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5 Good Things the Mafia Did

We often hear about all of the crazy and epic stuff they do to harm others. However, mafia people are humans, too. Some of them have done some compassionate things. Here are 5 good things the mafia did. 

Yakuza Helped Earthquake Victims

After a massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in 2011, the Yakuza stepped into action. They provided water, food, and emergency relief to many people. Some thought it was a ploy to get the Japanese government off their back for a while. However, some of the Yakuza genuinely wanted to help when the government wouldn’t. 

Gregory Scarpa Helped Battle the KKK

Scarpa was a ruthless enforcer from the Colombo family, but the FBI put his skills to use for the greater good. The FBI had a challenge trying to find three missing civil rights workers in Mississippi. Scarpa was on the job and used his brash tactics to interrogate some KKK members into giving the whereabouts of the workers. 

Michael Franzese Became a Motivational Speaker 

Franzese was one of the richest mobsters in New York City. He had a huge gasoline bootlegging operation, but it crashed in 1985 when he got arrested. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison but hit the ground running when he got out. However, he used that experience to write a book called “Quitting the Mob” and now speaks to different colleges about taking a positive route. Additionally, he runs a successful YouTube channel talking about his experiences, spending time with his family, and interviewing actors/actresses/former crime people. 

Charlie “Lucky” Luciano Protected the Docks From Invaders 

Even though Lucky Luciano was a ruthless crime boss, he still had an American spirit. During WWII, he and his men protected the docks and harbors in NYC from German saboteurs, strikes, and other things. NYC Governor Thomas Dewey commuted Luciano’s sentence under the condition he leave the country. Luciano returned to Italy a free man. 

Pablo Escobar Paved Roads and Built Schools 

There’s no doubt that Escobar was a ruthless kingpin with billions of dollars to his name. However, he did help bring lots of good things to the impoverished population in Colombia. He built schools, paved roads, brought healthcare, affordable housing, and clean water to the community. 

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