7 of the Most F*cked Up Japanese Game Shows

If you like humiliation and degradation, you’ll love Japanese game shows! On literally every Japanese game show, contestants are made to quietly endure shameful tasks. Plus, they receive no prizes if they win and bizarre punishments if they lose. Japanese game shows are essentially torture and probably violate at least half of the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights, but dangnabbit, it’s great TV.


You’d think adults smart enough to become celebrities would be able to tell the difference between candy and something that’s… not candy. But in Candy or Not Candy, everyday objects are made out of chocolate using an art form called sokkuri. Contestants don’t know if they’re biting into candy (fun!) nor not candy (dangerous!) until it’s in their mouths. Normally, people learn not to put objects in their mouths as children, but whatever. It’s Japanese television. Anything goes.


There’s nothing more cruel than making a hungry person watch you make food, so of course there’s a Japanese game show about doing just that. In this show, starving celebrity contestants watch chefs make two meals, then vote on which meal they want to eat. The winners get to eat the food, while the famished losers are forced to watch. It sounds like torture, but it also sounds like entertaining television. We can’t wait for the American version!


With Escape a Fart, what you see is what you get — and what you see is farts. On this simple show, a contestant farts, which is dyed yellow (obvs, because how else would you see the fart?) The contestant then has to try to spread their fart around the room as much as possible. Clearly, this game has no winners.


On Human Tetris, contestants have to shape their bodies to match cut-outs on a wall that’s slowly moving towards them. If they get it right, they win. If they don’t, they’ll either break the wall or fall off a platform into yellow water. At least, we hope it’s water. Then again, it’s a Japanese game show, so you never know.


The rules of Kiss My Ass are simple: girls put their butts into plastic with butt-shaped holes cut out in order to hide their identities. The guys then have to guess which one is their girlfriend’s butt by inspecting it. We’re guessing there have been quite a few couples who cite Kiss My Ass as the reason for their breakup.


Men will do anything to catch a glimpse of a naked girl. It’s a universal truth, and it’s also the premise of Strip the Girl. Contestants are put through different challenges in hopes that they might win a chance to see part of a boob. So basically it’s Puberty, The Game Show.

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