6 Weird Facts About Batman & Robin

The mid to late 90s were a weird time for Batman movies. These were a bit more comical feeling than the more dark/serious tone of the previous films. Here are 6 weird facts about Batman & Robin. 

The Release Date Was Set Before Filming Began

This is not too uncommon, but the key here was greed. Warner Bros wanted to make more money as quickly as possible because “Batman Forever” was a goldmine. As a result, the quality of the movie suffered because they rushed through a lot of it. 

Val Kilmer Called Out at the Last Second

Kilmer was set to be in this one but called out in the 11th hour because he wanted to film “The Island of Dr. Moreau” once he found out Marlon Brando was supposed to be the lead in it. As a result, George Clooney was called to be Batman at the last minute. He did it as a favor. 

Unwanted Guests Stormed the Set

A lot of guests wanted to take pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which caused a bit of a ruckus. Jon Bon Jovi also stopped by personally give Schwarzenegger some cigars. He liked them so much that he actually smoked one in the film. 

Toy Company Involvement

Apparently, a lot of the major props on the set (even the Batmobile) was created by a toy company. To some people, the movie felt like more of a toy commercial than a film. 

Movie Went Way Over Budget 

First of all, the movie cost $60 million more than “Batman Forever.” A good chunk of that movie was spent on Schwarzenegger’s $25 million salary. He only on set for 25 days. Even star actor, Chris O’Donnell said that the money wasn’t well thought out when spending on unnecessary things. 

Writer Akiva Goldsman Thought the Script Was Awful

Of course, spending was an issue. However, this serious comic book took a cartoony feel. He certainly killed a lot of the essence of what made Batman a great movie translation. 

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