6 Weird Rules for Meeting British Royalty

Each country has its own eccentric ways of doing things. You can expect it to be heightened when it comes to their wealthy/royal class. Here are 6 weird rules to follow when meeting British Royalty. 

Don’t Turn Your Back on the Queen

Honestly, this isn’t too farfetched because turning your back on someone means you don’t care to hear what they say. However, this is extremely impolite when you meet the Queen. Just keep full-frontal attention on her when engaging.

Do What She Does at a Dinner Event 

You only eat when the queen begins to eat. Also, you finish things up when she gets ready to leave the table. When she stands or goes to the restroom, you stand out of respect for her. 

No Extreme Bowing

While this may a custom in other parts of the world, it’s okay to do a quick bow to show respect. However, overdoing it can cause discomfort. The Queen may rather you speak politely and elegantly instead. 

Arrive Before the Royals 

It’s not a good look to arrive fashionably late. Make sure you get to the dinner engagement before the Queen. Also, don’t make any additional plans because the event usually goes on beyond said time. 

Speak When Spoken To 

Don’t speak to the Queen until she acknowledges you. The same goes for a handshake. Royal British people are a bit antsy when it comes to touchy, feely vibes.

Bring a Gift

When meeting a royal member, make sure to bring a gift. It’s a sign of respect and shows you’re grateful for the opportunity to meet. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant gift. Pick something thoughtful. 

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