5 Bad Things About a Crowded Bar

While we miss the days of feeling a vibe in a club setting, overcrowdedness is something that can be left on the waist side. At least with social distancing, we can breathe a bit and get our drinks more comfortably. Here are 5 bad things about a crowded bar.

Long Bathroom Lines

When you have to go, make sure it’s not around 12am. This is when things are packed and full of drinks. You’re better off going to a 7/11 around the corner and buying some gum so you get access to the bathroom. 

Fighting for a Place at the Bar

Not only is it a bit annoying to find a good place to sit, but you may be fighting for some elbow room. Things can get a bit uncomfortable.

Losing Your Belongings

It’s easy for a $20 bill to slip out of your pocket, but you won’t notice because there are so many things going on all at once. The excitement of a bar can certainly distract you, especially after a few shots have hit your system. 

Sticky Floors

This is particularly annoying for women that like to wear heels. Their feet are more vulnerable to floors that may have a mess from alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 

No Re-Entry

Some bars have a rule of no re-entry. That $10 you paid an hour ago goes for naught if you want to check out another place really quickly. You might want to check out some places that stamp you so that you’re able to get back in. 

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