Mom Sends Son A Picture Of His Dog Every Day For The Sweetest Reason

Being separated from your family is never easy, but thanks to technology, there are more ways to stay in touch than ever before.

Imgur user Baja29reallyiam2 recently shared a series of heartwarming images that helped her son stay connected with his loved ones while he was away at school for a year. He’d worked hard to earn the privilege of having a dog, so he was crushed to think that he wouldn’t see his sweet pup every day. To soften the blow, Mom decided to send him a picture of the dog every single day for almost 300 days.

Naturally, the resulting photos are adorable.

Mom shared dozens of sweet pictures along with cheerful captions, and each photo is better than the last. Who wouldn’t love receiving a “dog-a-day” message? I mean, where do I sign up?!

“My husband made my son walk a leash around the block twice a day for an entire year in order to earn the privilege of having a dog,” Baja29reallyiam2 explained.

My son was quite tenacious and never missed a day. My husband learned never Make a Deal with someone unless you’re willing to follow through with the terms.

So, when it came time for him to go to school overseas he was so heartbroken and missed his pup so much. So I sent him a picture everyday to cheer him up. These are just a few excerpts from our year. He just returned home and the dog did remember him.

After nearly 300 days of being away from her bestie, the sweet dog was ready for some quality time with her favorite human.

Baja29reallyiam2 followed up her post with some sweet pictures of the joyful reunion between her son and his beloved dog. You can tell the dog really did recognize her friend, and the way the young man looks at his dog is priceless.

me home! Your dog (and your mom!) clearly missed you dearly.

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