5 Ways Moonshining Led to NASCAR

If you know your history, you’d know why moonshining is such an important reason why NASCAR exists. Back in 1920, drinking was outlawed. People would bootleg liquor, and there were special units that cracked down on these people. To get away from the cops, they would boost their stock cars and outrun them. Here 5 ways moonshining led to NASCAR.

Moonshining Came From Working at Night

Any night job was considered moonshining. This term actually stemmed from England. However, the US changed the whole meaning when it became a thing from 1920-1933. Brewmasters ended up distilling their own whiskey or homebrew at night where there’s less of a chance of authorities catch them in the act. 

Bootleggers and Rumrunners Were Clutch

The bootleggers were key to transporting the illegal substance around different speakeasies and other hidden spots. Rumrunners used boats to move the product. They hid them under floorboards or the cargo area.

Southerners Got Extra Income From Moonshine

Liquor was a taxable income. By the time the prohibition hit, they started creating more “under the table” liquor that they can sell for a good price. As a result, they earned some extra cash (tax-free).

Souped-Up Cars Allowed Bootleggers to Slip Free

From the 1930s to the 1950s, drove what appeared to be the average Joe car. However, they had some powerful engines to help them make a getaway in case they were being chased by police and tax authorities. 

Bootleggers Had an Advantage Over Less-Experienced Drivers

After bootlegging, people were actually having stock races for fun. This actually turned into an official sport in 1948. It became known as the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR).  Junior Johnson transformed from bootlegger to NASCAR driver. He knew he had an advantage because of all the transporting and getting away from the cops. 

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