5 Clothing Items to Have for Your Tropical Vacation

Even in a hot climate, you can still be fashionable. It’s all about rocking the right clothing to match the setting. If you’re planning a destination to the islands, make sure you have good gear to complement the atmosphere. Here 5 clothing items to have for your next tropical getaway. 

Bright Colored Bikinis

You want to head down to the beach in style. Bright yellow, red, or green would be perfect for a day out on the water. 

Floppy Hats

Not only do these give you the whole old Hollywood star look, but they’re functional. You never know how harsh that sun will beam down on you. The brims can keep your face protected from the burning sun. 

Strappy Sandals

Whether you’re having brunch with your loved ones or dinner with your significant other, these are great footwear to have in your bag. These are versatile enough to rock for the whole day.

Printed Shorts

Have some formal print on your shorts to match the atmosphere. You’re on vacation, right? Well, this will get you in the mood and help you blend into the essence of the trip.

Lightweight Jacket

Even in a tropical climate, it may get a little chilly in the morning. Not to mention, you never know if it’ll rain. A light jacket is breathable and helps to protect you from the rain. 

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