China Says US Should Push for North Korea Diplomacy

The U.S. conflict with North Korea has gone on for decades. It’s no mystery. China’s U.N. ambassador hopes that President Joe Biden’s policy toward North Korea wouldn’t stir extreme pressure to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. Rather, he wants the U.S. to aim for diplomacy and dialogue. It’s the classic saying “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Zhang Jun also hopes there will be equal emphasis on peace and security. He says it’s hard to denuclearize things when there’s no environment for any peace or security in place. 

The White House says that Biden plans to deviate from Donald Trump’s win-them-over approach and Barack Obama’s hands-off approach. While Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced administration officials reviewed the policy, there were comments on it. Biden’s administration knows it’s a process and they’re doing this step-by-step to help denuclearize things with corresponding actions, which may even include sanctions relief from the United States. As of now, there’s no promise of a formal end to the Korean War. China assumed the presidency of the U.N., Jun said in a news conference that he’ll look “very carefully” at the U.S. policy towards Korea and see if there are any grounds for better dialogue in the situation. 

China and Russia circulated a draft resolution last year on lifting sanctions against North Korea, and Jun said it’s still on the table. Even though China is implementing sanctions against the North, he also believes the Security Council should consider adjusting things so that the people don’t have to suffer. He wants to create a more favorable environment to more directly tackle the issues. On Sunday, North Korea said it was a big mistake for Biden to call them a security threat and his speech may warrant a grave response. Jun isn’t oblivious to the situation because he recognizes the harsh words. He’s reading the temperature of the room and sees that so far things have been generally stable. 

The tensions have been bubbling up for years. Each side is moving inch by inch but not too much to where a huge threat makes the country want to take drastic actions. Jun says both the United States and North Korea need to truly consider what they should do next. They need to avoid taking any actions that could cause serious conflict down the line. He believes efforts should go to creating a better dialogue where they actually walk together instead of in the opposite direction. Pressure no matter how big or small would not result in finding a lasting solution. 


Facebook Stock Jumps After Reporting Strong Quarterly Ad Revenue

Facebook’s stock began to store after reporting strong ad revenue from the first quarter of the year. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said this extra money will be used to invest in other aspects, such as commerce, business messaging, augmented and virtual reality, and content creators. Those that create podcasts and videos will begin to see the benefits of using Facebook’s services.

Zuckerberg believes that augmented and virtual reality will create a deeper social interaction than other platforms. He wants to expand eCommerce and messaging services for businesses to help them cater more to their clientele. Facebook said it earned $9.5 billion in the first quarter of 2021. That’s an increase in revenue of 94% from $4.9 billion a year earlier. As a result, the stock increased from $1.71 a share to $3.30 a share. Facebook experienced growth in their ads from the average price rising to 30% and the number of ads increasing to 12%. Even with all of the growth, they don’t know what’s to come for the latter part of the year. They’re facing pressure to keep up the pace, but investors weren’t too surprised by the notion. 

On Monday, Apple launched a new privacy feature called “App Tracking Transparency,” which is part of an update to the operating system that powers up iPhone and iPad. This roll-out happened after a 7-month delay, which between that time had Apple and Facebook in a verbal joust of talking about each other’s business model and motives that would affect billions of people globally. Before the new feature, Facebook and other apps could automatically conduct surveillance on iPhones unless users took off that feature. In which case, many didn’t prevent this from occurring.

This new change certainly affects the status quo of Facebook. While Facebook was trying to fight the change, Zuckerberg took time to measure the long-term value. He said that the privacy controls may help in the long run because more companies may begin to sell their products directly on Facebook and Instagram. Since they won’t be able to automatically track iPhone users, the result is may not have enough personal data to collect to effectively target ads in their own app. By depending on Facebook and Instagram to close the gap, this can ultimately be a better payday for Facebook. 

This is a plan that certainly has merit, but time will determine its effectiveness. Facebook expects its 2nd quarter revenue growth to stay stable or modestly increase. They’ve taken the new Apple update into account going forward. 


Biden Declares America’s Democracy ‘Is Rising Anew’

In President Joe Biden’s first nationally televised address to Congress, he says that “America is rising anew.” This is in conjunction with his plan to expand federal programs to help drive the economy past the pandemic and extend social safety on a massive scale. It’s sort of like a modern-day New Deal he may have in mind.

In this telecast, Biden shows how he plans to sell his plans to both democrats and republicans alike. He wants to push his plans from Georgia to Virginia immediately. Biden has great optimism that the nation can move beyond the coronavirus and he wants to prove how democracy still works as a primary factor in the world. Biden marked his first 100 days in office with a $1.8 trillion plan investment in children, families, and education to help rebuild a devastated economy from the virus and also to help compete with global powers.

Biden has lofty goals and he’s working with the slimmest majority in Congress, and even people in his branch aren’t too excited about the price tag of what he wants to do. However, his speech shows his fundamental belief and government as he focuses on “turning peril into possibility.” The heart of the ceremonial setting at the Capitol was the same, but the difference is the climate of masks and social distancing. Not to mention, there were still fences outside the grounds because of the January protesting against Biden’s impending seat in office at the time. Biden talks about the resilience of America and how they’re ready to work and dream again.

Additionally, having a woman (let alone a woman of color) be vice president is a huge stepping stone. Kamala Harris sat behind the chief executive. When he greeted her as “Madam Vice President,” there was a big ovation. Biden said it was about time a president uttered those words. Through all of the trials and tribulations, Biden showed his optimism and confidence in the United States. He said “We the People” didn’t flinch even with all of the pandemic and pain experience from the past year. His mission is solidarity. He wants to prove to the world the democracy still mattered even when other countries doubted its power in modern society.

Not only does he want to bring back the workforce, but he has a proposal for child care, community college, rental assistance, and a bigger $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina thought of Biden as a good man but he wants to see action rather than rhetoric. Funding all of this would be a significant tax on the wealthy and huge corporations. However, Biden believes the potential growth for next year may be well worth the gamble.


6 Fashion Trends That Should Come Back in Style

What goes around, comes around. There are some fashions from different decades that have a new school twist these days. A trend can easily become timeless with the right persuasion. Here are 6 fashion trends that should come back in style. 


These were such a 90s thing, but they can be classy with the right metal and look for different engagements.

Halter Tops

Pairing a halter top with the right denim can give a simple yet stylish look that’s perfect for your daily walks, errands, and more.

Guess Jeans

When it came to high fashion like 30-35 years ago, you couldn’t get any cooler than a mean pair of Guess jeans. From the fit of them to the simple but well-known upside-down triangle logo on the butt, these were the jeans to keep you in the cool pack. If you have some vintage Guess jeans somewhere that still fit, guaranteed you’ll get some double-takes when you sport them.


To some people, they may be a bit ugly. However, these were very useful to the active woman. Whether they were working out or playing sports, you can conveniently keep your hair in place without worrying about it smacking your face.

Track Jackets

These will never go out of style for a cool and casual look. Whether you’re rocking a Nike or Adidas track outfit, pairing them up with matching shoes is always a nice touch. 


Whether you wear both straps or add a touch of flavor with the one strap, these not only add style to your favorite shirt, but it’s convenient because of the pocket space. It serves a double purpose.


5 Everyday Items That Come From Different Times

You ever think about the fresh set of boxers you rock each day and you wonder where did this come from? It’s the everyday items that actually have quite the history to place a certain comfort in our lives. Here are 5 common items we rock with their own origin stories.

Sunglasses in China

Apparently judges in 13th century China would wear sunglasses to help hide their facial expressions. It was a way to keep the defense guessing, so they wouldn’t get an advantage as far as figuring out how they were going to rule a trial.

Bras Go Way Back

In ancient Greece, women tied fabric tightly across their chest and pinned them in the back. This was especially the case if there were women athletes so their top wouldn’t get in the way.

Cargo Pants

These types of pants actually stem from 1930s British soldiers because they were bulky and could fit different weapons in the pockets. It became a fashion trend in the 1990s for skaters and blue-collar workers who needed warmth and protection on the job.

Repurposing Kimonos

Vacation time on an island like Hawaii was something practically unheard of in the 1920s and 1930s because it was only afforded to the affluent. Lots of Japanese women living in Hawaii would turn kimonos into men’s shirts. The aloha shirt became a sign of wealth for Americans because it showed that you were actually at a tropical place to vacate. 

Blue Jeans

In the late 1800s, blue jeans (especially Levis) were becoming popular as the workman’s choice of wear during mining. These originally weren’t blue but became such when Levi Strauss made the flexible blue denim (501s) available in 1890. These are still fashionable today especially with the selvage at the bottom. 


5 Important Things to Do Before Getting Married

You may have found the love of your life, but that doesn’t mean you’ll up and get married. This is a serious, life-changing step that needs serious thought. You have to truly consider the full spectrum of the person before taking this major turning point in your life. Here are 5 important things to do before you get married. 

Take a Trip

One of the best things to do is to see how you both function in a new environment for a few days. It’s a good indicator of whether or not you’ll have a good time together. 

Money Talk

Think about your plans for a 401K, investing in stock, or even how you’ll pay for a home before you get married.

Do You Want Kids?

Make sure you’re both clear on whether you want kids. This could be a deal-breaker for a lot of marriages. 

Meet the Family

It’s important to get to know each other’s loved ones. This way, you’ll be able to gauge if you can deal with them or not. Remember, you’re just not marrying your significant other, you’re joining a family.

Take Engagement Photos

This can help down the road for not only taking professional pictures but selecting a good photographer. The more comfortable you get with the photographer, the better he’ll be for your wedding day.


6 Tips to Help You Deal With Roommates

Whether you’re in college or fresh out of high school and working your first job, chances are you may have roommates until you start getting knee-deep into your career. It’s fun to have people you like around you that you can hang with, but it doesn’t come without its headaches. To help keep things on a smoother level, here are 6 tips to deal with your situation.

Keep it Clean

It’s important to keep your area and the general home neat and clean. It’s all about respecting your space.

Get an Eraser Board

Here you can keep track of who’s doing what chores for the week. Also, it’ll help you organize things like bills and personal expenses. It’s better to plan things out so that you’re able to get things done in an orderly fashion.

Don’t Take it Personal

Chances are people will use your bowl or utensils. The thing is to make sure that people clean up and put it back in the proper place. 

Have a System

Be clear on the guidelines of food, drink, etc. Maybe you have a big pack of beer that you know you won’t drink all on your own. You can go ahead let people drink a couple of them. Just let everyone know that if they drink more that it’s got to be replaced. It’s all about being fair.

Understand Their Personalities 

Remember, it’s all about compromise. If your roommate is more laidback, it might be a good idea to not blast the music so loud. Also, you may want to give them space. 

Work Schedules

It’s a good rule of thumb to understand when they work. If one person works the day shift, it may be good to be a bit quiet during the night time when they’re sleeping. The same thing applies to those that work the graveyard shift.  


5 Reasons to Not Get Married

Marriage is a serious step in life. It’s not made for everyone because it takes a serious amount of compromise. If you’re someone who cares about someone deeply, you have to check yourself to see if you’re ready to take that plunge. Here are 5 reasons to not get married.

You’re Too Independent

If you’re the type of person that likes to do a lot of things on your own without any input, then marriage may not be for you.

You Like Making Your Own Plans

When you’re married, you can’t just think about yourself. If you do something, you have to take your partner into consideration.

Can’t Stand to Be Around Someone for More than 24 Hours

Remember, you’re living with the person basically 24/7. You’ll get to see their bad habits and have to deal with them regularly.

You Have a Traveling Career

Another thing is you may have a career that places you all over the world. You might not have much time to be at home let alone for someone else.

Don’t Get Along With Your Boyfriend’s Family

When you genuinely don’t get along with your significant other’s family, that’s a red flag. Why? Well, you’ll have to deal with them and their issues once you jump the broom. 


6 Date Ideas for College Students

When it comes to college students, they don’t have a lot of funds with paying for their dorm room, books, and general university fees. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun on a budget. They can get creative and still have some interesting dates. Here are 6 date ideas for college students. 

Chill Time

Maybe that can watch a movie online or just take some refreshments out to a grassy area on campus. It’s good to get away from studying or writing a paper.


Whether it’s to end the day or a lunch break between classes, a nice cup of Joe goes a long way. It’ll give you a good chance to talk about things and just catch a breather as you go about your busy school schedule.

Going to an Amusement Park

If you have a bit of extra pocket money, this is a good way to spend it. Take the day and go to an amusement park. You’ll enjoy the rides, the games, and be in a fun place. It’s an excellent date because it takes you both out of your comfort zone.

Go to a Diner

If you’re strapped for cash, you can order a big meal and share it. It’s a cool way to stay on a budget. Not to mention, you can put a little something in the jukebox and share a dance. 

Hit a Dance Spot

It’s a fun way to let loose. There are college nights, which either let college students for free or reduced cover. Not to mention, the drinks are cheaper. Invite a few buddies and dance the night away! 

Plan a Fancy Dinner for Two

Instead of going to an expensive restaurant, make dinner at your dorm or apartment. You can spend quality time together. And nothing soothes the heart more than a great meal that you’ve both cooked together with love. 


7 Things to Help Strengthen Your Family Bond

While you can’t always choose your family, that doesn’t mean things have to be the same old, same old. There are ways to help keep that bond going and enrich your lives. Here are 7 things to help you strengthen your family ties. 

Have a Picnic

It’s a nice idea to just take a drive to a beautiful park or a beach and just enjoy a picnic. You can take in the scenery and take a breather.

Keep Things Interesting with Game Night

Break out your favorite board games or even some interactive games that you can use with different apps. Maybe make it even more enticing by adding a prize at the end for the best player. 

Get a Family Pet

There’s nothing like having a family dog to switch the dynamic up a bit. It’ll bring the family closer by adding a new furry friend to the mix.

Story Time

Whether you’re reading a book or sharing a family story, it’s a good bonding time. 

Movie Night

Maybe there’s a family-friendly movie you’ve been dying to watch. This is a cool way to get the family involved. Make some homemade popcorn, get your favorite candy, and break out the ice cream. It’ll be some fun downtime as you enjoy a weekend treat. 

Take a Weekend Trip

It’s good to just get away from everything. Maybe you can rent a cabin or take up some space in the wilderness for some camping. It’s also a good idea to visit your elderly. It’ll give the kids a chance to understand their grandparents. They’ll learn the family tradition and keep it alive. 

Have a Talent Contest

This is something fun because you get to see your kid’s talents early on. Not only does this create a strong family presence, but you can nurture your kid’s natural abilities. Also, it shows your kids a different side of you that they may not know their parents possess.