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Teenage Syrian Refugee Carries His Dog 500 KM To Greece

A 17-year-old boy named Aslan is a Syrian refugee who fled to the island of Lesbos, in Greece. His journey was 500km, but he didn’t venture out on his journey alone, he carried his puppy named Rose. Aslan left Syria with a backpack, a carrier for his puppy and he even made and two passports, one for him and one for his dog Rose.

We made it!

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That’s one thirsty pooch

Watch their story below:

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So Cute! This woman Hums A Lullaby To A Baby Elephant And The Results Are Amazing

The woman stroking and humming the baby elephant to sleep

This is the cutest video you’ll see all day!

Watch it here:


Father Proposes To Daughter So She Knows The Wedding “Was Just As Much About Her

>Most people these days seem to be breaking away from tradition and doing whatever they want, especially when it comes to relationships, marriage, and starting a family. But that’s okay because this actually keeps things interesting. Now, in the case of Mark Thomas, things didn’t go in the order that you’d expect. He and his wife fell in love and eventually had a daughter. Years later, they decided to get married. But after Mark and his wife, Kathryn tied the knot, Mark chose to pop the question. Wait! What? Wouldn’t he have to have done that before he got married? Actually, it wasn’t Kathryn he proposed to. It was his daughter.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Mark Thomas with the baby carriage.

Actually, things didn’t exactly go in that order for Mark and his wife, Kathryn. First, they fell in love back in 2012, and then they had a daughter named Evelyn, who is now four years old. But the little girl didn’t want to feel left out of her parent’s wedding.

Little Evelyn decided to steal the spotlight and let everyone know that this was her big day!

Most parents would have corrected Evelyn and reminded her that this was Mommy and Daddy’s big day, but Mark and Kathryn didn’t do that. Instead, they encourage her misconception. After all, this was an important occasion for the entire family.

Then again, you can’t expect a little girl to experience her big day without getting a ring.

So, Mark Thomas walked up to Evelyn, who was sitting on the couch in the living room. Then, he got on one knee, took out a ring and proposed to his daughter. The moment was unforgettable and it was obvious that the little girl was tickled pink by her dad’s kind gesture.

Mark and Kate got married on April 14, 2018, and after the wedding, Evelyn had asked about a ring.

The little girl was expecting a ring of her own and her dad didn’t disappoint her. He went to the jewelers, got her a ring, and proposed to her properly. Of course, he probably should have left out the part where he told her that mommy had gotten two rings, but the little girl was okay with one.

Mark was very chivalrous as he opened the ring box to show Evelyn, and the little girl was delighted.

She reached out to grab her ring, which Mark described as a very special moment. Why? Because he told his daughter that he and Kathryn had always intended for the union to be about the three of them, not just about mommy and daddy.

The ring the girl received had a heart in the middle, which symbolized the love Mark felt for Evelyn.

The proposal was one of those hold your breath moments, but of course, there was no way that Evelyn was going to turn down the most important man in her young life. So, if you’re still wondering, you’ll be relieved to know that she said yes.

Evelyn picked up the ring to put it on her finger, but she needed a little help from her dear old dad.

Mark took the ring and placed it on her finger, but not before reminding her that once the ring went in, they were officially a family. The girl was so excited that she kissed the ring a bunch of times. Then she leaned into her dad, who carried her off like a knight.

Evelyn will likely have many precious moments to remember her father, but this is the sweetest.

Mark created the cutest memory ever for his daughter. But he also set the standards high on what a good father is, and now every man will likely have to aspire to be just as awesome as he has been to his daughter.

In this lovely video, you get to see as Mark gets on one knee, and with a ring box in his hand, asks his daughter if he’ll marry him. The moment is so adorable that it will make your heart melt in your chest.

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Simple But Great Life Hacks

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10 Movies Most Feminist Can’t Stand

Watching movies is a great pass time and who doesn’t like to watch them? However, if you’re a feminist you most likely can’t stand the following films.

10. Almost Famous (2000)


9. Fight Club (1999)

8. Love Actually (2003)

7. The Breakfast Club (1985)

6. The Notebook (2004)

5. Armageddon (1998)

4. Elizabeth Town (2005)

3.  Pretty In Pink (1986)

2. Big Fish (2003)

1 Disney Princess Movies


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10 Before & After Photos Of People With Fresh Haircuts That Will Blow You Away

Few things are more satisfying than walking out of the hair salon with a new cut.

It can boost your confidence and make you feel so light and free. But for these people, it totally changed the way they looked, too. From chopping off years of dreadlocks to shaving down a beard, these before and after photos show just how big of a difference a haircut can make in your overall appearance.

1. This woman grew her hair out for four years

2. I can’t even believe this is the same person!

3. This guy went a full six years without a cut!

4. This man calls his barber a “hero,” and it’s easy to see why

5. A proper cut can make you look years younger!

6. This guy grew his hair out so that he could donate it to a good cause



8. New ‘do, new you


9. He shaved years off with a cut and style

10.A haircut can make you look like a completely different animal


Omg! This Little Girl Fools Her Dad When He Tries To Trim Her Nails

A cute little girl by the name of Marcelinha is now the internet’s most adorable prankster. This youtube video went viral and had received almost 3 million views. Every time her dad goes close to her to cut her nails she starts to cry out loud, and then bursts into laughter.

Let the prank begin!

Hahahaha I got you dad!

Check out the adorable video below!


12 Times The Internet Nailed T-Shirt Pairings

Odds are, you’ve seen at least one of those “I’m with dumber” shirts that have an arrow pointing to a nearby friend.

They’re funny fashion statements, but the people below took the concept of matching shirts and really ran with it. The results are hilarious, adorable, and downright genius! From couples to whole families and best friends, these paired-up tees are so smart, we’re kind of bummed we didn’t think of them first.

1. Some people have adapted the original idea to their particular interests

2. These two hope to never become separated — but worse case scenario, they’re covered

3. Couple goals right here

4. Dad wants to instill a love of pizza early on

 5.I wonder when he’ll drop another single?

6.There’s still room for a Christmas album


7.The nerd in me loves this so much

8. Ain’t that the truth!

9.What more could you ask for?

10.No problems here

11.This is pretty much the best thing I’ve seen in a while

12. Sounds about right


OMG! These 11 Tweets Flawlessly Capture Your Feelings Regarding Animals

11.  Police dogs

10. Airborne Poop

9. Frogs use Google too

8. Parent’s say the strangest things sometimes

7. Storks and babies

6. An average day

5.  Name shaming

4. What about the other reindeer?

3. Internet searching by a duck

2. A day in the life of a caterpillar

  1. Stupid pet names



Tiny Husky Doesn’t Know How To Howl Until Dad Shows Her

I somehow always believed that huskies, which are famous for their vocalizations, were just kind of born knowing how to howl. And I guess I always just assumed lions automatically knew how to roar, at least until reading this story.

But humans don’t automatically know how to talk just as birds don’t immediately know how to fly — so it would make sense that huskies also don’t automatically know how to howl. I grew up near a hospital and our German shepherd completely ignored all the sirens until the day my dad encouraged her to imitate a passing ambulance. We could never shut her up after that. (Good going, Dad.)

A similar thing happened to little Summer. She’s a Kolu husky, a mix between a Siberian husky, an American Eskimo, and a Samoyed.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love the warm weather. She and her mom and dad, Tiffany and Donovan, live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Summer is almost six months old, but she isn’t very vocal. (She is VERY cute, though!)

And she’s not without husky qualities… she’s very curious, high-energy, and loves to play!

Recently, though, Tiffany wrote on her Facebook page, “Summer never howls… until Daddy tries to show her how to be a “real” husky.”

In it, Summer and her dad can be seen relaxing on the couch — then Dad lets out a howl.

His imitation is pretty cute — but when Summer joins in? Forget about it! Though her dad’s impression is more husky-like, Donovan’s got nothing on little Summer’s adorable squeaks.

Watch this little pipsqueak’s adorable attempts at howling in the video below, and be sure to share this to spread some smiles!