5 Benefits of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is one of the wildest extreme sports but you can tone it down to make it a casual activity for your wellness. You get to go outside and still get exercise without straining your body too much. Here are five benefits of skateboarding. 

Full Body Workout

One of the key benefits of skateboarding is you get a total workout. You have to constantly adjust your body to balance, pivot, or gain speed. It helps you utilize your whole frame while you’re out there.

Great for Weight Loss

Skateboarding is a solid cardio workout to help you burn fat. You’ll stay in a lean physique if you do this activity regularly. 

Helps Relieve Stress

You get to go outside and take a load off of everyday life. It feels great to have the wind in your hair and do something fun.

Easy Transportation

Maybe you need to do a quick errand but don’t have your bike with you. Using a skateboard can help you get some exercise while making a run to the store. Also, it’s easy to carry or store somewhere when you’re not using your board. 

Helps You Meet People

Skateboarding is a solid asocial activity. You can talk to people to help you pull off certain tricks. Also, you meet different cultures to help you become more worldly. 


5 Benefits of Eating Bell Peppers

While these make great vegetables to sauté things, they’re solid foods to add to your diet. Think about how you can get more colorful sustenance in your body. Here are five benefits of eating bell peppers.

Great for Good Gut Bacteria

Keep your gut health in check by getting solid fiber content. It can also help you with your inflammatory bowel disease.

Great for Antioxidants

Bells have rich properties to cleanse your body. The flavonoids, Vitamin C, and carotenoids can help fatty livers and regulate your blood sugar.

Keep Your Eyes Strong

Lutein in green peppers can help protect your eyes from light damage. It’ll promote more long-term natural vision care.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Low calories can help you get a handle on your eating. The fiber content is good for keeping you full. 

Add Variety to Your Meal

Bell peppers are good raw or cooked. Make colorful vegetable stir fry. Grill them with your chicken.


Five Benefits of Being Outside for 30 Minutes

The modern world lives a more sedentary lifestyle, which means being inside more often. It’s a detriment to our mental and physical health. Being outside regularly can help you in many ways. Here are five benefits of being outside for 30 minutes.

Natural Stress Reliever

You feel a bit boxed in when you’re inside all of the time. Take some time to get outside to help you get some fresh air on a nice day. It’ll help boost your mood.

Boosts Your Focus

A 30-minute nature walk can help you raise your attention level. You can put this same focus into other aspects of your life.

Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Maybe you like to plant vegetables in your garden. You do a 2-for-1. You get the exercise and you get some quality nourishment for your body.

Maintain Heart Health

When you’re walking or running in nature, you can help your cardio get in quality shape. It’ll create more longevity in your life.

Improve Your Immune System

Also, getting outside can boost your immunity because of sun absorption. Vitamin D is essential to keeping your body in optimal condition. From keeping your bones stronger and helping you fight off infections, you need this in your life. 


5 Benefits of Drinking Green Smoothies

We all need more leafy greens in our diet. While they may not be the most fun, the results after a while will help you lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. Here are five benefits of drinking green smoothies. 

Detoxifies Your System

The raw vegetables and fruits retain the nutrients. Green smoothies help you get rid of toxins in your body and can make you feel less bloated.

Improves Digestion

Have you ever felt your stomach feeling heavy? It might be that time to incorporate natural smoothies into your system to help break down that excess waste. 

Rejuvenates Your Skin

Vitamin C and E help you add a natural gloss to your skin. You’ll feel and look younger by incorporating these nutrients into your body. 

Keeps Your Hair Healthy

Whether you eat them or create a topical solution, the contents of a green smoothie can aid against hair thinning and hair loss.

Maintain Strong Bones

Dark leafy greens have rich calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus in them to help your bones keep a solid density.


5 Benefits of Playing Basketball

Basketball is not only a fun sport to play but it gets you in tremendous shape. Regular pickup games or moving around the court can help you stay active. Here are five benefits of playing basketball.

Improves Your Motor Skills

The hand-to-eye coordination in basketball is top-notch. You’re running, jumping, and passing the ball. Not to mention, you have a certain way to hold the ball and flick the wrist while shooting. You really fine-tune every muscle in your being. 

Great For Strengthening Your Muscles 

You use your glutes, calves, and other lower muscles for running, jumping and pivoting. The arms get lean by catching the ball, throwing it, and dribbling it. Basketball is one of the best sports for upper and lower body muscle tone.

Great Stress Reliever 

You release endorphins running up and down the court. Also, you feel great about making a jump shot. You get a sense of fulfillment with each score to help you boost your self-esteem. 

Great For Socializing With Others 

Whether you’re playing with your team or enjoying a pickup game, it’s a good way to bond with others in a positive manner. 

Helps You Build Solid Reflexes

Not only do you move and pivot with the ball, but you know how to make a split-second decision. You’ll build better awareness and understand how to communicate with others with just eye contact. 


5 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

Stay in good shape is helpful to keep your body in great condition. One of the best workouts to do is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Find some compound workouts in a  circuit to help you maintain an outstanding physique. Here are five benefits of HIIT.

Great Cardio

One of the benefits of doing this type of training is you get an exhilarating cardio workout. It’s better than running or jogging because you utilize multiple muscle groups at once. It makes your cardio workout more efficient. 

Gives You Better Stamina

The intensity helps you push your body to its limits. You learn how to break past your plateau, which increases your stamina. You can perform your sport or workout much longer.

Helps You Build Muscle 

You use every ounce of muscle fiber. The level of grueling training can help break down the muscles and make them grow back stronger and larger.

Can Reduce High Blood Sugar

It’s good for diabetics who need to improve their insulin resistance. Just a few months of HIIT can help them regulate their sugar levels more consistently.

After Burn Effect 

You don’t just burn calories while working out. The type of exercises and intensity can help you burn more calories at rest hours later. This can help you develop a lean physique much quicker than traditional workout methods. 


6 Tips to Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure

Your heart is one of the most important parts of your body. Without proper blood flow, it’s hard for you to function optimally. Here are six tips to help you lower your blood pressure. 

Stay Active 

One of the best ways to reduce your blood pressure is to stay active. When you’re active, you’re utilizing your heart in a positive manner to get the blood pumping. At rest, your heart will go into a relaxed state that doesn’t require it to have this heightened response. Whether you go for a run, do house chores, or play basketball, it’s good to get regular exercise. 


One of the best things to do is clear your mind. When you meditate, you get into your nirvana to help you relieve stress from the day. Stress is one of the critical factors in raising your blood pressure. Thinking of creative ways to stay calm can help your heart stay in good condition.

Cut Back On Sugar and Refined Carbs 

While we automatically think about salty foods raising blood pressure, you can’t forget about sugar. The slices of bread, candies, and sweet cereals all make your heart work overtime. Cut back on these to help you keep stable blood pressure. 

Eat More Potassium 

Potassium helps cut down on the sodium content and eases the tension in your blood vessels.

Get Quality Rest 

Another reason you should get quality rest is that it helps you with your heart. You want your heart to have its natural sleeping rhythm. Loss of sleep not only can raise your blood pressure, but it makes you feel tired during the day.

Cut Back on The Caffeine

While it might be nice to have some coffee and Redbull every morning, you may want to cut back on things just a bit. You might be overworking your heart to the point of exhaustion.


6 Benefits of Eating Kale

It’s important to have some leafy greens in your life. Consider getting some kale in your diet to help you add to the quality of your life. Here are six benefits of eating kale. 

Great for Heart Health 

Kale can reduce cholesterol levels. One of the reasons why you need to eat kale or drink it in raw juice is to clean up the fat deposits in your blood flow. Help make it easier for your heart to pump blood to keep your system functioning well. 

Can Help Reduce Cancer In Your Body 

Kale has cancer-fighting properties that can decrease cancer cell growth in your system. Intake this vegetable to keep your body in a good state. 

Gives Your Skin and Hair a Natural Glow

Kale has a high volume of beta carotene that helps you grow and maintain body tissue. It positively affects your skin, nails, and hair. Also, collagen is important for helping you with your whole body structure.

Great for Eliminating Inflammation

The antioxidants protect against inflammation, which damages your healthy cells. You’ll feel better on the inside and outside. 

Keep Your Eyes In Good Condition

Kale has lutein and zeaxanthin (antioxidants) that can help slow down age-related decline. This works well for your eyes because it can decrease the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. 

Can Help Reduce Weight Loss 

Kale has low calories but it’s such a rich superfood to help keep your body satisfied. 


5 Interesting Facts You May Not Have Known About Cricket

Cricket is an intriguing sport that’s been around for centuries. Cricket and baseball have differences but the root feels similar in many ways. Take a look at five interesting facts you may not have known about cricket. 

It Was a Game Made for Kids 

Originally, this sport was made for kids in the 16th century. England was the originator of this sport, and the game started to take off as Britain began expanding its empire worldwide. 

Cricket Has Its Own World Cup

Yes, you’d be surprised at the number of cricket fans worldwide. Since 1975, there’s been a cricket world cup. The International Cricket Council organizes this event. The council was originally called the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909.

England Won the Cricket World Cup Once 

Even though England invented the sport, they only won the Cricket World Cup one time in 2019. That’s 44 years after the first world cup for the sport in 1975. Crazy, right?

Shoaib Akhtar Has the Fastest Cricket Bowl Ever Recorded 

Back at the Cricket World Cup 2003, Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Akhtar had the first recorded bowl of 100 mph. He clocked in at 100.23 mph. What a feat!

A Score of 100 Runs By a Batsman Is Called a Century

This is an achievement that doesn’t happen very often. Australia’s Charlie Bannerman was the first one to get a century.


5 Tips to Help You Stay More Youthful

As we age, our bodies don’t act the same as when we were spring chickens. Just because you get older doesn’t mean you have to look like spoiled milk. There are different ways to keep yourself looking and feeling young. Here are five tips to help you stay more youthful. 

Stay Positive 

We all go through challenging times and get depressed. However, long-term stress can damper our minds and our outward appearance. Keeping a great attitude and finding positive ways to deal with stress can help you stay young. 

Be Active 

Whether you like to jog for a few miles or play an intense basketball match, staying active gives you many benefits. For one, you have a more mobile lifestyle. It helps your body know that you still need to move around. Two, it enables you to release endorphins in your body, which gives you a natural high. 

Connect With Your Friends and Family

You feel much better being around people you love. Stick with people who bring out the best in you. It helps you enjoy your life more. 

Eat Healthily 

Sure, it’s fun to eat some junk food every now and again. However, start thinking about incorporating vegetables and fruits into your diet. It can help you cleanse your body, which makes you feel great on the inside and look incredible on the outside. You’ll notice how young you look when you go for more organic food. 

Try Something New 

Maybe you want to try surfing or cooking a new dish. This stimulates your mind and makes life more fulfilling. You start exploring things and that can get you to step out of your comfort zone. Adding some spice to your life makes you feel younger.