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Teenage Dancer Mimics Real-Life Barbie In Mind-Blowing Performance

Most little girls grew up playing with a Barbie. She was impossibly skinny and her movements were almost robotic — because she only bent in certain spots, and, well, we controlled her every move.

We all learned that Barbie wasn’t a real person. Surely, no one moved that way or looked like that in real life, right? That’s where we were wrong, though. Nineteen-year-old self-proclaimed animation dancer and “possibly a real-life robot,” Dytto is basically Barbie in the flesh.

Dytto has been dancing for years, but she was largely brought into the pop culture spotlight by Ellen DeGeneres. The TV host invited the young dancer on her show after watching a video of her World of Dance routine in 2015.

Her unique style — a combination of popping, animation, and tutting creates a truly mind-blowing performance. While talking with Ellen, Dytto made sure to point out how she’s different from other dancers, saying that she adds feminine flairs amidst a largely male-dominated genre.

The video of her routine at the World of Dance competition was set to a remix of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl,” and it’s easy to see why she picked it. Dytto mimics Barbie’s moves like it’s second nature.

Of course, she adds some of her own moves that make the dance truly hers. If you’ve never seen someone pop (moving your body in quick, mechanical steps) or tut (similar movements with your hands and fingers), this is a performance to watch. You won’t be able to take your eyes off her!

See the video below and don’t forget to share Dytto’s phenomenal talents with your friends.


The World’s Strangest Airports

Millions of people use airports every day. And let’s be honest, most folks don’t want to spend more time at the airport than they need to. Because why bother? They are all the same. When you’ve seen one, you’ve probably seen them all – right?
Not quite. While most of the airports are practically identical, there are some that would fascinate you with their unique qualities. Whether it’s because of size, physical location or building design, we’ve found 8 airports that are so wacky and bizarre that they require more than just a pass-through.

1. Denver International Airport
Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA, is the 15th busiest airport in the world by passenger volume (5th in the U.S.), and has been a topic of conspiracy talk since it opened. Rumor has it that it was built over some top secret underground base. Only the millions of prairie dogs that live in burrows around the airport know for sure! If you take a look at the runway shape, it looks curiously like a swastika (well, at least from above). There is also the strange artwork on the airport walls that have been described as disturbing and has come under much scrutiny.

2. Agatti Airport
This unique airport, located in India, is the only airport in the world that is completely surrounded by water. Its runway is only 4,000ft long and is considered to be short and dangerous. Odd maybe because you land and then have to take a boat to your final destination. Have a nice vacation!

3. Congonhas Airport
This one is Brazil’s second busiest airport and located just a few miles from the busy city center. It looks awfully like your landing in Central Park in New York, don’t you think? Because of the airport’s close proximity to the city, it’s a real challenge for pilots to land a flight.

4. Ice Runway

It’s not exactly an airport…This is more like an isolated runway, located in Antarctica. Ice Runway serves as a landing zone for planes that bring food and supplies to over 1,000 scientists who live and work at McMurdo Station. The planes are usually large and heavy. That’s why during the summer, when the ice is too thin to support them, the residents of the station are forced to go without fresh fruits and vegetables and other essential supplies.

5. Gibraltar International Airport
This one is totally crazy. We all know that a moving vehicle is not allowed near the airport runaway. But at Gibraltar Airport, vehicles pass over the busy runway on regular basis. Why? Because the main road that connects the peninsula and the mainland passes straight over the airport runway. In order for planes to land safely, the road must be shut down and blocked while the planes land.

6. Don Muang International
Don Muang International Airport in Thailand might seem quite ordinary at first sight, but once you take a closer look, you’ll notice that there is an 18 hole golf course in between the two runways. Crazy, huh?

7. Kansai International Airport
It’s not that easy to find a large open space to land in Japan. This is why the country spent $20 billion constructing the off-coast airport. This man-made island is so huge; it can be seen from space. It is built to withstand the devastating storms and earthquakes that are common in and around Japan.

8. Barra Airport
Location – Scotland (the Hebridean island of Barra, to be more specific). This airport is the wackiest indeed. Why? Because the landings must be made only when the tide is out. Yep, you’ve heard it right. The plane lands straight on the beach.


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10 Movies Most Feminist Can’t Stand

Watching movies is a great pass time and who doesn’t like to watch them? However, if you’re a feminist you most likely can’t stand the following films.

10. Almost Famous (2000)


9. Fight Club (1999)

8. Love Actually (2003)

7. The Breakfast Club (1985)

6. The Notebook (2004)

5. Armageddon (1998)

4. Elizabeth Town (2005)

3.  Pretty In Pink (1986)

2. Big Fish (2003)

1 Disney Princess Movies



5 Women Who Dumped Prince Harry Before He Found New Love

The news about Prince Harry’s engagement has gone viral on social media like wildfire. Everyone is talking about his fiancé and trying to figure out whether she is in fact the perfect match for him. And while there are some girls are saddened by the news that he’s taken, and they no longer have a chance to become his princess, most of the public is pretty happy for him. After all, Prince Harry’s romantic life has been all over the place. He definitely dated around, but not all of his romantic conquest were successful, some women actually turned him down, can you imagine? Let’s take a look at 7 women who either turned down his advances or dumped him after a couple of dates.

1. Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack is another TV presenter that Harry used to date. He really does have a taste for women on TV, doesn’t he? Anyway, Caroline and Harry dated after he and Chelsy broke up. Carolie was used to media attention and wasn’t exactly fazed by famous people, after all, she used to date Harry Styles from One Direction. But with time it became apparent that there’s media attention and paparazzi, and then there’s the crazy pressure of dating a Prince, which became unbearable and they broke up.

2. Natalie Pinkham

Natalie Pinkham had her 5 minutes of glory when British tabloid The Sun published a picture of her and Prince Harry on a night out in a club. It wasn’t a very serious relationship, but they used to date for a while. In the end it didn’t really work out, because Natalie was a television presenter and already had her share of media attention, adding a relationship with a royal wasn’t exactly a great idea.

3. Chelsy Davy

Chelsy was Prince Harry’s first and biggest love. They met when they were still kids, he used to call her the love of his life and hoped to marry her. They started dating in 2004 and were on and off until 2011. But while Harry was totally head over heels, Chelsy wasn’t so sure about becoming a part of the royal family. And after she witnessed the scrutiny that Kate Middleton had to go through she decided it’s not for her and dumped the Prince. Plus, Chelsy wasn’t the only one who had doubts about joining the royal family, the Queen wasn’t so sure about her either.

4. Mollie King

Mollie King is an English model and singer. She’s probably best known for being a part of the girl band The Saturdays. She and Prince Harry have been seen hanging out together in 2012, mostly in clubs and at various after parties, but they’ve never really been seen out and about together during the day. She later confessed that while she agreed to go on a couple of dates with Harry, she didn’t let it go to far, because dating a Prince was too much for her.

5. Florence Brudenell-Bruce

Florence became Harry’s first serious girlfriend after his breakup with Chelsy. And while this definitely wasn’t a fling, they only dated for one summer and eventually broke up. She actually married a multi millionaire Henry Edward Hugh St George a couple of years later, so dating Harry was really an image booster for her.

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Wow! This guy Proposed to his Girlfriend with a Custom made Monopoly Board Game


On Christmas morning in 2014 Justin Lebon proposed to his girlfriend, Michal Ott in a unique way. Justin had hired a woodworker named Mark Becker to help him create a specially custom made Monopoly board with personalized locations, loaded dice and a secret slot that held an engagement ring.


The happy couple loved playing Monopoly in their spare time together

Justin knew for a long time he was going to purpose to his girlfriend on Christmas morning

Michael unwraps her Christmas present

She landed on Chance, which said, “Will You Marry Me?”

He popped open the secret compartment and put the ring on her finger

Thankfully, Michal said yes!

The happy couple!


12 Times The Internet Nailed T-Shirt Pairings

Odds are, you’ve seen at least one of those “I’m with dumber” shirts that have an arrow pointing to a nearby friend.

They’re funny fashion statements, but the people below took the concept of matching shirts and really ran with it. The results are hilarious, adorable, and downright genius! From couples to whole families and best friends, these paired-up tees are so smart, we’re kind of bummed we didn’t think of them first.

1. Some people have adapted the original idea to their particular interests

2. These two hope to never become separated — but worse case scenario, they’re covered

3. Couple goals right here

4. Dad wants to instill a love of pizza early on

 5.I wonder when he’ll drop another single?

6.There’s still room for a Christmas album


7.The nerd in me loves this so much

8. Ain’t that the truth!

9.What more could you ask for?

10.No problems here

11.This is pretty much the best thing I’ve seen in a while

12. Sounds about right


Does Smoking Weed Make You More Creative?

A new study on the effects of smoking marijuana and its relation to creativity has some interesting results.

The study consisted of 412 marijuana users (they couldn’t find 8 more?) and 309 non-users, and they attempted to answer the question: Does smoking marijuana make you more creative?

Emily LaFrance, the co-author of the study and graduate student at Washington State University, says she first became interested in the topic when she noticed that a lot of her favorite artists admit they smoke marijuana. “This cannabis use was commonly thought to have been a cause of the creative success of many artists,” she explains. “I began to wonder about this commonly held idea – are cannabis users really more creative than non-users?”

The study is called “Inspired by Mary Jane? Mechanisms underlying enhanced creativity in cannabis users” and was published in Consciousness and Cognition. It examined the participants over a variety of areas including psychological tests, and measuring creative works and achievements.

Some major points from the study include:

  • Cannabis users were more likely to be extroverted and open to new experiences.
  • Cannabis users reported higher levels of artistic creativity, but not a higher amount of creative achievements or completed works.
  • Cannabis users performed better on a convergent thinking test (which tests creative problem solving).

Overall, they did find that those who use marijuana are more creative than their counterparts who do not use it, but when they dug deeper they made a startling discovery.

When the scientists included the personality traits into the data, they realized that these traits on their own could determine whether a person is more open to using marijuana, as well as drive a tendency to be more creative.

“Cannabis users may be more creative than non-users,” LaFrance says, “but this is not because using cannabis has increased their creativity.” She goes on to explain that it’s the fact that marijuana users “are more open to experience than non-users, and this openness to experience is associated with both cannabis use, and heightened creativity.”

So there you have it: if you smoke pot you’re probably more creative than people who don’t… but it’s not necessarily the weed that’s got your creativity going. It was you all along!

Note: This study was conducted with all subjects being sober, meaning none of them were under the influence of marijuana during the test.


5 Outrageous Pics that Demonstrate how Cropping can Completing Change the Story

Photos are often changed by using Photoshop, but cropping a picture can also be just as effective. Cropping works well because it makes us question what is happening in the photograph. Because a cropped picture only shows us part of an image, it makes us guess what’s going on.

Not everything appears, how it seems, so stop thinking dirty!

5. When he asks for a dirty shot, you send him this!

4. New boob job?

3. Get your minds out of the gutter!

2. Baby feet

1.Traveling selfie



Tiny Dog Refuses To Let Pig Sleep Immediately Regrets It When He Finally Wakes Up!

Remember when you were a kid and you got up before everybody else, and you were desperate to go out and play but didn’t have anyone to play with?

Maybe you “accidentally” turned up the volume on the TV a little too loud, or “accidentally” dropped a plate, or some other diabolical play to help move things along. It doesn’t take much to wake up some people, but deep sleepers call for desperate measures…

At least, that’s what this adorable little husky mix discovered.

His pal was in such a deep slumber that he was snoring, but this playful little husky just couldn’t wait any longer.

“Wake! Up! It’s time to play!”

The husky barks and growls to no avail. Then he abandons all sense of decency and personal space… and starts jumping on the pig! Not just once, not twice, but for a full 25 seconds!

Well, careful what you wish for, buddy.

Remember the famous quote about “awakening a sleeping giant”? The split-second Mr. Pig starts lumbering to his feet, the husky’s sense of self-preservation kicks in – and he’s outta there.

It’s either that or the little guy just wants the pig to engage in a game of chase.

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Wow! This 80-Year-Old Man Built A Dog Train To Give Stray Dogs New Adventures

80-year-old, Eugene Bostick is a retired man who lives in Fort Worth Texas, and he spends his days on one of the coolest trains ever made. He made a train just for rescued stray dogs to ride on to give them a sense of adventure. Eugine and his brother Corky live on the same dead- end street and a lot of people abandon their dogs there. Eugene gave them a place to live and adopted the stray dogs he and would take them for rides on his tractor. He started making his dog train by attaching carts to the tractor and now whenever the dogs see or hear him hooking up the tractor to the train carts they can’t wait for their next ride.

It started with just four dogs and a tractor

Soon more dogs showed up and Eugine turned the tractor into a train for the pooches

Eugine takes the dogs out on the train twice a week

Take a look at the video below: