7 Countries with the Best Food

Your best bet right now is to stay put during all of what’s going on in the world. However, when things get open and safer to travel, you should think about trying some fine cuisine from different places. Here are 7 countries with the best food. 


There’s nothing like having authentic tacos to wash down with a fine sipping tequila or some margaritas with friends. Not to mention, you can try mezcal with the worm for a unique look into the culture. With rich, wholesome, and spicy foods, you’ll surely get a kick from each dish.


That unique Mediterranean vibe will certainly increase your palate’s range. A fulfilling gyro with some lamb or beef sounds amazing right about now. 


For pasta lovers, this is paradise. The filling portions, the fresh ingredients, and impeccable sauces just have your mouth salivating for more. Not to mention, the dessert and wine are off the charts. 


Just imagine tasting this charbroiled Peruvian chicken. The slight kick of spice with the broiled flavor from the grill is simply impeccable. Wash your food down with a frothy Pisco Sour. 


The curry and jerk of Jamdown send a lasting buzz to your tongue. Get a cream soda and a beef patty before taking a trip to the beach. Maybe you want to relax in the shade with a Jamaican Rum Punch. Be careful with the Wray and Nephew, though.


The mix between British, Spanish, African, and indigenous food is simply amazing. Try some conch fresh from the water. Some gungo peas (pigeon peas) and rice will certainly fill you up. Maybe you’ll want to wash that down with Bahamas Goombay Punch if you like a bit of sweetness. 

El Salvador

The delicious food here has that great Central American flavor. A hearty pupusa is sure to get things rolling. Maybe some nice chicken and platanos fritos con crema on the side will warm your heart. Enjoy an ice-cold horchata to round everything off. 

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