6 Medieval War Stories That Seem Fake But They’re Real

Of course, there are some ancient stories that are just that “stories.” However, not everything is a far-fetched tale to have kids’ imagination up in the clouds. Here are 6 medieval war stories that are true.

Blind King Guided in Battle By Horses

King John of Bohemia lost his eyesight after the Northern Crusades. However, his troops tied his horse to their as a way to help guide him through the battle. Even though this was unsuccessful, he still came out with honor.

Merchants Watched an Arranged Battle in the Middle of the War

Yes, this actually happened. With so many battles ending in draws, they actually got a bit bored. They arranged a fight called the Combat of the Thirty. It wasn’t the determining factor in the war, but it certainly did end with 11 men perishing.

Viking Leader Was Killed By the Guy He Severed

Wow, this is by far one of the craziest stories, period. Apparently, Sigurd Eysteinsson was the first Earl of Orkney in the ninth century. He defeated an enemy named Maelbrigte. He sliced off his head and tied it to a saddle. Maelbrigte’s tooth scratched Sigurd’s leg. After that, the wound got badly infected and Maelbrigte ended up dying. 

3 Deaths From 900 Men

In the Battle of Bremule, there was a low casualty rate. In 1119, there was a certain code when it came to battle. For this particular skirmish, they spared the bulk of people out of fear of God and fellowship in arms.

The Battle of Sluys Was a Bunch of Ships Tied Together

What was supposed to be a naval battle was really ships tied together in an all-out fight. The French felt if they chained to the English ships, it would turn the tide. However, the English settled this quickly with them routing out over a thousand French soldiers and got most of their ships.

Vlad the Impaler Lived Up to His Reputation By Killing Over 20,000 People 

When Vlad wanted to keep Ottomans out of his territory, he sent a real message by him and his troops actually impaling 23,000 Turks. Crazy, right? 

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