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5 Ingenious Methods of Hiding Booze During the Prohibition Era

With domestic violence and public indecency up, people blamed alcohol for these less than desirable factions. As a result, the government stepped in and banned drinking. However, people still wanted to get their drink on and found some clever ways to hide the contraband. Here are 5 clever methods of hiding booze during the prohibition era.

The Torpedo Trick

About 75% of the alcohol consumed during this era came from bootlegging between Winsdor, Canada, and Detroit, Michigan. Gangsters and ordinary people alike used an underwater cable system to transport massive quantities of alcohol at a time.

Using a Thigh Flask 

Women were notorious for wearing an overcoat stashing their liquor in tins on their garters. It was a good way to conceal their shots of whiskey when going out.


The Four Swallows

There was a fake book flask with the title “Spring Poems: The Four Swallows”, which was ingenious because it included four flasks in one. This was a good way to keep your flasks on deck for your secret events.

Concealed Egg

Apparently, a smuggler got caught by US Customs Agents that found out he had eggs filled with liquor. The smuggler would poke a small hole in the egg and drain the contents. He filled them with liquor and seal them back up. Pretty crafty, right?

Speed Boat Styling

Rumrunners took advantage of Detroit being close to Ontario (who at the time had more favorable liquor laws). They used speedboats and binoculars for the lookouts to keep an eye on the authorities. 

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