6 Bugged Out Facts About the 90s Street Fighter Movie

Street Fighter is the greatest fighting game of all-time. Bar none. In the early 90s, it reached such high popularity in the arcades and home consoles that they wanted to create a movie. Here are 6 bugged out facts about the 90s Street Fighter movie. 

Jean Claude Van Damme Was High as a Kite

Apparently, he not only was coked out of his mind but he was having an affair with Kylie Minogue. He would call out sick so much that Director Stephen de Souza had to film other scenes without him in the script. 

Raul Julia’s Health

He’s probably the saving grace in this film. It kind of sucks that this is the last role he was in before dying. He was dealing with a mean bout of stomach cancer while shooting the film. It was hard for him to gain muscle and fit the role because he kept losing a lot of weight. However, he pulled it off and played an excellent M. Bison. He ended up passing less than a year after he was done shooting the film.

Pyrotechnics Went Haywire

The scene where the temple blows up and the main Street Fighters were outside was a bit extravagant. Apparently, ¼ of it was supposed to blow sky high. However, the whole temple blew up, and it made for a more dynamic scene. 

Kylie Got Cast At the Last Second

When the filming was to transition from Thailand to Australia, de Souza was still trying to decide who would be the female lead. He was reading a magazine with Kylie Minogue in it. Safe to say that the rest is history.

All the Fight Scenes Were Trained in the Same Style

If you’re into Street Fighter, we all know each character has a different background of fighting. Apparently, the main martial arts trainer had no knowledge of this (he should’ve played the game before taking on the job). So, it’s no wonder why the fight scenes for the most part looked very basic. Everything was done at the last minute. 

Jean Claude Van Damme’s English Was Lacking

While Van Damme definitely had the right body to play Guile, he was clearly not American. Van Damme’s Belgian accent was clearly cut and dry in this movie. Not to mention, his “stick-on” American tattoos were obvious. 


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