Celebrity chef ruined Israeli and Japanese Prime Ministers’ dinner: reports

An offensive cultural ‘faux pas’ ruined Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, dinner last week when their dessert was served in a shoe.

Serving food in a shoe may not mean anything in some cultures, but it has an especially offensive connotation in Japan.

“This was a stupid and insensitive decision,” a senior Israeli diplomat who served in Japan told the Hebrew-language newspaper Yedioth Aharonot, according to The Jerusalem Post.

“There is nothing more despised in Japanese culture than shoes,” the diplomat said. “Not only do they not enter their houses while wearing shoes, you will not find shoes in their offices either. Even the prime minister, ministers and members of parliament do not wear shoes to work … It is equivalent to serving a Jewish guest chocolates in a dish shaped like a pig.”

What Israeli celebrity chef Segev Moshe, who prepared the dinner, is trying to accomplish by serving chocolate in a shoe remains unclear, but it has caused an uproar.

“No culture puts shoes on the table,” a Japanese diplomat told Yedioth Aharonot, according to The Post. “What precisely was this illustrious chef Segev thinking? If this is meant to be humor, we do not find it funny. I can tell you that we are offended for our prime minister.”



Volcanic eruption hits Leilani Estates, thousands forced to evacuate: reports

The Kilauea eruption on Thursday has left opened the ground on the east side of Leilani Estates, a subdivision in Hawaii’s eastern Puna district exposing an angry red beneath the lush landscape. From the widening gash, molten rock burbled, and then shot dozens of it into the air.


Hawaii’s County Civil Defense Agency called it “active volcanic fountaining.” Some residents however, believed it was Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, coming to reclaim her land. Residents have been ordered to flee amid threat of fires and “extremely high levels of dangerous” sulfur dioxide gas.

According to the county civil defense agency, at least 10 such fissure vents were reported in the neighborhood as of Sunday night, including another two that had opened late Saturday night, which destroyed at least 26 homes.

“That number could change,” Hawaii County spokeswoman Janet Snyder told the Associated Press. “This is heartbreaking.”


The U.S. Geological Survey said some of the lava was shooting 330 feet into the air, which is higher than the tip of the Statue of Liberty torch.

Wendy Stovall, a volcanologist with the USGS said “as the eruption progresses, there will become a preferred pathway for the magma to go through. Some of the outer vents along this fissure line will start to close up and congeal because the lava is going to essentially harden.”

“Once that happens, lava fountains from the remaining open vents can shoot even higher — reaching up to 1,000 feet,” Stovall concluded.

Surprisingly, some photographers have followed the fissures that had formed, and posted dramatic photos and videos as lava shoot into the air or oozing across roads. Officials have urged everyone to leave Leilani Estate.


Oreo introduces three new cookie flavors as part of #MyOreoCreation contest

Oreo has launched three new limited-edition cookie flavors based on feedback from its customers, according to a report by Fortune. The new flavors include cherry cola, kettle corn, and pina colada. All three cookie flavors are currently available in stores now.

Oreo is asking its fans to vote for their favorite of the three cookie flavors. The winner of the cookie battle will net the inventor of the flavor a cool $500,000. Voting continues until June 30.

The introduction of the three Oreo flavors was part of the company’s #MyOreoCreation Contest. Other flavors suggested but rejected by the company included avocado, carrot cake, coffee, pineapple upside-down cake, and salted caramel. The flavors were tried but failed miserably and never made their way to market.

This is not Oreo’s first foray into introducing outlandish flavors to its cookie line. The company has also sold Peeps and Swedish Fish flavor profiles of the famous Oreo cookie. In addition, in December, Oreo introduced a Fruity Pebbles flavored cookie as a mystery cookie that kept customers guessing for two months on what the actual taste was. The company finally confirmed the flavor with an announcement but only after significant hype was built by the unknown flavor.


Budweiser launches new Freedom Reserve Red Lager for a limited time

Budweiser has announced a new beer that was inspired by a handwritten recipe from George Washington, according to a report by Fox News. The Freedom Reserve Red Lager expands the company’s Reserve Collection which also includes the patriotic America beer.

The recipe for the Freedom Reserve Red Lager was written by Washington in 1757 in his own personal military journal. The recipe, titled “To Make Small Beer,” provides detail instructions on how to brew and batch the lager.

Budweiser will brew the limited-edition beer with the assistance of its veteran employees. The employees will include their signature on the vintage bottles and pint cans the lager will be sold in. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the beer will go towards Folds of Honor – a nonprofit dedicated to providing military families educational scholarships. Budweiser has raised a total of $14 million for Folds of Honor to date.

Details and flavor profile of the Freedom Reserve include a full-bodied taste that is brewed by using toasted barley grains. The beer finishes with a hint of molasses. It also has a touch of hops and a caramel malt flavor.

Budweiser will offer the lager starting in May through Sept. 30 or until limited supplies of the beer run out.


Gibson files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Gibson Brands Inc. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to a report by the Los Angles Times. The company has filed for debt relief with a turnaround plan that is designed to provide its lenders equity ownership in the company.

Through a restructuring support agreement with Gibson’s senior secured noteholders, bank loans will be repaid while also initiating a change of control. The petition filed placed Gibson’s debt up to $500 million. Lenders of the company will allow for an operating loan up to $135 million to continue operations of the company going forward.

With the change in control, noteholders will be given equity in the company replacing several key stockholders including Chief Executive Henry Juszkiewicz. Senior noteholders include Silver Point Capital, Melody Capital Partners LP, and KKR Credit Advisors.
With the restructuring of the company, Gibson will be allowed to shutter its consumer-electronics division. Gibson has placed blame on the division for its financial shortcomings.

Juszkiewicz will continue with the company as it moves through the bankruptcy process to allow for a smooth transition. A one-year consulting deal and compensation package have been marked for Juszkiewicz with Gibson’s court bankruptcy filing.

Founded in 1894, Gibson has sold more than 170,000 guitars a year in 80 countries around the world.

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So Cute! This woman Hums A Lullaby To A Baby Elephant And The Results Are Amazing

The woman stroking and humming the baby elephant to sleep

This is the cutest video you’ll see all day!

Watch it here:


11 Passive-Aggressive Neighbors Everyone Can Relate To

Neighbors. They can either be great friends– the people you call on in a pinch, the ones who step up with casseroles and flowers in difficult times– or they can be the absolute worst.

Most everyone has had to deal with the obnoxiously loud neighbor or the neighbor who never picks up after their dog, but the ones below are something else altogether.

While their unusual habits may not endear them to the rest of the neighborhood, at least they’re keeping things interesting! Check out 15 hilarious neighbors below.

1. “My neighbor made their balcony into a pirate ship!”

2. You only think they are your weird neighbors…


3. These neighbors don’t understand how Santa’s sleigh works…


4. What’s creepier, the watermelons or you photographing your neighbor at 3 a.m.?

5. “My neighbors walk their parrots”

6. “My neighbor freezes one snowball to throw at me in mid July. I say this summer, it’s game on.”

7.  “Last week I put a piece of tape on my bin to fix a crack. My 92-year-old neighbor obviously thought we were labeling our bins with our unit numbers…”


8. “Top: My apartment’s balcony (2 guys).

        Bottom: Our neighbors’ balcony (2 girls).”


9. C’mon people.

10. Spay and neuter your cats, folks.

11.Take that, Bob!


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Teenage Dancer Mimics Real-Life Barbie In Mind-Blowing Performance

Most little girls grew up playing with a Barbie. She was impossibly skinny and her movements were almost robotic — because she only bent in certain spots, and, well, we controlled her every move.

We all learned that Barbie wasn’t a real person. Surely, no one moved that way or looked like that in real life, right? That’s where we were wrong, though. Nineteen-year-old self-proclaimed animation dancer and “possibly a real-life robot,” Dytto is basically Barbie in the flesh.

Dytto has been dancing for years, but she was largely brought into the pop culture spotlight by Ellen DeGeneres. The TV host invited the young dancer on her show after watching a video of her World of Dance routine in 2015.

Her unique style — a combination of popping, animation, and tutting creates a truly mind-blowing performance. While talking with Ellen, Dytto made sure to point out how she’s different from other dancers, saying that she adds feminine flairs amidst a largely male-dominated genre.

The video of her routine at the World of Dance competition was set to a remix of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl,” and it’s easy to see why she picked it. Dytto mimics Barbie’s moves like it’s second nature.

Of course, she adds some of her own moves that make the dance truly hers. If you’ve never seen someone pop (moving your body in quick, mechanical steps) or tut (similar movements with your hands and fingers), this is a performance to watch. You won’t be able to take your eyes off her!

See the video below and don’t forget to share Dytto’s phenomenal talents with your friends.

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Demi Lovato ‘overdosed on Oxycodone laced with fentanyl’

Demi Lovato almost died after allegedly taking Oxycodone laced with fentanyl-the same drug that killed Prince, Tom Petty and the rapper Lil Peep .

According to TMZ, the singer and her unnamed dealer freebased Oxy-an opioid normally used to help patients with severe pain-in the early hours of July 24, after she’d stayed up all night partying in West Hollywood.

The site claims the Cool For The Summer star texted her dealer at 4 am and asked him to come to her house in the Hollywood Hills. He arrived and brought the drugs with him, and they allegedly both freebased Oxy off a tin foil.

Sources say that unbeknown to the unidentified dealer, the ‘dirty’ batch of Oxycodone was laced with fentanyl, which authorities warn is happening more frequently as the United States finds itself in the grip of a deadly opioid epidemic.

After Demi took the drugs, she started breathing heavily while in bed-and rather than seeking help for her, the dealer-who is yet to be unmasked-left her property without warning anyone.

Demi was left unconscious until she was found by an assistant around 11.30am that morning and revived her with Narcan. Paramedics rushed to her home and brought her into hospital, where she was treated for two weeks before being discharged to a rehab clinic.

No arrests have yet been reported in connection with Demi’s near-death experience, and TMZ reports she had only known her dealer since April.