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5 Things That Made Al Capone’s Prison Cell Luxurious

When you’re thinking about a prison cell, a grimy toilet and an uncomfortable cot come to mind. However, some big-time gangsters had privileges even in jail. Here are some things that made Al Capone’s prison cell swanky. 

Elegant Reading Lamps and Writing Desks

He had the type of reading desk you’d see in a Victoria-era home. The other side of the room had a hand-carved writing desk.

The Exotic Tiki Bar

He might have had a bottle of wine or two smuggled in the prison, but he had a Tiki bar all set up for him. While it’s not as great as his $8.5 million digs in Miami, it was still a cool touch.

He Had It Good in His Cell in Atlanta

While the Eastern State digs were top-notch, the Atlanta one wasn’t too shabby either. He was able to have frequent visitors and his family nearby. 

He Had A Victrola Record Player

Having a record player back then is like having a nice tablet these days. He often liked listening to Waltz records. You could hear it throughout the penitentiary.  Obviously, this was a great escape from being imprisoned. 

Capone Stayed On the “Park Avenue” Block

Due to Capone’s large net worth, he could stay in one of the better cells. The area of prison he moved around in had two skylights on the roof. Even though he couldn’t leave, it was certainly nice to see the beautiful sky if he wanted to do so. 

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