6 Things to Look for in a Gaming Laptop

Gaming can be fun to do because you don’t need a lot of people around to have a good time. However, you want to keep up with the latest and greatest in video games. You need a laptop to handle those frames and sound effects. Here are 6 things to look at for a gaming laptop. 


If you’re just starting out, a 14-inch monitor would work just fine. However, if you’re more serious about it, an 18-inch monitor will enhance the gaming experience. 1080p is great for the resolution, but 4K is optimal for certain games that have a more life-like experience.

The Size and Weight

While you may think lighter is better, usually this lessens your experience. You want the ideal size to power up your games. Also, it’s important to have a good size to make it easy to handle while you’re traveling. 

Good Ports

It’s also important to have the right ports. Some games require a graphic card because of the enhanced effects. Do you have multiple USB ports? Not to mention, an HDMI cable would help if you plan to hook it up to a monitor or something. 


While it’s nice to have a great set of speakers for home, chances are you might be a person that travels. A quality gaming headset works wonders. Also, you want to hear all of the background noise depending on the game you’re playing. 


You need a good CPU to help you run the games at the optimal speed. When you experience slow down because your laptop can’t handle it, makes it hard to stay competitive in fast-paced games. 

External Hard Drive

Games take a lot of space. Your laptop may not be able to handle the installation directly on the hard drive. Also, you may have multiple updates. It’s better to have an external hard drive where you can store just your games. 

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