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4 Favorite Recipes of Gangsters

While we know gangsters for their criminal acts, we may not know that they can cook it up a bit in the kitchen. If they didn’t turn to a life of crime, a restaurant owner or cook might not have been a bad second career choice. Here are 4 favorite recipes of some famous gangsters. 

Secret Spaghetti Recipe

Apparently, Al Capone had a penchant and passion for Italian cooking. He kept a lot of his family recipes a secret. However, the secret spaghetti recipe has been passed down for years. The sauce had a few key elements, such as fresh parsley, walnut pieces, cup-grated parmesan cheese, and chopped/sliced tomatoes for texture. 

Sticky Ribs

Mickey Cohen loved the sticky ribs from Formosa Cafe in Los Angeles. Later, it started serving more Cantonese food, but they kept the previous sticky ribs recipe intact. The orange juice, cinnamon, sweet chili sauce, peanut oil, and black sesame seeds gave it that beautiful flavor.

Shrimp Scampi

Joseph Iannuzzi worked with the Gambino Family until they turned on him in 1981. He had a nickname called “Joe Dogs.” However, he was quite the chef and had an alternative name, “Joe Diner.” One of his favorites to whip up was some shrimp scampi. You can check out his other recipes and stories in his book called “The Mafia Cookbook.”

Penne Alla Vodka

Anthony Graziano was a pivotal guy in a family who served the Bonnano family. He was a loyal soldier for many years and got a reputation for his tight-lipped nature. His kids were on the show “Mob Wives” which ran for six seasons. They have a cookbook out that shares their penne alla vodka recipe.  

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