5 Myths About the Middle Ages

We often fantasize about what went down in those times. While some of it is true and we’ve been able to capture some key events in book and film, there’s still a lot that’s uncovered. This has sparked up numerous myths about what happened in the middle ages. Here are 5 of them to keep your mind going. 

Everyone Was Absolutely Filthy

There was a rumor in modern times that people got married in June because they had their yearly bath in May. Until the Black Death of the Middle Ages made people worry about taking baths due to open pores, people really bathed quite a bit.

People Drank Wine Because the Water Was Dirty

A lot of the stories had them drinking ale, mead, and wine. Also, certain tales warned against drinking too much water, but that doesn’t mean they avoided it altogether. Water was actually free and easy to get through rain, rivers, etc. 

People Fought Primarily with One-Handed Flails

This is more shown in art with exotic taste. Also, the movies and novels will describe or show these artifacts used. However, these weren’t practical on the actual battlefield. They were used for more ceremonial purposes.

Men Had Women Wear Chastity Belts

There are some fake ones, but these were created many years later in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The whole lock-n-key mechanism was a bit of a joke back then as far as women keeping their “virtue.”

People Used Spices to Disguise Rotten Meat

For something like a long voyage, this may have been true to salt the meat so it lasts longer. However, this is an exception to the rule. In fact, a lot of the food was freshly made or cut. It’s definitely more natural compared to the food standard of today’s age. 


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