5 Benefits of Hiking

There’s nothing like working up a good sweat with a hike. You can do it by yourself or get a group of friends to join in on the action. Here are 5 benefits of hiking.

Great for Balance

Not only is it great for engaging your stabilizing muscles, but you work on your balance as well. Hiking has different levels and types of terrain. You’ll become more aware of your surroundings and understand how your body adapts to them. 

Builds a Solid Lower Half

From your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves, you build great muscle definition and mass by going on hikes. If you carry a heavy back with you, you can also develop some strong back muscles. 

Helps You Lose Weight

Hiking is great cardio. You’re walking miles and miles for sometimes hours at a time. If you don’t like to run or play sports, hiking can be a great way for you to shed pounds and develop a lean physique.

Clears Your Mind

You get a chance to get away from the noise of the city and your busy work schedule. When you have clarity and a place to calm yourself, you can get more out of life. 

Develop Stronger Bonds With Your Friends 

Hiking brings people together. Maybe someone is trying to get into shape or going through a stressful time. It can be a great way to clear the air and find a place for a private conversation. Also, you can motivate others by pushing them through the tough trek. 

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