If you’ve never seen someone pop (moving your body in quick, mechanical steps) or tut (similar movements with your hands and fingers), this is a performance to watch. You won’t be able to take your eyes off her!

See the video below and don’t forget to share Dytto’s phenomenal talents with your friends.

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Kids Hear Distress Cries From Underground, Cut Open Pipe To Find Baby Animal Inside

Newborns get themselves into some pretty sticky situations as they start navigating this big new world they find themselves in, and it’s not always easy to get them back on solid footing.


An adorable little lamb found herself in one such conundrum last month, apparently falling and getting trapped in an underground pipe at Zed & Co Free-range Farms in Victoria, southeast Australia:

Two girls head the lamb’s cries and alerted the farm’s owners, Marnie and Nick Zielinski, who immediately launched Operation Save Lamb.
 They used a huge shovel to dig around the pipe, then split it with a circular saw to try to pry the edges open.

“I can see it … It’s still alive … It’s black,” the children say in a running commentary during the rescue operation.

Eventually, they end up having to cut away a flap, which allows them to get at the lamb and lift her out to safety.

Whew. Good thing those girls heard those muffled cries for help and were able to rally the troops in time.

After such a traumatic experience, this sweet baby got a good dose of much-needed pampering …

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Everyone Drove By Homeless Man Until Realtor Stops. Months Later, He Looks Her Up

You never know when you’ll be able to offer someone who is down on their luck a helping hand.

In January of 2017, realtor ShelbyLynn Alexander was stopped at a red light in Jacksonville, North Carolina, when she noticed a homeless man with his dog on the side of the road. The man was holding a cardboard sign with a simple note written in Sharpie: “Need a little help. Will pay it forward.”

She noticed that his clothes were shabby and not warm enough for the 30-degree weather, yet he had selflessly wrapped blankets around his dog to keep the animal warm. She knew she had to reach out of her comfort zone and help — however she could.

“I pulled over by him, explained that I usually only gave food instead of money, and gave him three bills folded around my real estate business card in case he needed help finding another place to live,” she explained.

ShelbyLynn saw the look of shame that crossed his face as he accepted the money. Unsure of whether the man was actually homeless or if he was just down on his luck, she said a little prayer for him and drove away.

Several months later, the realtor received a call from a new client at work. The man had asked for her by name, and she arranged to meet him that night to show him a house in the area.

As soon as she pulled into the driveway, she recognized the dog she’d seen huddled in blankets all those months back, except now the dog looked plump and happy as he hung out of the window of a new pickup truck.

To her delight and surprise, the man she’d helped stepped out of the truck as well. He was well-dressed and freshly shaven. ShelbyLynn admitted, “The first thought that crossed my mind was that he had scammed me by pretending to need money in those dingy clothes, but I later found out that was not the case at all.”

With tears in his eyes, the man handed her three fresh bills wrapped in her wrinkled business card.

“I was speechless,” she said. “He explained that his ex-wife had taken everything he owned, besides his dog, and had run off with another man. At the time, he didn’t need a handout, just help.”

The man, an engineer by trade, had gotten himself a new job, new truck, and a new lease on life. He was looking at the house for a friend and knew he wanted to repay the realtor for her good deed by bringing business to her. He was truly ‘paying it forward,’ as his sign had promised.

What I learned from tonight is that you never know what someone has going on in his or her life, and it can be so easy to judge from the outside looking in without knowing the circumstances,” the realtor said.


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Man Sings To His Dying Wife, What Happens Next Will Make You Melt

This video is a prime example of how special true love really is!

An everlasting love

Singing a love ballad to his dying 93-year-old wife Laura

Watch the touching video here:



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Watch This Trangender Teenager’s Reaction After Her Mom Surprises Her With Her First Dose Of Hormones

Corey’s mother tells her to look behind to see what’s there!

She soon discovers that it’s the hormone treatments she’s been waiting 2 1/2 years for.

Her reaction is heart-warming and overwhelming

Watch the video here:

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10 Before & After Photos Of People With Fresh Haircuts That Will Blow You Away

Few things are more satisfying than walking out of the hair salon with a new cut.

It can boost your confidence and make you feel so light and free. But for these people, it totally changed the way they looked, too. From chopping off years of dreadlocks to shaving down a beard, these before and after photos show just how big of a difference a haircut can make in your overall appearance.

1. This woman grew her hair out for four years

2. I can’t even believe this is the same person!

3. This guy went a full six years without a cut!

4. This man calls his barber a “hero,” and it’s easy to see why

5. A proper cut can make you look years younger!

6. This guy grew his hair out so that he could donate it to a good cause



8. New ‘do, new you


9. He shaved years off with a cut and style

10.A haircut can make you look like a completely different animal

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Abuse Survivor’s Reaction To Her Brand-New Smile Will Move You To Tears

Every once in awhile, a person performs a selfless act of generosity and kindness that gives everyone a new reason to smile.

Such was the case when a woman named Kyleigha went to Marshall Family Dentistry in Longview, Texas, to have a wisdom tooth extracted. Her dentist, Dr. Kenny Wilstead, took one look at her mouth and asked what had happened to her front tooth.

“Her front tooth was in shambles,” he stated on Facebook.

Kyleigha told the doctor that her tooth had been broken for the past two years after she’d suffered abuse at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

Her ex had headbutted her in the face, breaking her front tooth to smithereens and rendering it, she thought, unfixable. She told Kenny that her last dentist had told her the tooth could not be fixed, so she had just resigned herself to living with it.

Kyleigha also couldn’t afford to pay a lot for expensive cosmetic dentistry, so she just assumed that a beautiful smile was out of reach forever.

“She said she was definitely going to have me fix all her teeth with tax returns,” Kenny said. But that wasn’t nearly good enough for this dentist, who saw an opportunity to help someone in need and seized it instantly.

“I said….’Hell no!! We’re gonna fix that tooth right now, no charge,’” Kenny wrote.

When Kenny finished working on Kyleigha’s tooth, he handed her a mirror and told her to take a look at her new smile. Her reaction was beautiful. As she looked in the mirror for the first time, tears filled her eyes and all she could manage was, “Thank you!”

Kenny says Kyleigha’s reaction is “a moment I will cherish forever.”

Isn’t it wonderful when someone can surprise another person who never expected any help? Excellent job, doc.

Watch Kyleigha’s emotional reaction below. Share this story and give someone a reason to smile today!

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Wow! This guy Proposed to his Girlfriend with a Custom made Monopoly Board Game


On Christmas morning in 2014 Justin Lebon proposed to his girlfriend, Michal Ott in a unique way. Justin had hired a woodworker named Mark Becker to help him create a specially custom made Monopoly board with personalized locations, loaded dice and a secret slot that held an engagement ring.


The happy couple loved playing Monopoly in their spare time together

Justin knew for a long time he was going to purpose to his girlfriend on Christmas morning

Michael unwraps her Christmas present

She landed on Chance, which said, “Will You Marry Me?”

He popped open the secret compartment and put the ring on her finger

Thankfully, Michal said yes!

The happy couple!