5 Unique Facts About iTunes

Streaming services have become the norm these days. However, Napster basically started people listening to music solely online. iTunes has put a stamp on music and showed people the way of creating something they can listen to at home or on the road. Here are 5 unique facts about iTunes.

Launched With Over 200,000 Songs 

iTunes launched in 2003 with exclusive tracks from artists, such as Eminem, U2, Sheryl Crow, and others. It became a thing to create a playlist that you can organize on your computer to sync to your iPod.

Took the World By Storm in One Week

In just one week, it sold over 1 million songs. Not to mention, 130,000 iPods were sold in that same week. It showed that Apple had the potential to create the most successful online music platform. 

Two Months Later It Sold 5 Million Songs

Jobs was pleased with this success, and it showed that people wanted to buy music online legally. It became a significant thing for the new age technology to create a pathway between the platform and the consumer. 

It Became the #1 Retailer 5 Years After the Launch

Just 5 years after the launch, iTunes became the #1 retailer in the U.S. Yes, it even beat out Wal-Mart at that time. 

Motorola Was the First Company to Incorporate iTunes With Their Mobile Phone

The first mobile phone that allowed access to iTunes was the Motorola ROKR. Users could download 100 songs to it and listen whenever they wanted. There was a convenience that made things much more enjoyable. While the ROKR wasn’t successful, it paved the way for Apple to create the iPhone and expand on things. 

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