5 Uses for Coca-Cola You Didn’t Think About

The soft drink we enjoy on a nice sunny day or mix with our whiskey and rum is actually quite useful outside of the typical refreshment. There are actually a bunch of things you can use Coca-Cola for in your daily life. Here are 5 uses of Coca-Cola you may have never intended. 

Rust Removal

Do you have any rusty pipes? It might be time to break out the Coca-Cola. If you have some pennies that need a fresh shine, this perfect for getting them to look brand-spanking new. Make a spray bottle and use this as a solution to clean your car engine as well.

Perfect for Sauces

That kind of caramel color and taste adds a nice body to your BBQ sauce to use on chicken, ribs, and grilled vegetables. The great thing about it is you can cook it down and you won’t need to add sugar to the rub because of the sweetness already locked in. 

Remove Gum

Your child may be a busy body always getting into mischief. There’s always that chance that gum can get stuck in their hair. Instead of cutting off the locks where the gum is placed. You can use Coca-Cola, which helps to slick the hair down enough to where you can easily remove the gum. 

Soothe Minor Bites and Stings

Did a jellyfish just sting your leg out in the water after a day on the beach? You don’t have to use urine to neutralize the sting. Coca-Cola has chemicals that can help ease the pain just as well. 

Settle Your Stomach

Do you have a tummy ache or maybe you just have a hangover? Not only does the soda help to give you relief, but you’ll have a caffeine boost as well. Help ease your stomach pain and nausea with a can of Coke. 


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