5 Things You May Not Have Known About the Telephone

When it comes to communication, nothing sped things up more than the telephone. Instead of waiting weeks or even a month for a letter, you can get an important message out with a phone call. Here are 5 things you may not have known about the telephone. 

“Hello” Wasn’t the First Greeting

Apparently, Alexander Graham Bell said “Ahoy” for the original greeting when you would call someone or receive it. However, Thomas Edison changed it to what we now know as “Hello.”

Alexander Graham Bell Wasn’t the First Inventor

There were various pioneers of this invention. However, Antonio Meucci is often credited with developing the prototype called the “teletrofono.” Bell was able to expand on this invention by creating a sound transmission that could travel a distance. 

The Telegraph Was the Precursor 

Before the telephone, the telegraph was used to transmit written messages over long distances. The telephone expanded on this technology by incorporating sound waves. Pretty cool, right? 

The First Phones Had Manual Switchboards

We take this for granted these days, but people were hired to work the switchboards. You needed a phone operator to get you through long-distance calls. 

Deaf Community Inspired the Invention

Bell’s wife, Mabel, was deaf. She actually loved the concept of the phone and Bell grew interested in telecommunication to help her restore her hearing. It’s pretty interesting to see how things have evolved.

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