Headphone company Ossic shuts doors and disses funders of $3.2 million Kickstarter campaign

Ossic said on its website that it was out of money and could secure more funding to continue it headphone development.

The Kickstarter campaign for programmable 3D headphone company Ossic has shuttered, leaving those that funded the company with nothing to show for their efforts, according to a report by Business Insider. The company had raised $2.7 million through Kickstarter and another $500,000 on Indiegogo. It sold a total of 22,000 preorders for its programmable 3D headphones at the cost of $199 to $299 a pair.

Ossic announced it would not deliver any additional headphones and that all backers to the company would not be getting any refunds for the headphones they donated funds toward. The company’s website said, “We were not able to secure additional funding and are out of money.”

The shut down was effective immediately, and the web announcement also cited that its team of employees had worked for free trying to make a go of the company. Ossic had built only 250 pairs of headphones at a price tag of $999 that were mostly developer units.

The headphones that Ossic was developing allowed for virtual reality surround sound. They featured an array of chips, sensors, and software to bring users a better listening experience than traditional headphone. They were reportedly supposed to sense the shape of the user’s ear and head and create a personalized sound profile based on these parameters.

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