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Technology identifies ways to help humans thrive

Technology is helping eradicate hunger and several killer diseases.

According to the World Economic Forum, we have reasons to be hopeful about the future because technology is working to defeat forces driving an apocalypse. Medically speaking this is the best time for humans: our life expectancy is much longer than our ancestors’ was and in most of the world, it has doubled since 1900.

Technology finds new ways to help us live longer, better lives. According to an article in Techrader, gene editing with molecular scissors may be able to remove inherited diseases and fight cancers; artificial pancreases may help unlock cures for conditions that currently kill people.

The World Economic Forum, an independent international organization established to improve the state of the world, argues that the four ways technology can fight future epidemics are:

  • Messaging to warn people of hazards and how to avoid contracting a virus
  • Delivering training to health workers in the field
  • Enabling health workers to monitor the spread of disease
  • Monitoring viruses in real time to see how they spread and predict where they are going

We have more than enough food to provide for everybody in the world; however, it is not evenly distributed. Oxfam, a group of charitable organizations that focus on the alleviation of global poverty, reports that 65 percent of the world’s hungry live in seven countries: India, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia.

Technology can help alleviate famine by establishing supply chains that keep food fresh. These are especially useful in warm countries where food spoils fast.

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