5 Things America Did Before Anyone Else

The US has been at the forefront of a lot of things in what we call now “for the culture.” Even though it has a much shorter history than many parts of the world, it’s always been at the cutting-edge side of things in modern history. Here are 5 things America did before anyone else. 

Formally Recognize PTSD

Being in constant battle (especially in times of war) can put you in a state of PTSD. The US was the first to recognize this as a real issue that can be treated. As a result, thousands of ex-soldiers were able to get back on their feet and adjust to society.

Allow “Whole Grains” as an Ingredient on the Packaging

Before gluten-free became a thing, this was ahead of the curve back in 1999. They allowed more plant-based ingredients in packaged food for those that were more health-conscious.

Build a Floating Nuclear Power Plant

That literally sounds like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. They were able to refurbish the USS Sturgis in the 1960s and add a nuclear reactor to it. They used it from 1967-1975 before officially decommissioning it due to too much maintenance. 

Use Outer Space for Commercial Purposes

It was not only used for research but help us connect better here on Earth. Satellites help our communication from the internet, radio, and television like none other. The Telstar 1 back in 1962 was the first of many.

Use Lethal Injections

Back in 1982, the US executed a prison using a lethal injection. This is a more humane way of taking out a prisoner who’s on death row. 

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