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6 Solid Apps You Need for Your Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is much more than a tablet to read your favorite eBooks. You can do a lot with these tablets to provide convenience in everyday life. Here are 6 solid apps you need for your Kindle Fire.


It’s imperative that you keep track of things from essential documents, notes, and reminders to help you flourish throughout the week. Sync your Kindle Fire notes to your online account to give you a backup spot. 


You might be traveling to a different state or country and decide to carry your Kindle Fire with you. You can be more afloat to the weather with the minute-by-minute updates to keep you warm or cool for the day. 


Learn a different language in your downtime. You might be planning for an overseas trip and that extra attention to detail can help you make things comfortable with learning a new dialect before entering the country.

Clean Master 

One of the things you need to worry about with a mobile device is your free space. Running multiple apps not only eats up your RAM but causes a major slowdown. Clean Master can help you remove files and notifies you when you don’t use apps.

Battery HD

You might be on the go and can’t get to a charger right away. Those extra 10-15 minutes before you’re able to charge your device are critical. This app lets you know how long your battery will last for specific activities to help you make decisions while out and about.


Of course, it’s nice to have Amazon Prime on your tablet. However, you might have a few series or documentaries you enjoy watching on Netflix. Use a stand to help you get the ideal view you want while taking a break for work or waiting to board a plane. 


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5 Great Weight Loss Apps

When it comes to exercising, there’s nothing like using technology to help you stay organized in your fitness path. It feels great to have an app on your mobile device to keep you on top of things. Here are 5 great weight loss apps. 


Here’s an app that helps you keep track of your calories. This is important when you’re trying to lose weight because you want to have enough caloric intake to stay satisfied but low enough to help you drop pounds. Additionally, it’ll help you monitor your meals and nutrition to create a well-rounded diet.


Here’s another app that tracks your diet but it also gives you suggestions for different workouts. You can take a look at different activity plans to help you find the best exercises for your body type. Also, you can speak to various experts to stay motivated for the long term. 


You can never go wrong with having a quality app to track your steps. The goal is to get in 10,000 steps a day, but it’s more challenging and fun to have a group of people on your list. You can make it a game where you have a leaderboard and see how you progress against your family and friends. 

Weight Watcher 

Some people like to use a point-based system to help them know where all the calories go. Weight Watchers uses an individualized program with the recommended amount of points each client should have each day. It can help people slowly build a healthier lifestyle by incorporating healthy foods and a few cheat items to help ease into the transition. 


For people that like to stay at home or go to the gym, this app has a multitude of workouts to help you start burning fat. They have workouts for different fitness levels and keep things interesting with activities, such as yoga, cycling, running, and high-intensity interval training. 

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5 Benefits of Building a Strong Core

When people think about core, they automatically refer to six-pack abs. Sure, having a ripped stomach is nice. However, it’s better to build more stability in your body. Here are 5 benefits of building a strong core.

Improves Your Balance 

Keen balance is important to help you walk better and keep yourself from falling due to shaky ground. 

Helps You Protect Your Organs

Your abdominal wall is one of the first lines of defense when it comes to taking blunt trauma. Having a strong core can help you withstand some damage in dire situations. 

Can Help Reduce Back Pain

When you have a strong core, you’ll have a better posture. It can help you alleviate the back pain that you get from sitting down at a desk job all week. 

Great for Strength Training

Utilizing your core can help you lift heavier weights. It’s the key to building a strong body from top to bottom. 

Better for Everyday Life 

Whether you’re cleaning the house, picking up your child, or doing outdoor chores, you need a strong core to help you do the basic things in your daily routine.

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6 Health Benefits of Going on a Solo Vacation

Going on a vacation can help you bring some peace back into your life after months of working tirelessly at your job or school. Think about going on a solo vacation to help you center yourself. Here are 6 health benefits of going on a vacation alone. 

More Freedom

A vacation feels even better when you get to do everything you want without having to wait for anyone. Also, you can do it at your pace to help you space everything out and not become overwhelmed. 

Meeting People 

When you’re solo, you get a chance to meet different people from various walks of life. Going in a group means doing things that the whole squad wants to enjoy. Solo allows you to be more sociable with strangers. 

Helps You Rely on Yourself 

Sometimes you need time to focus on yourself. You don’t have to worry about catering to someone and you can get more confident being in uncomfortable situations. 

Leaving Everything Behind

You can leave your troubles at the airport. You can be yourself in a relaxed state while on vacation. It feels great to turn off the switch that you’re used to at work. 


Try New Things 

Maybe you’re going surfing for the first time. Maybe you’re trying a different food you’d never think of eating. It helps you build character and positive reinforcement to challenge yourself. 

Boosts Your Mood

You get into a better mental state when you’re in a beautiful destination. It makes you appreciate life and helps you get more joy out of everything. 

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6 Benefits of Taking a Kickboxing Class

It’s always nice to have a creative outlet away from home. Taking a kickboxing class can help you channel your frustrations and use them creatively. Check out 6 benefits of taking a kickboxing class.

Better Balance 

Not only does kickboxing help you stabilize your muscles, but it helps with toning. You’ll get a quality upper and lower body workout. 

Helps You Build Confidence

You feel stronger with each kick, punch, elbow, and knee. Building your body and knowing how to defend yourself can boost your confidence. 

Can Help Your Mental Health

You feel better about yourself because you have a place to center your emotions. It can help you get through the challenging work weeks.


Burns Calories 

The intense activity allows you to burn calories and help you lose weight. You’ll develop a lean and mean figure.

Better Coordination

It helps you with coordination when you’re aiming for kicks and punches. Not to mention, it boosts your reflexes to get a more precise reaction time when you’re out and about.

Become More Social

You get to meet people from class and build a community. It helps you add some spice to your life and get involved with other fun activities. 


6 Weird Rules for Meeting British Royalty

Each country has its own eccentric ways of doing things. You can expect it to be heightened when it comes to their wealthy/royal class. Here are 6 weird rules to follow when meeting British Royalty. 

Don’t Turn Your Back on the Queen

Honestly, this isn’t too farfetched because turning your back on someone means you don’t care to hear what they say. However, this is extremely impolite when you meet the Queen. Just keep full-frontal attention on her when engaging.

Do What She Does at a Dinner Event 

You only eat when the queen begins to eat. Also, you finish things up when she gets ready to leave the table. When she stands or goes to the restroom, you stand out of respect for her. 

No Extreme Bowing

While this may a custom in other parts of the world, it’s okay to do a quick bow to show respect. However, overdoing it can cause discomfort. The Queen may rather you speak politely and elegantly instead. 

Arrive Before the Royals 

It’s not a good look to arrive fashionably late. Make sure you get to the dinner engagement before the Queen. Also, don’t make any additional plans because the event usually goes on beyond said time. 

Speak When Spoken To 

Don’t speak to the Queen until she acknowledges you. The same goes for a handshake. Royal British people are a bit antsy when it comes to touchy, feely vibes.

Bring a Gift

When meeting a royal member, make sure to bring a gift. It’s a sign of respect and shows you’re grateful for the opportunity to meet. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant gift. Pick something thoughtful. 

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5 Things That Made Al Capone’s Prison Cell Luxurious

When you’re thinking about a prison cell, a grimy toilet and an uncomfortable cot come to mind. However, some big-time gangsters had privileges even in jail. Here are some things that made Al Capone’s prison cell swanky. 

Elegant Reading Lamps and Writing Desks

He had the type of reading desk you’d see in a Victoria-era home. The other side of the room had a hand-carved writing desk.

The Exotic Tiki Bar

He might have had a bottle of wine or two smuggled in the prison, but he had a Tiki bar all set up for him. While it’s not as great as his $8.5 million digs in Miami, it was still a cool touch.

He Had It Good in His Cell in Atlanta

While the Eastern State digs were top-notch, the Atlanta one wasn’t too shabby either. He was able to have frequent visitors and his family nearby. 

He Had A Victrola Record Player

Having a record player back then is like having a nice tablet these days. He often liked listening to Waltz records. You could hear it throughout the penitentiary.  Obviously, this was a great escape from being imprisoned. 

Capone Stayed On the “Park Avenue” Block

Due to Capone’s large net worth, he could stay in one of the better cells. The area of prison he moved around in had two skylights on the roof. Even though he couldn’t leave, it was certainly nice to see the beautiful sky if he wanted to do so. 

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6 Female Crime Lords Who Showed No Mercy

We always talk about the male gangsters, crime bosses, and soldiers, but there were some ladies even more brutal than the guys. They took no mess and carved out their stake in the underworld. Here are 6 female crime lords who repped hard. 

Thelma Wright 

Here’s someone who started out as a Catholic church girl but got on the wrong track. She married a heroin supplier from Philadelphia’s Black Mafia. However, he wound up with a bullet in his head. After this, she stepped up her game and became known as “Boss Lady.” She started making $400,000 a month but eventually got out of the game. She’s now a motivational speaker steering people away from the drug racket. 

Pearl Elliott

From running a brothel to working as a “treasurer” for John Dillinger, she had her hand in various enterprises. She was thorough to the point where she even hid bank robbers in her brothel. She died from illness, not from crime. 

Ma Barker

There was a reason why J. Edgar Hoover called her vicious, dangerous, and resourceful. She had a penchant for committing big-time highway robberies in her day. Not to mention, she murdered people when she felt it was necessary. From movies to different characters, she’s inspired a lot of female matriarchs in crime.

Gertrude Lythgoe

In a Prohibition-era bootlegging game dominated by men, she set up her own shop. She was nicknamed “The Bahama Queen.” From a wholesale liquor store and seizing large profits, she was cutthroat and didn’t let anyone step on her toes. 

Stephanie St. Clair

Commonly known as Queenie or Madam St. Clair, was a ruthless woman from Martinique that ended up immigrating to New York City. She was smart and could speak both Spanish and French fluently. She started a racket business in Harlem that grossed over $250,000 a month back in 1923. Substantial money especially for a woman (let alone a black woman) in those times. Dutch Schultz wanted to take action but she didn’t go for it. When Schultz was assassinated, she sent a telegraph to his deathbed that read, “So You Sow, So Shall Ye Reap.” Whoa. Talk about being cold-hearted. 

Griselda Blanco

You can’t talk about a female crime lord list without mentioning Griselda Blanco. She was called La Madrina “The Godmother.” The Colombian drug queen still has an epic reputation. If you’ve seen the documentary “Cocaine Cowboys”, you know a bit about her. She went from an underage sex worker and pickpocket to building a multi-billion dollar coke industry. At the height of her reign, she was said to move over 3,000 pounds a month. Also, she was said to have been responsible for over 50 murders (on the low side). She was also known as “Black Widow” because she usually killed her husbands and lovers. She was exiled to Colombia and later killed there. 

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5 Rooms You Didn’t Know Were in the White House

The White House is infamous for its secret rooms and special themes. There are just certain places not available to the public and used for the president’s personal enjoyment or to create a survival spot in an emergency. Here are 5 rooms you didn’t know were in the White House.

The Workout Room

This is one of the more modern places in the White House. Clinton had it built in the 1990s, but it used to be a suite for Hoover’s housekeeper. Then it was converted to a guest bedroom by Jackie Kennedy.

Family Movie Theater

Before FDR transformed the space into a theater, it was a cloakroom. Now, it’s a 42-seat theater where the President can screen movies well before they’re released in theaters or on streaming services.

Chocolate Shop

This is a small kitchen designed just for making treats. The area is really busy around Easter and other big holidays where chocolate is a necessity.


William Howard Taft had this created as a cool-down place in the hot summer months. It’s been remodeled numerous times and remains a favorite spot for presidents to relax. 

Calligraphy Office

It’s the perfect place for artists to do their thing. However, it’s most used for creating handwritten invitations in calligraphy and place-cards for formal White House events. 

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5 Eccentric White House Traditions

The White House has interesting traditions stemming back to the 1800s. We might know of the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter traditions. However, it goes much deeper than that. Here are 5 White House traditions. 

Weird Pets 

You’d see everything from farm animals (pigs, goats, and turkey) to alligators and tiger cubs. It wasn’t just about having a dog or cat in the building.

Tuxedos and Calligraphy

No matter how modern things get, the White House staff always wear tuxedos (even for informal engagements). Also, White House invitations are always written in Calligraphy. 

White House Christmas Tree Theme 

In 1961, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy started the tradition of having a theme for the Christmas tree. Since that year, pretty much every Christmas has had its own theme in the White House. 

Big Block of Cheese Day

Apparently, Andrew Jackson was given 1,400 pounds of cheese. While he had given some to staff members, the stench started becoming unbearable. He decided to give most of the cheese away to the public. Barack Obama brought an online edition of this back in 2014 and 2015. 

Teddy’s Christmas Carnival

Teddy didn’t like cutting down trees for the sole purpose of using them for Christmas decorations. Instead, he wanted to create a carnival with games, dancing, souvenirs, and other treats for the kids.