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5 Historically Important Food Items

When we think of food, we just enjoy the taste part. However, there are foods out there for social and health reasons as well. Here are 5 historically important food items. 


Not only does it provide taste to your food, but it helps preserve it. When people would go on long voyages back in the day, they cured it in salt to help keep food items from spoiling. Salt also is a good antiseptic for wounds. Heck, it’s even been used as currency. Salt has tremendous value. 


A loaf of bread was so essential that apparently, the French Revolution started because of a bread shortage. In the 1700s, bread was so common to the French diet that people went up in arms when they couldn’t get it. 


While we think of french fries, baked potatoes, home fries, and mashed potatoes, certain parts of the world survived off of this one food. It was starchy, potassium-rich, and helped tide you over when you couldn’t get other stuff. Ireland was a hotbed for potatoes because it had the right climate to grow there. However, a famine happened, which resulted in over a million people dying from starvation. Crazy, right?! 


Grain has been essential to just about every culture’s diet. Not to mention, grain led to the invention of beer. You best believe that millions of people are thankful for that brewing technique. 


This was a protein-rich meal that had a long shelf life. That’s why it was so popular during World War II. Soldiers had it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Of course, they got tired of it after a while. I mean, who wouldn’t? They probably wanted a nice steak dinner that didn’t look remotely pink. 

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