5 Everyday Items That Come From Different Times

You ever think about the fresh set of boxers you rock each day and you wonder where did this come from? It’s the everyday items that actually have quite the history to place a certain comfort in our lives. Here are 5 common items we rock with their own origin stories.

Sunglasses in China

Apparently judges in 13th century China would wear sunglasses to help hide their facial expressions. It was a way to keep the defense guessing, so they wouldn’t get an advantage as far as figuring out how they were going to rule a trial.

Bras Go Way Back

In ancient Greece, women tied fabric tightly across their chest and pinned them in the back. This was especially the case if there were women athletes so their top wouldn’t get in the way.

Cargo Pants

These types of pants actually stem from 1930s British soldiers because they were bulky and could fit different weapons in the pockets. It became a fashion trend in the 1990s for skaters and blue-collar workers who needed warmth and protection on the job.

Repurposing Kimonos

Vacation time on an island like Hawaii was something practically unheard of in the 1920s and 1930s because it was only afforded to the affluent. Lots of Japanese women living in Hawaii would turn kimonos into men’s shirts. The aloha shirt became a sign of wealth for Americans because it showed that you were actually at a tropical place to vacate. 

Blue Jeans

In the late 1800s, blue jeans (especially Levis) were becoming popular as the workman’s choice of wear during mining. These originally weren’t blue but became such when Levi Strauss made the flexible blue denim (501s) available in 1890. These are still fashionable today especially with the selvage at the bottom. 

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