Age is not the only risk for severe coronavirus disease

WASHINGTON (AP) — Older people remain most at risk of dying as the new coronavirus continues its rampage around the globe, but they’re far from the only ones vulnerable. One of many mysteries: Men seem to be faring worse than women.

And as cases skyrocket in the U.S. and Europe, it’s becoming more clear that how healthy you were before the pandemic began plays a key role in how you fare regardless of how old you are.

The majority of people who get COVID-19 have mild or moderate symptoms. But “majority” doesn’t mean “all,” and that raises an important question: Who should worry most that they’ll be among the seriously ill? While it will be months before scientists have enough data to say for sure who is most at risk and why, preliminary numbers from early cases around the world are starting to offer hints.

Senior citizens undoubtedly are the hardest hit by COVID-19. In China, 80% of deaths were among people in their 60s or older, and that general trend is playing out elsewhere.

The graying of the population means some countries face particular risk. Italy has the world’s second oldest population after Japan. While death rates fluctuate wildly early in an outbreak, Italy has reported more than 80% of deaths so far were among those 70 or older.

But, “the idea that this is purely a disease that causes death in older people we need to be very, very careful with,” Dr. Mike Ryan, the World Health Organization’s emergencies chief, warned.

As much as 10% to 15% of people under 50 have moderate to severe infection, he said Friday.

Even if they survive, the middle-aged can spend weeks in the hospital. In France, more than half of the first 300 people admitted to intensive care units were under 60.

“Young people are not invincible,” WHO’s Maria Van Kerkhove added, saying more information is needed about the disease in all age groups.

Italy reported that a quarter of its cases so far were among people ages 19 to 50. In Spain, a third are under age 44. In the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s first snapshot of cases found 29% were ages 20 to 44.

Then there’s the puzzle of children, who have made up a small fraction of the world’s case counts to date. But while most appear only mildly ill, in the journal Pediatrics researchers traced 2,100 infected children in China and noted one death, a 14-year-old, and that nearly 6% were seriously ill.

Another question is what role kids have in spreading the virus: “There is an urgent need for further investigation of the role children have in the chain of transmission,” researchers at Canada’s Dalhousie University wrote in The Lancet Infectious Diseases.


C-List Celebs With Huge Egos

She’s had some tv and music video appearances, but what’s she really known for is “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Although she has quite the recognizable face in showbiz, we’re not seeing her move to A-list status any time soon.

From humble beginnings in television to being quite the blockbuster star, Leonardo DiCaprio is top notch A-lister. Despite his status, he seems to keep a more down-to-earth approach.

It’s safe to say that Lindsay Lohan has the potential to be an A-lister in her younger years. She’s been through the ringer but still maintains a solid C-list status.

Of course, controversial things come with Hollywood actors. However, Pattinson is one of the few that gets praised for being humble and genuinely a nice guy.

Although she has broke into the entertainment biz as an A-lister, you still enjoy her on reality tv. When you’re an heiress to a billion-dollar fortune, you don’t need to have starring roles in big films.

At a young age, Portman has been been on the up and up in Your her acting career. She also has great family values and a strong mind to separate herself from the pack.

Kendra Wilkinson has been through the trial of fire in her life. However, she’s grown into a reality tv staple. We’re not expecting her to go to an A-list vibe but she’s got a healthy medium staying in the C-list zone.

If you were a teenager in the 90s, you grew up with Geller in someway, shape, or form. From “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to “Scooby-Doo”, you can see why she’s been an A-lister.

While January Jones scratches the surface as a C-list actor in movies and tv, she still has a cult following. She’s beautiful, but still bumps heads with actors and directors in Hollywood.

Adele is considered the Queen of Pop. Not only does she have multiple hits under her belt, but her humility is quite refreshing.

While she gained massive attention for  her role in Glee, her persona on and off the screen ate two totally different things. She’s had a big feud with co-star Naya Rivera, which shows a bit of her ego when it comes to working with other thespians.

Her humble personality is something that warms our hearts. Of course, we know her as the sensual and radiant Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex in the City.” However, she’s quite the opposite being both frugal and down-to-earth.

Heigl is seen as quite the egotistical and snobbish person. While people think she’s a talented actress, her attitude has held her back from taking the steps to a bigger career.

Taylor Swift is a humble star, but not without her fair share of controversy. However, that doesn’t overshadow te millions of albums and sold out doors she’s done in the course of her 15-year singing career.


B-List Celebs Who Deserve More Fame

Teresa Palmer
It’s not hard to admit that we have a little crush on the girl from next door. The Aussie accent and her beautiful looks are a great combination.

Michael Peña
It would be nice to see Michael Peña in some big starring roles. However, he’s one of the more consistent actors with popular lines in films like “Ant-Man”

Dominic Cooper
Dominic Cooper is certainly one of the UK’s finest actors. He’s gotten some praise from AMC’s “Preacher”.

AnnaSophia Robb
AnnaSophia certainly has some great roles in “Because of Winn-Dixie” and “Bridge to Terabithia”. Although her acting prime has hit fork in the road, we still have hope that she can still de that right role to propel her career.

Camilla Belle
Camilla Belle started off as a child actor with tremendous potential. However, after a bit of backlash from dating Taylor Swift’s ex at the time, Belle been in nothing more than indy flicks.

Paul Dano
If you were a teenage girl around the time of the box office success, “Little Miss Sunshine,” you most likely had a crush on actor Paul Dano. It’s nice he’s in the independent market, but it would be even bette to see him in more mainstream movies.

Amber Tamblyn
From “General Hospital” to “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” we’ve grown to love Tamblyn. As director and an activist, we continue to see her growth.

Michael Shannon
Although Shannon has built a reputation in acting as the villain, bad guy, or weirdo, we knew he had more to offer. Recently, we’ve seen him in more diverse roles. You never know that to expect when he’s onscreen.

Gabrielle Union
Her breakout role was in the hit movie, “Bring It On.” However, we’ve seen her in Bad Boys 2 and other starring roles on tv. She’s certainly a force to be reckoned with.


The 12 Most Powerful Celebs On Earth

12. “The Game of Thrones” stars

The “Thrones” cast has such headlining talent that enabled them to make it one of the greatest TV series. It’s even helped people branch out to worlds, such as “Star Wars.”

11. “The Big Bang Theory” stars

When it comes to weekday prime time TV, there’s nothing like CBS. The stars Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco were all able to make a cool million per episode.

10. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan was a bit stuck in his roles. However, “Deadpool” came out of nowhere. It was a huge look for him and became a major box office success.

9. Kanye West

From political and social issues, Kanye gravitates toward controversy like flies to poop. In the midst of this, he’s recently shown his prowess in fashion. He’s helped Adidas build a revenue of over 3 billion dollars in Yeezy.

8. Taylor Swift

You never know what Taylor Swift has up her sleeve. It may be something from her personal life that catches your attention, or her breaking a music record. Either way, make sure you pay attention to what she does next.

7. Justin Bieber

No musician better proved their might as a singles artist than Bieber. With “Yummy” headed to the top of the charts, he’s preparing for his new album release after a 4-year break.  i

6. Adele

Adele is what you call a timeless talented. The gifted singer has made massive hits and broken album sales records.

5. Chris Pratt

Whether you enjoy drama or comedy,  Pratt always shows up for the task. He’s become America’s Sweetheart (kind of like male version of Julia Roberts).

4. Jennifer Lawrence

Here’s a breakout star that’s been in “The Hunger Games” and the X-Men films of the last decade. Her star power continues to rise.

3. Drake

The glow up is real with guy. He has music that touches multiple genres. We’re curious to see what he has in store for us in 2020.

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Here’s man that became a star in sports entertainment. He’s transitioned into full time actor. Not only that, but he’s grown as a producer, writer, and host.

1. Beyoncé

Since 2003, Beyoncé has given us countless albums to enjoy. She puts out great content that’s able to live on forever.



As a kid, we all have dreams we want to go after in our adulthood. When you start to come of age, you begin realizing your passions and talents. The best thing is harnessing them into an achievable goal. Here are some tips to help you figure out a career suited for you.

1. Do What You Love

While it might sound like a cliche, it still rings true. Doing something you love makes it easier to enjoy the journey that comes with the work. If you are fortunate enough to be a person who can make money from an activity you enjoy,  go for it.

2. Know you

Think deep inside and see what types of things make you tick. What skills do you naturally have that can make a difference? Make a list of your greatest abilities and write down your long- term goals. Think of the money you need to be content with and where you want to be in 5-10 years.

3. Work environment

When you start to know yourself and things become second nature, be realistic. What type of office string would you like? Do you want to work for a smaller company or corporation? A few questions to contemplate:

a. Do you like a 9-5 or want a flexible schedule?

b. Would I be more productive in a city office or working comfortably from home?

c. Do you like to be more behind the scenes or interact with your consumer base?

Think about what type of work scenario you’d most enjoy. The more realistic, the better chance you have of being successful.

4. Career counselor

Speak to a professional career counselor or recruiter. They’ve seen tons of resumes and individuals to give you an idea of what career path you should follow. Maybe you can even take an assessment test to see what kind of natural skills you have to meet certain requirements of the job you want.

5. Do research

Pick a few key jobs and careers. What will take for you to get there? Maybe you need education or special training. Look at the cities you should be in for your career, the salary opportunities, and other benefits.

6. Talk to elders

Get some advice from professionals in your field. Also, it’s good to build connections in case you need a reference. An internship could be a good way to get experience and lead to a future job.

7. Make a plan

Now that you’ve gathered the knowledge, start making a plan. Try to create a set of goals in a timeline to help you get to your career destination.

8. Get schooled

Either get college-level education or go to a trade school for a specific set of skills. It’ll help you get the training needed for the position you desire.


Recipes For When You’re Vegan And Broke


If you earn a low income, it can be very difficult to try and maintain a whole-food, organic and/or vegan lifestyle. In most Western societies, these fresh and Whole Foods are more expensive. Food manufacturers tend to target low-income shoppers with cheap and toxic foods, because it’s easier to mass produce.

What exactly is a whole-food lifestyle? You avoid foods like non-organic, non-organic meat, commercial corn, soy and canola, and anything with pesticides.

It’s hard to get on this type of diet when you live on a tight budget and have other mouths to feed. So what can you eat? Do some research before doing conventional grocery store shopping.

Hormones and antibiotics

Livestock animals are usually fed growth hormones, antibiotics, and GMO feed.  Not only are these poisonous, but they cause development issues in children, cancer and infertility.


Although pesticides are a staple of conventional commercial farming, they may cause birth defects, nerve damage and cancer in adults and children.


A great debate exists over fluoride, a neurotoxin that causes infertility and has been linked to cancer development and heart disease. MSG, another toxin, can be found in many packaged foods. Aspartame is an ingredient in many diet drinks, which has shown to cause brain cell death, headaches, depression, and seizure.

What to buy when you’re broke:

Grains & meat

Grains (brown rice). Pasta (couscous, quinoa, barley). Also, you want grass-fed organic or at least hormone & antibiotic free meat.

Fruits and vegetables

If you can’t get organic produce, go for fruits and vegetables that have been exposed to as little pesticides as possible. Good options include apples (peeled), asparagus, avocados, cabbage, cantaloupe, grapefruit, and mushrooms.

Dairy products

Conventional dairy products are loaded with hormones, passed on from dairy cows. These hormones are suspected to cause male/female sex attribute confusion as well as early puberty in girls. Organic dairy is safer due to the cattle eating healthier food and being free of antibiotics.


Try to buy a large jug of mineral water for healthier consumption.

Grow Your food

Growing a garden of food can be a good way to save money and get your healthy eating. It’s a good way to get more organic food and help you in times of need.

Cut down

Eat smaller meals and start consuming oatmeal to fill you up and reduce spending habits.

Don’t go cold turkey. Start off slowly and see how your body feels with the new eating regimen.


The Top 5 Superfoods of 2020

“Superfood” is a nutrient-heavy food that gives you long and short term health benefits. There are new exotic superfoods coming out at the time. Here are some of the newest superfoods to touch the market.

1. Baobab

Here’s a fruit native to Asia and Africa, which contains more vitamin C than Goji berries, more potassium than a banana and more calcium than milk!

2. Kelp

Kelp is popular seaweed-base food in Japanese culture. It enriches the body with the high levels of iodine and 70 different vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

3. Kombucha

Here’s a drink from ancient China, which is known as “The Longevity Drink.” You’ll find it as green or black tea. It has good that is fermented with detoxifying and diuretic powers to help clean out your body’s impurities.

4. Moringa

Here’s a food that’s been used for nutritional and medicinal purposes for thousands of years in the Indian Subcontinent. You’ll see it in products to help rejuvenate the skin, hair and nails.

5. Hemp

Hemp is a variety of cannabis. The omega 3 and omega 6 in it works well to help prevent heart disease and skin problems. Additionally, it’s a great protein source, which you can find in a health food store.


Best Ways To Set New Goals And Achieve Them

Lots of folks enthusiastically set new goals or make new year’s resolutions only to give up in the first week. Remember, you should set reasonable small goals to work up to the big one. Here are a few tips to help you follow through with your goals:

1. You’re worth it

Some people don’t see their self-worth and often think, “I can’t do it.” Get the negative thoughts out of your head. Start thinking positively because you have the right to go after your dreams.

2. Happiness engenders success

Don’t fall for the hype that you’ll only achieve inner peace and happiness by achieving your goal weight or getting in your career field. You can be happy right now just by following your own journey.

3. Commit 100%

Doubt, fear, and indecision can put a halt in your best plans. Go full-steam ahead and stick to whatever goal you have in mind. If it’s something that still doesn’t feel 100% right, it’s okay  to change the course.

4. Failure is just a word

Imagine if everything all came easy on the first try. When you “fail,” you gain insight on how to improve next time!

5. Where you are is the right place

You don’t need to be a millionaire, veteran in the workforce or Ivy League graduate to achieve your goals. Regardless of the road to reach levels of success, you should always take a chance to make it happen.


7 Tips For The Beginning Runner

Let’s be honest. You might have thought about running a marathon for a while, but never started training. You may be hesitant, but the key is to take baby steps and get moving.

1. First steps

Just put on your running sneakers and get out there! Start slow by simply walking for 20 mins a few times a week. Then you can start making those longer and eventually begin jogging.

2. Adjusted nutrition

As with the running itself, focused nutrition, as part of a running for weight loss regimen, should be approached with baby steps, otherwise you could crash and burn. Maybe slowly cut back on the bag of chips and cookies. Start downloading apps to track your progress and see how your body feels incorporating healthier foods.

3. Pre & post nutrition

Although a 30-minute run doesn’t require a special regimen, you can definitely optimize your energy levels with a combo of protein and carbohydrates. Maybe consider a banana and peanut butter.

4. Ask a pro

Go to an athletic store and get some advice from a salesperson on what shoes would work well for a beginner getting into running. Also, you can go to forums and see what the most active people wear and what would work with your budget.

5. When to race

Before you go on your first marathon, make sure you have a few months of training. When you’re able to consistently run 30 minutes, a 5K could be a nice start before moving to bigger marathons.

6. Why run a marathon?

A marathon not only helps you see your physical prowess, but it can be a good way to motivate yourself and give you great satisfaction. Additionally, you can monitor your miles and see how you can improve them.

7. Mix it up

Some days you can run and other days try a Zumba or kickboxing class. Variety helps your body stay alert and gives you a chance to let your body cool off in case your routine gets too intense.


5 Steps To Becoming Happier

Happy is a very subjective state of being. It’s not just about wealth or having a stable career. Take a look at what Christine Carter (a sociologist at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center) suggests to make people feel happier.

1. Take a break

Responsibilities can be a burden when you do them day in and day out. Take a little time for yourself each day to unwind.

2. Autopilot

Lots of people spend the entire day on autopilot going through the same routine. Take time to read a book, workout, or just have a laugh or two with family.

3. Be selective

It’s been in ingrained that the more we accomplish, the better people we become. Sometimes, you just need to get away from “busy” activity and slow down.

4. Cultivate relationships

Take time to connect with people. You can build new relationships slowly and strengthen the connections you have currently.

5. Do more

Also, you should chase your passion, not because it’s easy. Challenge yourself to do something positive that you’ve wanted to for a while. It’ll make your life feel more exhilarating.