5 Rooms You Didn’t Know Were in the White House

The White House is infamous for its secret rooms and special themes. There are just certain places not available to the public and used for the president’s personal enjoyment or to create a survival spot in an emergency. Here are 5 rooms you didn’t know were in the White House.

The Workout Room

This is one of the more modern places in the White House. Clinton had it built in the 1990s, but it used to be a suite for Hoover’s housekeeper. Then it was converted to a guest bedroom by Jackie Kennedy.

Family Movie Theater

Before FDR transformed the space into a theater, it was a cloakroom. Now, it’s a 42-seat theater where the President can screen movies well before they’re released in theaters or on streaming services.

Chocolate Shop

This is a small kitchen designed just for making treats. The area is really busy around Easter and other big holidays where chocolate is a necessity.


William Howard Taft had this created as a cool-down place in the hot summer months. It’s been remodeled numerous times and remains a favorite spot for presidents to relax. 

Calligraphy Office

It’s the perfect place for artists to do their thing. However, it’s most used for creating handwritten invitations in calligraphy and place-cards for formal White House events. 

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