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6 Female Crime Lords Who Showed No Mercy

We always talk about the male gangsters, crime bosses, and soldiers, but there were some ladies even more brutal than the guys. They took no mess and carved out their stake in the underworld. Here are 6 female crime lords who repped hard. 

Thelma Wright 

Here’s someone who started out as a Catholic church girl but got on the wrong track. She married a heroin supplier from Philadelphia’s Black Mafia. However, he wound up with a bullet in his head. After this, she stepped up her game and became known as “Boss Lady.” She started making $400,000 a month but eventually got out of the game. She’s now a motivational speaker steering people away from the drug racket. 

Pearl Elliott

From running a brothel to working as a “treasurer” for John Dillinger, she had her hand in various enterprises. She was thorough to the point where she even hid bank robbers in her brothel. She died from illness, not from crime. 

Ma Barker

There was a reason why J. Edgar Hoover called her vicious, dangerous, and resourceful. She had a penchant for committing big-time highway robberies in her day. Not to mention, she murdered people when she felt it was necessary. From movies to different characters, she’s inspired a lot of female matriarchs in crime.

Gertrude Lythgoe

In a Prohibition-era bootlegging game dominated by men, she set up her own shop. She was nicknamed “The Bahama Queen.” From a wholesale liquor store and seizing large profits, she was cutthroat and didn’t let anyone step on her toes. 

Stephanie St. Clair

Commonly known as Queenie or Madam St. Clair, was a ruthless woman from Martinique that ended up immigrating to New York City. She was smart and could speak both Spanish and French fluently. She started a racket business in Harlem that grossed over $250,000 a month back in 1923. Substantial money especially for a woman (let alone a black woman) in those times. Dutch Schultz wanted to take action but she didn’t go for it. When Schultz was assassinated, she sent a telegraph to his deathbed that read, “So You Sow, So Shall Ye Reap.” Whoa. Talk about being cold-hearted. 

Griselda Blanco

You can’t talk about a female crime lord list without mentioning Griselda Blanco. She was called La Madrina “The Godmother.” The Colombian drug queen still has an epic reputation. If you’ve seen the documentary “Cocaine Cowboys”, you know a bit about her. She went from an underage sex worker and pickpocket to building a multi-billion dollar coke industry. At the height of her reign, she was said to move over 3,000 pounds a month. Also, she was said to have been responsible for over 50 murders (on the low side). She was also known as “Black Widow” because she usually killed her husbands and lovers. She was exiled to Colombia and later killed there. 

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