How Marvel characters should really look

While their DC rivals struggle, Marvel’s live-action offerings have gone from strength to strength. But in the course of adapting their comic book properties to film, Marvel have made some pretty big changes to their classic characters. Some were undoubtedly for the best, while others have risked losing the magic that made those characters so beloved in the first place. Either way, it’s interesting to see what was altered in the transition to the silver screen.


After Ryan Reynolds’ first outing as Deadpool, fans had a right to be worried. While Deadpool technically appears in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the fast-talking antihero is practically unrecognizable. Not only is he covered in tattoos, he’s got the powers of other mutants—well-known ones, too, including the X-Men’s leader, Cyclops—and, most egregiously, his mouth is sewn shut, robbing fans of the character’s trademark wisecracks.

Fans didn’t like the changes. Neither did Ryan Reynolds. That’s why, when Deadpool returned to the big screen in 2016 for his own feature film, Reynolds and director Tim Miller played everything by the (comic) book. The result is, quite possibly, the all-time most faithful reproduction of a comics costume in a movie. The team even went so far as to film two versions of each scene—one with Reynolds wearing the mask, and one without—to create Deadpool’s blank white eyes, which, even as part of a mask, change according to his mood.

Doctor Strange

Aside from a few outliers (we’re looking at you, Hawkeye), Marvel Studios has been pretty good about bringing its biggest characters’ outfits to the screen. Iron Man, which kicked off the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2008, gave fans both a faithful version of Iron Man’s power armor and a pitch-perfect Tony Stark in the form of Robert Downey Jr. Captain America may not have wings sticking out of his helmet, but otherwise, his World War II battle get-up is remarkably close to Jack Kirby’s original design. And the Hulk, well, he’s big and green and wears purple pants. What else do you want?

Add Doctor Strange to that list. The costume Benedict Cumberbatch wears feels almost identical to Steve Ditko’s original drawing—and it took a lot of work to make it that way. In a conversation with Slashfilm, Doctor Strange costume designer Alexandra Byrn emphasized the hardships involved in “getting the spirit” of Strange’s costume right, even if some of the small details—the size of Strange’s collar, or the gold accents on his cloak—aren’t quite the same. “You’re picking things and balancing them,” Byrn says. “You’re mixing ideas so that it’s true to the story of the comic as well as the story of the film.”


A departure from the glitzy, planet-saving exploits of the Avengers, Netflix’s Daredevil series kept to gritty, street-level heroics. Naturally, producers were nervous about undermining this realistic approach with red spandex, and Daredevil spent most of the first season fighting crime in cargo pants. A glimpse of his costume at the end of the season revealed some major changes from the comics. Daredevil’s famous double Ds were gone, and the vivid red color scheme had been toned down to maroon. Most notably, the traditional skintight superhero costume was ditched in favor of reinforced leather, giving the character a more armored look than his comics counterpart.

That last change actually ended up causing some problems. While it may look tough, there’s a reason you rarely see Olympic athletes compete in leather pants. Spandex gives the wearer a much wider range of motion, making it easier to backflip off a gargoyle and kick a ninja in the face. As a result, a slightly redesigned costume was introduced in season two, which kept most of the new look while making it easier to move around. As Daredevil actor Charlie Cox told IGN, “there were some things that didn’t work quite as well, just in terms of maneuverability and comfort…So the lower portion of the suit is slightly baggier, and we go back to the old combat boots as well, which make it easier for me and my stunt double to jump and kick and do all the things you need to do as Daredevil.”

Luke Cage

Luke Cage never adopted the skintight getup popular with other superheroes, but his traditional outfit was still pretty goofy, featuring a silver headband and a yellow blouse open to the waist. While that look undoubtedly killed at Studio 54, it didn’t outlast the ’70s. By 1992 it was considered so cringeworthy that Luke was depicted tearing it in pieces on the cover of his own comic. However, it does get a fun shout-out in the TV series, which sees Luke grab a yellow shirt to wear while still sporting the metallic headpiece and cuffs from the experiment that gave him superpowers.

While most comics artists simply update Luke’s original costume into a yellow T-shirt, the Netflix series prefers darker clothes. Luke also wears a lot of hoodies, which wasn’t simply an aesthetic choice. Star Mike Colter told MTV News that the dark hoodie was “symbolic because of Trayvon Martin. We talked about that specifically, what that would mean to people and the feelings it would evoke in viewers. Irregardless of the entertainment value, what this show says politically resonates profoundly.”


Although the “Guardians of the Galaxy” name has been around since the ’60s, they were never a major part of the Marvel Universe, and the version of the team that inspired the movie actually only debuted in 2008. Since fans weren’t particularly attached to such an obscure property, director James Gunn was able to make some pretty big changes to the characters. In the comics, Star-Lord (real name Peter Quill) is an established hero who assembles the Guardians as a kind of galactic police force. They even have spiffy uniforms and a base on the giant severed head Knowhere (home to the Collector in the movie).

Of course, the movie version of Star-Lord is more of a criminal than a cop, which required a drastic costume redesign. The uniform and logo were ditched for a roguish leather jacket and T-shirt combo. The classic helmet was scaled back to a faceplate, giving the character a less militaristic look. And the bullet-spraying Kree machine guns were switched for some PG-13 blasters. After the movie became a hit, the new outfit was largely imported to the comics, even though it makes less sense for an experienced soldier like the comic book version of Star-Lord.


Thanos has made a big impact in the MCU, despite standing up for less than 30 seconds so far. This love of sitting ominously is very true to the comics, where the character’s inventively named Space Throne can teleport and travel between dimensions (but doesn’t have cool hovering space armrests). Comics Thanos does seem more active than his movie counterpart, who can be heard whining about having to collect the Infinity Stones himself during his post-credits appearance in Age of Ultron. Compare that to the comic book Thanos, who was once spotted whizzing around New York in a personalized helicopter, pushing over children.

Thanos’s costume has been updated to give him a more armored look, replacing the skintight space spandex beloved by comics artists everywhere. The blue-and-gold color scheme remains, but is somewhat muted, and the helmet is now a separate piece instead of being connected to the neck plate. The character’s traditional purple complexion actually did make an appearance in The Avengers, but was replaced with a milder blue by Guardians of the Galaxy. Perhaps he just needs to work on his tan.


Perhaps no Marvel character has changed quite so drastically as Groot over the years. While he remains a tree creature from space, the current Groot bears little resemblance to his original characterization as a gigantic monster with a tendency to scream out his evil plans for all to hear. This won him no respect at all—in his first appearance, he was defeated when some random guy doused him with termites. He was eventually retconned as a hero who could only speak the words “I am Groot,” which was a substantial improvement over his original dialogue.

However, the comic version of Groot retained a fairly sinister appearance and an obviously keen intelligence. For the movie, the character was redesigned to emphasize his kindness and innocence. His snarling mouth was abandoned and he was given human-like eyes instead of the glowing orbs he boasted in the comics. As a result, it’s hard to imagine anyone being scared of movie Groot, while his comics counterpart is still sometimes a terrifying space monster.










Teen Figure Skater Lands Hardest Routine In History To Earn Spot At Olympics

Making athletic history is no easy feat. But making athletic history while earning a spot on one of the most prestigious sports team around? That’s outright amazing.

And that’s exactly what Nathan Chen did during his figure skating routine at the 2018 United States National Championships earlier this week.

The athlete, who is only 18 years old, took to the ice at the SAP Center in San Jose, California looking confident and collected, despite the immense pressure he’s under. He’s about to attempt a routine that would literally go down in history if executed flawlessly—all while vying for a spot on the Team USA Olympic figure skating team.

The announcer’s voice informs that Nathan in the youngest of five children born to Chinese immigrants, and that in 2010, he told sportscaster Andrea Joyce that he’d be at the Olympics in 2018.

The realization of his prediction quite literally rests on his performance, which involves landing five quadruple jumps in a single program. No other skater in history has ever accomplished this difficult feat.

Despite the fact that he’s been sick and struggling in practice, Nathan’s routine starts off strong. He soars across the ice in a black unitard with a balletic sense of grace that many figure skaters strive for but never perfect.

When it comes time for his first jump sequence, a triple into his first quad, you can feel the tension—but Nathan completes it with apparent ease.

He continues his routine, seamlessly moving into complex footwork and a gorgeous spin. The music seems to be using his body as a physical vessel, directing his limbs how to flow like liquid across the ice.

After he nails his second and third quad jumps, it feels as if you could cut the tension in the air with butter. His nearly perfect routine all comes down to his one final jump, which he brilliantly lands. Finishing in a flurry of footwork and spins, the routine is an astounding display or artistry and athleticism.

Nathan leaves the ice with a knowing smile on his face and sits down with his coach to await the scores. Once it’s confirmed that he scored over a 100—a 104.45, to be exact–he knows he’s not only won the US championship, but that he’s also headed to PyeongChang to compete among the best in the world for the gold.

Watch his astounding performance below and share if you can’t wait to watch Nathan compete in the Olympics!


Highly Questionable Photoshops


Mistakes The Allies Made In World War 2

While the Allied forces during World War 2 eventually won the war, they made many considerable mistakes along the way. Rarely do we remember or care about the mistakes of the victors, but valuable lessons can be gleaned from them nevertheless. From the policy of appeasement to dropping the ball at Dunkirk to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Allies were clearly not perfect and made plenty of mistakes along the road to victory. So, what were they? Well, get ready to go back in time, here are 25 Mistakes The Allies Made In World War 2.

The Failure of Appeasement

In the pre-war period of World War 2, Britain and France took on a policy of appeasement to stave off war. Knowing the European democracies didn’t want war, Hitler pushed their limits to see how much he could get away with. This policy became notorious when English Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain met with Hitler at Berchtesgaden and, without consulting the Czech government, essentially gave Hitler all of the Sudetenland. He came back to England declaring “Peace in our time,” but only made things worse. Hitler eventually dismembered all of Czechoslovakia.

Underestimating the Japanese

American racists’ beliefs about the Japanese were a big reason they weren’t ready for them before Pearl Harbor. American magazines and newspapers considered them inept, technologically backward, and “funny” people. They also thought they were physiologically incapable of being good aviators and that their inner ear was askew because their big sisters would bounce them around on their back.

Failure to Anticipate the German Blitz

Despite clear signs that Hitler was about to invade France through the Ardennes, France, and other Allied leaders totally ignored them, not believing Hitler would do it. Failure to anticipate Hitler’s actions led to one of the most devastating military defeats in the 20th century with Hitler unleashing a panzer offensive known as the blitzkrieg. Seven weeks later, Hitler toured Paris for the first time, taking a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower. To spite them, he forced France to surrender in the same carriage that Germany surrendered 22 years before.

The Failure to Attack Germany after They Invaded Poland

England and France assured Poland they would be protected if invaded, yet on September 1st, 1939, Germany invaded Poland and decimated their military with more than 2,000 tanks and 1,000 planes. Within 27 days, Warsaw surrendered. While England and France declared war on Germany in retaliation, they effectively did nothing afterward. The declaration was meaningless, and Poland ultimately remained occupied by Nazi forces until 1945.

Seizing the Initiative at Anzio

On January 22, 1944, British and American troops carried out an amphibious landing on the shores of Italy near Anzio and Nettuno. The German resistance was so light they were able to complete many of their objectives early, moving four miles inland that night. Clearly, the Germans were not ready for the invasion. However, rather than taking the initiative and moving further in toward Rome, the Allies waited and prepared. This proved costly and allowed the German commanders to prepare and lead a much more effective assault, resulting in four months of some of the bloodiest fighting in the war.

Churchill Sending Troops to Greece

In October 1940, Mussolini sent troops into Greece, triggering a wider-ranging conflict. While the Greeks pushed Mussolini back themselves, the Germans signaled invasion. Churchill, not wanting to lose Greek independence, offered assistance and sent Australian and New Zealander troops from Egypt. The German invasion totally overwhelmed Greek and British forces, and poor communication and bad infrastructure didn’t help. 50,000 British troops evacuated, leaving all their equipment behind, while 3,700 British and 15,000 Greek soldiers were killed. Churchill later admitted the decision was an error.Ike’s Early Errors.

Ike’s Early Errors

While General Eisenhower became one of the greatest leaders in World War 2, his early start in the war was met with many errors, including logistical messes, poor cooperation between English-American militaries, and failure to lead in combat operations. His British contemporary Field Marshal Alan Brooke was increasingly frustrated and critical of Eisenhower at this time, saying, “Nice chap, no general.”

Slow Development of Atomic Research

Albert Einstein wrote a letter to FDR in 1939, warning him about the dangers of uranium enrichment and how it could potentially be used as a bomb by the Germans. The Germans had discovered it and already had a head start. FDR responded cautiously, developing a committee to research the matter further, but the order to build an atomic bomb didn’t come until 1941. If the Germans hadn’t lost their physicists, many of them Jewish, and taken the gamble to develop the project further, it would have been too late, and they would have easily won World War 2.

No French Flanking During the German Blitzkrieg

Not only did the French fail to anticipate the German blitzkrieg strategy, their army was entirely disorganized and unprepared to counter it effectively. Blitzkrieg is severely vulnerable to counter-attacks and flanking. If the French had developed early flanking defenses like the Russians had, they wouldn’t have been conquered so easily.

Omaha Beach

Speaking of Omaha Beach, its invasion by Allied forces was not without serious problems. The Navy launched their landing crafts too far out at choppy sea, resulting in capsized vessels and extensive loss of men and equipment. In addition, the airborne fleet failed in its objective, leaving invading troops to be vulnerable, forcing them to hide behind the bodies of fallen comrades. Fortunately for the Allied forces, the Germans also made their fair share of mistakes.


While Dunkirk turned out to be a success story, rescuing hundreds of thousands of British soldiers from enemy territory, it was also a massive military disaster that almost left England defenseless and without an infantry. The 400,000 British troops stationed in Belgium were there to fight off the German invasion, but instead, they were left surrounded and practically powerless. Poor-planning, intelligence, and leadership put them in the awful Dunkirk situation. If Hitler had destroyed and captured the British men there, things may have turned out differently in the war.

Intelligence Failure of Pearl Harbor

Outside of racist assumptions about the people of Japan, the United States intelligence about the military capabilities of Japan was horribly out of date due to Japan’s intense secrecy and the US not having deep contacts on the ground. For instance, the US thought they lacked the fuel capacity to bring them in range of Pearl Harbor, that their torpedoes wouldn’t be ineffective in Pearl Harbor’s shallow waters, and that their airplanes were copies from other military forces.

Operation Market Garden

The brainchild of General Bernard Montgomery, Operation Market Garden was a massive operation that could have not only ended the war but drastically changed the European landscape, keeping the Soviets from taking over Berlin. The operation involved a narrow thrust into German lines rather than a wide offensive. For a time, it looked like the Allied forces victory was within grasp, but when they reached the route to Arnhem, everything fell apart, thousands were killed, and their troops were forced to retreat.

Not Fighting the Soviets

This one is definitely the most controversial. When Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allied forces, both General Patton and Winston Churchill already had their eyes set on the Soviet Union, fearing their growing dominance. Churchill had his war cabinet come up with intelligence and a plan to potentially strike against Soviet forces in Eastern Europe and drive them back. It was called Operation Unthinkable. The outlook, unfortunately, was not good. His cabinet told him the Soviets would likely bombard the UK with missiles and other advanced weaponry, so Churchill backed off and so did the Allies. The Iron Curtain fell quickly, allowing for a long, tense Cold War. Perhaps that was their greatest mistake?


Most Dangerous Animals In The World

When you are out and about in the natural world, then there are certain animals you may want to avoid. This could be on a walk down the beach or through a wooded trail – the kind of creatures that cause serious damage can be find in the most unusual places sometimes. It may surprise you to know however, that many of the most deadly won’t have big teeth or claws as Lions do for example.


This might surprise you, but we are among the most deadly animals around! If you want to see one of the most blood-thirsty and ingenious animals for killing, then you only have to look in the mirror. Humans may not win in a fair fight against the others here, but our cunning has allowed us to climb to the top of the food chain.

This is mainly due to using weapons to give us an advantage over others. When it comes to aggression to other animals and each other – nothing comes close to us. After all, have you ever heard of a Black Mamba developing nuclear weapons to use on other snakes?!


Known for its eerie laughter, this is one savage scavenger. It mainly feats on dead carcasses but will hunt prey if hungry enough. Even more worryingly it can get a taste for human flesh at times if corpses are left out, unburied. When this has happened, it has been known to hunt humans and take them for food. This is one real killing machine with a very harsh bite and a real aggressive nature.


This is one really weird looking fish and one that has a bit of a grumpy look about it. As creatures of the sea go, it isn’t the prettiest. These looks may be to warn others to stay way though which is a great idea for us humans. Very fast and very hard to see when in the water, they are among the most venomous fish around. The issue you can is not seeing them and then stepping on them by accident. The venom they then inject into you could easily kill you.

Siafu Ants

Known better as Drive Ants, they can come in colonies of up to 50 million! The problem is that they operate as one single body so if you kill one, the others will feel it and come after you for revenge. This can be an issue for walkers who may step on one by mistake when out enjoying the air in jungles. Once they latch onto you with their powerful jaws, they are very hard to get off and can take down much larger prey as they swarm all over it.

Deathstalker Scorpion

With a name like this, you know this is one animal not to mess with! Living up to the name, this scorpion is very dangerous and can easily kill you with its sting. They also give a nasty bite that is very, very painful for hours afterwards. So bad is this little critter that 75% of all scorpion deaths are attributed to it each year.

Cape Buffalo

Although not many people would think of this as very dangerous, it really is! It can run at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour and the average weight is around 2,000 pounds which shows just why. The main problem is that they are very aggressive and like to charge at victims with no provocation. Don’t think you are safe in a car either – they will run at vehicles too when they feel like it!

Black Mamba

There are many deadly snakes around the world that can kill you from the Gaboon Viper to the King Cobra. The Black Mamba makes this list though because of its aggression, speed and powerful venom. One bite from this snake is certainly enough to kill you, very quickly. If no anti-venom is near, then you are in trouble. It will chase victims at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour and can raise itself up to head height also. A truly dangerous thing!

Box Jellyfish

This is yet another deadly creature from the sea! In truth, there are actually quite a few different varieties of box jellyfish, but all are bad for you. The simple facts are that even if you do survive a sting from this creature, you will be in severe pain for a long time after. Many people will not survive though and there have been many deaths recorded from this sea dweller. If you spot one in the water or on the box, it is wise to give it a wide berth.

Cone Snail

This is more of a beach than ocean dweller. The issue with this creature is that one drop of its venom is enough to kill twenty adults and there is no anti-venom for it. It also looks like a lot of other snails you will see on shore to further add to the problems! Once stung, you will die in a lot of pain within a few minutes.


Ashley Graham refutes Vogue cover rumors

Model, Ashley Graham, is refuting rumors that Vogue tried to hide her size on a cover.

Graham, who came to prominence as a plus sized model, has become a talisman for a movement in the fashion industry to portray more women of average or above average size as beautiful or fashionable as well. Graham was cast on her first ever cover of Vogue alongside other fashion icons such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner as well as four other women. Graham is the only “plus-sized” woman on the cover, where the seven women are close together with arms around the waists of their compatriots. Fans of Graham began to question why she was the only of the models to be covering her skin. Graham holds a hand on her thigh on the cover. Many began to question whether Vogue might have asked her to do so in order to cover the size of her leg.

“I still don’t get why they made you cover your leg!! And you are the only one posing like that,” pondered one fan.

“I chose to pose like one told me to do anything,” responded Graham.

Other fans also questioned whether or not the left arm of Hadid had been elongated in order to cover the stomach of Graham.

“You look amazing but I am still disappointed in Vogue … Gigi’s hand does not look normal to me … think they may have photoshopped you … god knows why!” wrote another fan.


Cast of Veep celebrates losing again at the SAG awards

The cast of HBO’s hit series Veep is celebrating … yet another Screen Actors Guild awards defeat.

Veep lost to Orange is the New Black for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series during the awards show Saturday, but you they didn’t seem that dejected about it, according to a People report.

The Veep stars posed in a photo after their loss, with some of the cast — including star Julia Louis-Dreyfus — putting their fingers in the shape of an “L” on their foreheads while frowning.

Tony Hale, seeming to drown away his sorrows after their second straight defeat, was chugging on a buttle of champagne for the black and white photo.

Louis-Dreyfus wrote a caption for the photo: “Us. Now. @SAGawards it’s an honor to be nominated.”

The cast can’t be too disappointed. Their show has proven to be a big success and they have plenty of other trophies for their mantles. Louis-Dreyfus herself is currently riding a four-year streak for winning best lead actress in a comedy series at the Emmys.

The cast was similarly goofy after losing at the Golden Globes earlier this month. The cast also did the “loser” signs then as well.

Veep premiered backed on April 22, 2012, and the fifth season of the series will premiere on April 24.

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All you need to know about Dafne Keen from Logan the movie

There is a new child star in Hollywood.

Her name is Dafne Keen, and opposite Hugh Jackman in the latest Wolverine stand-alone spin-off logan, she is causing people to take notice with her film debut as female wolverine.

In the film, the approximately four-foot tall Laura comes under the guidance of Hugh Jackman’s Logan character as she evades people hell-bent on destroying her in the violent R-rated film.

There are a few things about the talented Dafne Keen you need to keep in mind as you prepare to watch this incredible film:

While casting for the role of Laura, the flick’s director James Mangold asked United Kingdom director Priscilla John to find a 12-yr-girl trained in martial arts, acrobatics and tumbling skills.

Ms. John searched through England and Ireland, and despite interviewing more than 500 kids, came up short. She then decided to widen her search to include kids residing in Spain, and that’s when one of her associates remembered Keen and asked her father, Will, to record his daughter on tape.

“She’s looking all around her, and (in her eyes) you could see she was devouring everything in the room,” John said of the then 10-year-old’s casting tape.

According to John, Keen had an innocence and vulnerability about her, and he was convinced that movie lovers would be smitten by her.

Keen has acting in her blood. Her British father, Will Keen, has appeared in a number of flicks including playing Michael Adeane on Netflix’s The crown. He also played Thomas Cranmer in Wolf Hall.

Keen’s mother, Maria Fernandez Ache, is a Spanish actress. She is also a director and writer. In 2015, she co-starred alongside Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle in Anti-Social, a British gangster film.

Keen is fluent in both Spanish and English. This skill was helpful in landing her the role of a pre-teen Latina mutant on the run.



True Blood’s Nelson Ellis dies, age 39

True Blood fans were grief-stricken to learn of the death Saturday of series-favorite, Nelson Ellis, who planed Lafayette Reynolds on the show. He died of heart failure.

Ellis’s tragic death at age 39 was caused by years of alcohol and drug use, his family told The Hollywood Reporter (THR).

“Nelsans father has bravely agreed for me to share the circumstances of Nelsan’s heart failure,” said a statement released through the actor’s manager, Emily Gearson Saines. “After many stints in rehab, Nelson attempted to withdraw from alcohol on his own. According to his father, during his withdrawal from alcohol he had a blood infection, his kidneys shut down, his liver was swollen, his blood pressure plummeted, and his dear sweet heart raced out of control.”

Ellis was pronounced dead on July 8 after spending four days in the hospital. His family decided to come forward with details of his death in the hope of saving others.

“Nelsan was ashamed of his addiction and thus was reluctant to talk about it during his life,” the statement said. “His family, however, believes that in death he would want his life to serve as a cautionary tale in an attempt to help others.”

The beloved actor, whose strong and sensitive portrayal of a gay black man on True Blood won him many accolades, was born in Harvey, Illinois. After attending Oxford University and Columbia College in Chicago, he graduated from the renowned Julliard School, the THR report said.

“We were extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Nelson Ellis,” said HBO, in a statement. “Nelson was a longtime member of the HBO family whose groundbreaking portrayal of Lafayette will be remembered fondly within the overall legacy of True Blood. Nelson will be dearly missed by his fans and all of us at HBO.”

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MTV star Danny Dias, 34, found dead

Danny Dias, the star of MTV’s Road Rules and Road Rules: X-Treme, was found dead by police on Saturday in his Brooklyn, New York, apartment. He was just 34 years old.

While the exact cause of death is still unknown, a source told People that Dias was found surrounded by hallucinogenic drugs and with lacerations on his wrists.

According to TMZ, which first reported the story, the police are treating the death as a possible suicide.

“We’re told Dias was at his Brooklyn apartment Saturday with a friend,” TMZ reports. “Law enforcement sources say the friend told them he saw Dias take what he believed was LSD and mushrooms. The friend says Dias freaked out, ran in his room and that was the last the friend saw of him.”

The friend reportedly left the apartment and then called 911 on Monday after failing to get a response from Dias over the course of two days. The emergency team found Dias dead in his bedroom.

A native of New Jersey, Dias appeared on season 13 of MTV’s Road Rules and Road Rules: X-Treme, which were produced in Argentina and Chile and aired in 2004. He also starred in Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet 2, which premiered in 2005.

After leaving MTV, Dias studied acting, held various jobs, and co-founded a charity for AIDS research, People reports.