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Explosive device detonates in Colombia shopping center, killing three

Three women are dead and another nine are injured due to an explosive device that set off in a restroom in a shopping center Saturday in Bogota, Colombia’s capital city. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet, but President Juan Manuel Santos has ordered an investigation.

The detonation occurred in the Andino Shopping Center at 5 p.m., when the complex was packed with crowds buying gifts for Father’s Day celebrations. Police quickly evacuated the shopping center and surrounding streets after the explosion while ambulances rushed to the scene and bomb-squad specialists searched the area for any additional explosives.

“This cowardly terrorist attack in Andino really hurts me,” Bogota Mayor Enrique Penalosa tweeted. He told reporters that one of the three victims was a French humanitarian volunteer who had been working in a poor part of the city.

Colombia has several high-profile armed anti-government groups that have a history of causing violence. One of them, the insurgent group National Liberation Army, or ELN, exploded another bomb in Bogota in February. Dozens of police suffered injuries in that incident.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, is the largest anti-government group, but a peace accord that the government and FARC signed last year had raised hopes that any FARC-related violence might cease. As of this week, FARC has surrendered 40% of its weapons to the government.

But authorities said that a third group, the Gulf Clan, is still at large and still poses a threat. The Gulf Clan is a drug-trafficking syndicate of former right-wing paramilitary fighters that has issued threats to attack Bogota recently.

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“Urban heat islands” endanger city life and the Earth’s climate, says study

The world’s cities aren’t just hotspots of population growth and commercial activity. They are also, literally, hot spots. The urban “heat island” effect—i.e., concentrated heat in urban environments—is serious enough that cities worldwide could suffer double-digit temperature increases and lose as much as 11% of their economic output as their residents flee stifling heat, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

The study’s authors, who were from Great Britain, Mexico, and the Netherlands, surveyed 1,692 cities worldwide and forecasted that 25% of them could undergo temperature increases of up to 44.6 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100 under the worst-case scenarios.

Climate change exacerbates the heat island effect. But the phenomenon’s underlying drivers are the concrete, stone, and asphalt surfaces that constitute modern city structures. These surfaces absorb large amounts of energy from the sun. Cities could mitigate the heat rises if they redesign roofs and pavements to reflect more of the sun’s heat, the authors suggested.

Cities’ heat-trapping effects are nothing new. The authors noted that from 1950 to 2015, 27% of the world’s cities warmed more quickly than the planet as a whole—and that 27% accounted for more than 65% of the world’s urban population.

If trends continue, the worst-affected cities could be 44 degrees hotter as soon as 2050, the researchers warn. But they also found that changing just one-fifth of a city’s roofs or half its pavements to “cool” versions that reflect sunlight could prevent as much as 33 degrees of this worst-case increase.

“We show that city-level adaptation strategies to limit local warming have important economic net benefits for almost all cities around the world,” said co-author Richard Tol of Sussex University.


Dr. Dre and 50 Cent sued over hit single, P.I.M.P.

Dr. Dre and 50 Cent have been sued over their hit single, “P.I.M.P.”

Andre “Dr. Dre” Young and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson III have been named by music producer, Brandon Parrott, who claims in legal documents that he is the original producer of the hit song.

In the legal documents, which were obtained by TMZ, Parrott claims that in 2001 he sent 10 instrumental tracks to Dr. Dre in the hopes that the producer might like one and pass it on to one of his Aftermath Entertainment music artists to use as a song.

Two years later, 50 Cent released his six times platinum selling album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ on Aftermath. The album featured, as a single, “P.I.M.P.”, which became a remix that peaked at number three on the U.S. Hot 100.

According to Parrott, after the success of the song, a music executive from Aftermath Entertainment contacted him and admitted that one of the 10 tracks sent by Parrott (specifically “BAMBA”) was sampled in the creation of “P.I.M.P.”

Parrott allegedly accepted a settlement after being assured that the sampler did not know that “BAMBA” was going to end up in the final edit of the song.

After hearing interviews with Dr. Dre and others concerning the creation of the hit song, Parrott now believes that he was taken advantage of. He has sued for an unspecified amount in royalties.

The remix of the song has reached top 10 status on international charts and was certified Gold by RIAA for having sold more than 500 thousand copies.


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Calvin Harris puts end to Rihanna rumors

Scottish DJ, Calvin Harris, put an end to rumors that he might be dating Rihanna.

The rumors began to swirl after Calvin Harris, whose real name is Adam Richard Wiles, posted behind the scenes photographs of the Bajan songstress on the set of their collaborative music video.

After Harris posted on Twitter, TMZ took his tweet, “F R I D A Y @rihanna,” and explicitly hinted at their newfound relationship.

“Calvin Harris – Rihanna’s Next For Me!!” read the headline from TMZ. The headline referred to the recent break up between Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift.

After Swift was video recorded dancing with actor, Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris deleted all evidence of their relationship from his Instagram. He also wore Yeezus shoes by Kanye West, who has a long, torrid history with Swift.

“Lol I said the VIDEO dammit smh,” responded Calvin Harris when he saw the TMZ headline saying that he called Rihanna sexy.

The uber popular DJ has found himself in the rumor mill as dating a bevy of starlets after his break up with Swift. One other prominent rumor was that he was getting back with Rita Ora, whom many call a Rihanna twin.

“Rita has never stopped loving Calvin and felt he was hasty splitting up with her and was always swayed by gossip rather than facts,” said a source close to Ora. “She thinks he only dated Taylor Swift because he was on the rebound from her and wants to remind him of everything they had together…”


Actor Anton Yelchin dies at 27

Actor, Anton Yelchin, has been confirmed killed in a car accident.

Yelchin, 27, was best known for playing Pavel Chekov in the updated Star Trek film franchise and will be in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond, which will open July 22.

“All of us at Paramount join the world in morning the untimely passing of Antony Yelchin. As a member of the Star Trek family, he was beloved by so many and he will missed by all. We share our deepest condolences with his mother, father and family,” lamented Paramount Pictures, which produces the Star Trek franchise.

The accident that killed the actor occurred at approximately one o’clock Sunday morning in Studio City, Los Angeles, according to Jennifer Allen, publicist for Yelchin.

Yelchin was reportedly on his way to meet some friends for a rehearsal. Those friends went to find the actor when they could not get in touch with him. Yelchin was found pinned between his car and a mailbox pillar.

“It appears he momentarily exited his car and it rolled backward, causing trauma that led to his death,” explained Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman, Jenny Houser.

Yelchin was slated to appear in a DirecTV and Audience Network collaborative adaptation of the Stephen King story, Mr. Mercedes, as a mentally deranged ice cream truck driver and IT worker who turns out to be a secret killer.

Yelchin began acting as a child and has ranged from smaller independent films to Steven Spielberg blockbusters.




Steven Tyler confirms Aerosmith farewell tour

Steven Tyler confirmed that Aerosmith is going on a farewell tour in 2017.

“I love this band, I really do, and I want to squash every thought that anybody might have about this: The band’s over,” said Tyler. “We’re doing a farewell tour, but it’s only because it’s time.”

The announcement from Tyler came in an interview with Howard Stern on Tuesday. Stern asked whether Tyler could confirm that he meant “farewell” as in the band would be calling it quits after the tour.

“Yeah,” responded Tyler who added that guitarist, Joe Perry, also knew of the end of the band.

After the announcement, there have been conflicting reports about the breaking up of the group from the manager for Tyler, Rebecca Warfield.

“They are not breaking up. That’s not quite what he said,” said Warfield in an interview with People. “He is still the ultimate frontman for Aerosmith, the greatest American rock band of all time. Aerosmith will always be his first love and nothing will ever take that away.

“He is on fire right now,” continued Warfield. “More energized, brilliant, creative and on-point with focused, poignant passion to bring to his fans and to the world. He has a new album coming out on July 15th called We’re All Somebody From Somewhere and the title track was released [Friday].”

“As far as 2017. Everyone will have to stay tuned as to hear what’s up his sleeve. Steven is taking it up a notch in all his endeavors,” concluded Warfield.


Kenny Chesney apologizes for announcing the death of a living cop

Kenny Chesney apologized to a Pennsylvania police officer for announcing that he had died.

The officer, Christopher Dorman, who was shot multiple times near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a member of the Folcroft Police Department.

“I’d like to thank all the police, paramedics and the doctors – and hey, Kenny, don’t forget me!” said Dorman, who was supposed to attend a Chesney concert on Saturday in south Philadelphia before his shooting.

“Before we get going with the rest of the show, last night, a Philadelphia police officer was shot seven times. In the hospital on his bed…he passed away, but before he passed away he made a video that he wanted to come tonight so bad, and he said, Kenny, please don’t forget me,” remarked Chesney at the concert.

Fortunately, Dorman did not die of his wounds.

“[I] caught up in the moment,” reported WPVI-TV of Chesney speaking about the shout out to Dorman. “The emotions got the best of me.”

Chesney would later call Dorman to apologize for the confusion.

“It was a great conversation, just in typical Chris fashion took it in stride, was laughing about things,” said Folcroft PD Sgt. William Bair in an interview with WPVI-TV.


“So @kennychesney just called @FolcroftPD #OfficerDorman to apologize and wish him the best. How cool is that?#Dormanthedelcolegend,” tweeted the official Folcroft PD account Sunday.
“@FolcroftPD He’s doing great. Told him we’d watch an Eagles game & have beers one day. Here’s to a speedy recovery! #Dormanthedelcolegend,” tweeted Chesney in response



Jessica Williams quits “The Daily Show”

Jessica Williams is leaving The Daily Show with Trevor Noah for another Comedy Central project.

Williams, who joined the show as a correspondent four years ago when Jon Stewart was still the host, will feature in her final episode on Thursday.

Williams was the youngest ever correspondent on The Daily Show, joining when she was 22 years old.

“I feel so many emotions,” said Williams in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I feel like I’m growing up and graduating.”

“The sadness I have for Jessica leaving is only eclipsed by the joy I have for her starting her new show,” remarked Trevor Noah. “If her podcast is anything to go by, it’s going to be an exciting show.”

The show Williams is working on is reportedly a half hour scripted comedy that is being co-produced by Naomi Ekperigin, a writer for Broad City.

“[My new show is about] a politically-minded young woman who may be woke but doesn’t know what she’s doing,” explained Williams. “It’s a show about someone in their 20s who has all these social ideas but still, like, does not have it together. And she’s goofy and silly and funny!”

“We see [Jessica] as a great voice — she’s so dynamic and so funny,” said Comedy Central president, Kent Alterman. “And she’s kind of grown up there at The Daily Show. Rather than say goodbye to her for her to go somewhere else, we want to make sure that we’re developing with her so that when she’s ready for her next platform, it can actually be with us.”



Suge Knight sues Chris Brown

Suge Knight has sued Oak Club and Chris Brown for getting shot seven times at a nightclub in 2014. He insisted that the club owners and the host, musician should have handled security better and ensured no one enters the event with an arm. He says that the event organizers should have known that Cris Brown events have been prone to violence before, and this should have spurred better security.

Suge was shot seven times in his left arm, stomach, and chest and took him approximately six months to heal. Suge did not indicate how much he wanted from Brown and the club. He, however, mentioned that he would like to be reimbursed his hospital’s bills past and future.

Suge is currently in prison awaiting trial for a hit and run early in 2015. However, his lawyer argues that at the moment he was frail after the shooting and he simply running from his life from individuals who tried to kill him.

“Mr. Knight was still extremely frail from his gunshot injuries less than five months earlier,” said Tooson, his lawyer in a statement. “When the facts are finally revealed in this case, we’re certain it will be apparent that our client was merely trying to flee for his life.”

This is not the first time Knight has sued a celebrity. He also sued Kanye West for another shooting in 2012. He lost that case as the judge argued that there was no way Kanye and the organizers would have predicted the shootout.


The new witness puts OJ near the scene of Nicole’s murder

Christoper Darden is a prosecutor from Los Angeles. He claims he has an eye witness who places OJ Simpson in Nicole Brown’s house. On a fateful night twenty years ago, Mr. Simpson is alleged to have killed her.

This new twist is believed to be a breakthrough in the case. A tip came from an unconfirmed source on a podcast show. Mr. Darden was recorded in show “Reasonable Doubt”. The lead could solve the murder case.

A lady reported she had seen OJ on Bund. “Mr. Simpson walked across my car on the said night, ” said the eyewitness,” he stepped in front of the car.” The lady was near Nicole residence. She did not want to draw attention, but she did confirm it was indeed Mr. Simpson.

To build up the anticipation for the show, the podcast producers played portions of her report. The podcast should attract many listeners when it is aired. OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder charges in October 1995. The prosecution had charged him with the killing of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

In an unexpected twist, he would be arrested thirteen years later for kidnapping and robbery. He is still locked up serving a sentence. The case is more than twenty years old. Nicole and OJ met as she worked as a waitress in 1977.

The two would go into a marriage for seven years. Mr. Simpson has retired from his career and he was divorced with three children. The marriage with Nicole would come to an end min 1992.