6 Celebrities Who Are Secretly Geeks

While we find celebrities extremely cool and attractive, deep down inside they’re humans. Just because we put them on a pedestal doesn’t mean they don’t have quirks as we do. Here are 6 celebrities that have geeky tendencies.

Brad Pitt

Apparently, he has quite the love for Legos. He not only collects them, but he builds them with his kids. You can definitely see that creativity come out in his movies.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina has a huge passion for first-edition books and antique daggers. A bookworm and a fighter. Can’t beat that! Makes sense she was Lara Croft! 

Megan Fox

Not only is she a Star Wars geek, but she loves collecting comic books and playing video games. Transformers was certainly a fitting role for her.

Mila Kunis

The cutie on-screen from That 70s show to more dramatic roles shows that she’s not ashamed to be a Trekkie. She even has an autograph from Leonard Nimoy. You may see her at some Star Trek conventions in the near future if you’re lucky.

Leonardo DiCaprio

With some of the most iconic and “out there” characters on film, it’s not surprising that he’s quite the comic book nerd and collector. Apparently, he has a massive collection of toys ranging from He-Man to Star Wars.

Robin Williams

The late great Genie voice actor was perfect for both his live-action and cartoon voice-overs. He was a cool geek from watching anime, collecting comics, and playing video games. Pretty cool to name your daughter after Princess Zelda from Legend of Zelda. 


6 Things to Know About a CIA Agent’s Daily Life

When not on a mission or doing some operative work, a CIA agent’s life is still a bit extraordinary. They always have to be one step ahead of everything to ensure their family’s well-being. Here 6 things to know about a CIA agent’s lifestyle. 

Information Classified from Family

An operative must keep the details about their job a secret. Certain information can be very sensitive so it’s important that they keep the specifics out of reach.

Families Can’t Always Know Their Exact Location

The mission may be very dangerous, so it’s better if the family knows less. They never want to be in a situation where they compromise things.

Dating a Foreign Natural May Spell Trouble

CIA usually does their work overseas. It’s not uncommon for someone to fall in love or get involved with someone in the country they’re staying. However, this can pose a threat because you never know if you’re getting involved with an agent on the opposing side. 

Spouses Need to Help Operatives Stay Undercover

Sometimes this is keeping the identity under wraps or even giving them a fake name in case they have some nosey neighbors. All of this helps to keep them on a low profile for their dangerous work.

Marrying Within the CIA Is a Good Idea

In fact, the CIA encourages it. One, it’ll keep both spouses closer. They may be able to take time off around the same time and enjoy being together. Two, it’s easier because these people can be more closely trusted due to the fact they’re working under the same wing. 

Recruiting Right After High School or College

The CIA wants to catch you when you’re young because you may find an actual career. A lot of times they’ll pay for your higher education if you’ll join for a while. 


5 Spies From History That Need Their Own Films

There a lot of cool spy movies out there, but some just haven’t touched the realm of film. There are a bunch of untold stories that need to be put on the big screen. Here are 5 spies that need their own films.

Josephine Baker Spied for the French Resistance in World War II

We all know Baker for her singing and dancing prowess, especially among Parisian people. However, she also was a spy transmitting intelligence notes and pinning them to her underwear. She eventually fled back to the US after the Nazis suspected her of foul play.

British Operative Pearl Witherington 

At the time, the 29-year-old spent 7 weeks training as a British Special Operations Executive before parachuting to France. Even though she was in enemy lines, she spoke French very well and could blend in. She was able to get 3,000 men together in a resistance despite not being able to be apart of the military due to her gender. 

British Spy Odette Hallowes

Hallowes was such as rock because she not only was captured, but she endured Gestapo torture. She didn’t rat on anyone despite her status as a courier and forced to regularly go through German checkpoints and give information. 

American Spy Virginia Hall Did Damage to the Axis Powers

The Gestapo thought of her as a huge threat because of her ability to play both sides of the coin. She was able to disguise herself as an elderly milkmaid, which led her team to capture over 500 Germans and destroying their infrastructure.

Former Slave Turned Spy Ended Up Using Confederate President Jefferson Davis

While to Davis, Mary Bowser was merely a domestic servant, she was able to dupe him well. She got a lot of information from Confederate documents that she was able to pass along to the Union government. 


7 Interesting Facts About Cruise Lines

 A cruise can be very relaxing and the perfect getaway from your busy work and family schedule. There are some things to know before you take your cruise to that stunning vacation spot. Here are 7 interesting facts about cruise lines. 

Go Exploring

Most of the doors on a cruise ship don’t lock because it’s considered a safety hazard. They do this in case of an emergency. If you can’t get to sleep right away due to being on the water, go ahead and do a little exploring to center yourself a bit.

Ships Pay a Premium to Pass Through the Panama Canal

While you may be thinking, it’s expensive just to find a 3-day cruise. If a ship is passing through the Panama Canal, they’re usually paying hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Green Apples and Crackers for Seasickness

Weird combo, right? Well, a lot of people crew members vouch for this remedy. If that fails, you can always ask for meds. These are usually free of charge, anyway.

Sip Some Juice to Save Some Money

Soda, beer, and wine usually always cost extra. However, you can get juice for little to no cost. You might want to have a few minis stocked for later use with the juice to make your own libation on those brisk nights.

Have a Spa Day When You’re in Port

Instead of getting a massage while in the middle of going to the destination, wait until you’re in port. You may be able to take advantage of some good spa discounts that’ll help you out in the long-run. 

Shell Out Some Money for Travel Insurance

Whether you get sick or sustain an injury, seeing a ship doctor is going to cost upfront. However, insurance will see to it that you get reimbursed. Make sure to keep a log of your activity, any recipes, and documentation just in case.

Be On Your Best Behavior

Don’t get into fights with anyone because that’s a good way of putting you off the ship at the next port without getting your money back or having an alternative route home. Also, when you’re cool with the crew, it can be a nice way to get discounts on drinks because they like to socialize with you. 


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Teenage Syrian Refugee Carries His Dog 500 KM To Greece

A 17-year-old boy named Aslan is a Syrian refugee who fled to the island of Lesbos, in Greece. His journey was 500km, but he didn’t venture out on his journey alone, he carried his puppy named Rose. Aslan left Syria with a backpack, a carrier for his puppy and he even made and two passports, one for him and one for his dog Rose.

We made it!

Taking a break

That’s one thirsty pooch

Watch their story below:

Cool Inspiring VIRAL

Teenage Dancer Mimics Real-Life Barbie In Mind-Blowing Performance

Most little girls grew up playing with a Barbie. She was impossibly skinny and her movements were almost robotic — because she only bent in certain spots, and, well, we controlled her every move.

We all learned that Barbie wasn’t a real person. Surely, no one moved that way or looked like that in real life, right? That’s where we were wrong, though. Nineteen-year-old self-proclaimed animation dancer and “possibly a real-life robot,” Dytto is basically Barbie in the flesh.

Dytto has been dancing for years, but she was largely brought into the pop culture spotlight by Ellen DeGeneres. The TV host invited the young dancer on her show after watching a video of her World of Dance routine in 2015.

Her unique style — a combination of popping, animation, and tutting creates a truly mind-blowing performance. While talking with Ellen, Dytto made sure to point out how she’s different from other dancers, saying that she adds feminine flairs amidst a largely male-dominated genre.

The video of her routine at the World of Dance competition was set to a remix of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl,” and it’s easy to see why she picked it. Dytto mimics Barbie’s moves like it’s second nature.

Of course, she adds some of her own moves that make the dance truly hers. If you’ve never seen someone pop (moving your body in quick, mechanical steps) or tut (similar movements with your hands and fingers), this is a performance to watch. You won’t be able to take your eyes off her!

See the video below and don’t forget to share Dytto’s phenomenal talents with your friends.

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Amazing! This 59 Year-Old Grandma is a Fashion Model

Yasmina Rossi is 59, and she is a successful fashion model and has worked with a number of international brands like Hermes and Macy’s, and Mark & Spencer. She is beautiful and looks more youthful than a lot of thirty-year-olds. In an interview with Sunday Times’ Style magazine, when asked what her secret is she said that as long as she can remember she has always eaten organic. Besides being a model, Rossi is also a ceramist and a photographer.

59 and beautiful

The benefits of an organic lifestyle

Natural beauty

Hard at work modeling


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This ‘Family Fued’ Answer Shocks Steve Harvey

The Question: Tell me the last thing you stuck your finger in?

The Answer: My wife

The answer made Harvey absolutely speechless


Check out the video below:

Cool Cute

Simple But Great Life Hacks


19 Hilarious Tweets About Starbucks That Will Make You Laugh